Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pumpkin Show

The Pumpkin Show,
The Pumpkin Show,
My oh my, I love it so,
So take my hand and off we'll go
Let's all go to the Pumpkin Show

Ted Lewis wrote this song many years ago and we have reached that point in our school year. It is time for our fall break. Many will be headed to Circleville for the Pumpkin Show. Sixth grade students should be commended for a job well done, so far this year. Students have been working hard, and making good progress. Discipline/behavior problems have been minimal. SSSoooooo--enjoy your break sixth graders!

I am not saying I am going to enjoy it but-take a look at me. I am headed to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with my beagles for 5 days.

Congrats to our latest Study Island Students of the Day, Haley, Collin, Dillon, and Cody.


Anonymous said...

Mr.McGuire I love the pumkin show it is so much fun.I can't wait till I get to go agian.I have already whent once.Have fun in Michigan.


Anonymous said...

i hope you will have fun

Mr. McGuire said...

Thanks Em. I had a blast! I'm glad you had fun at the Pumpkin Show. Laura and the girls had fun too. Maybe I will make it next year.

Anonymous said...

Mr.McGuire I'll try to do better in writing this 9 weeks.

Anonymous said...

I hope you will have fun.

i messed up on the other one I did not capitalize the I.

Anonymous said...

The Pumpkin Show is the best!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mcguire,
Enjoy your trip up North. I saw your dad and brother at the Village Cafe with their horse trailers this morning, great day to ride too. I agree with you the 6th and 5th graders have been great this year and deserve a break, enjoy everyone!
Mrs. Cartee