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A Dinopunasaurus


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Treat Others . . .

Quote About All dreams come true if we have the courage to ...

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Living Large Loving Language Arts

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Sometimes You Just Need to Rhyme


So what do you do when you need to rhyme?  How about going to Rhymezone?  When you are writing a poem and you need a word bank to help you, Rhymezone is a great resource.  All you do is type in the word and it gives you a bunch of choices.  Don't forget though, a poem still has to make sense and be meaningful.

The Road to Success

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Make Your Monday

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Ms. Ewing RAWYC

Grace Ewing is in Chicago reading the Chicago Tribune and she jumped in with RAWYC!

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Revising Poetry

So you get a first draft of a poem and it seems pretty good.  Now what?  Is it ready to publish?  Everything is spelled right.  It makes sense.  So how do you revise?  How do you make it better?  What can you do with a basic poem like this, that has a good topic choice with a nice twist at the end and make it into an A+ poem that grabs the reader?
Thank you to Maddie for allowing us to experiment with her writing.

That one kid makes me sad,                              
That one kid makes me mad.
When I see him I just go Eww!!!!
I don’t like him,
He doesn’t like me.
We fight all the time.
She started it!
No he started it!!
He makes me go crazy,
I make him flip out.
But the truth is………
He’s my brother.

One area that could be improved is word choice. The Reading Workshop Poetry Rubric says, Word choice is exact, colorful, and interesting. What words could be changed to improve this poem?  Is there a synonym for sad that would be more interesting? Or mad? Or doesn't like?

We could also look at improving and adding sensory details like the rubric describes as, Uses sensory details to help the reader see, hear, feel, and/or think. What could be changed to help what the reader visualizes?  Could the "one kid" be described in some way?   What changes would help the reader see the fight?
When you have completed your revised version, paste it into the form below.

You can see revisions HERE.

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Oh, the Irony


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Tell About a Book of Poems

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Generate Some Words

Dominica Vibes News | Dominica news source of local and ...If you want to write poetry but need a little help getting started, use the online site at Word Clouds. Just go to the wizard and put in words. When you are finished you can share this on your blog. 

Just go to the toolbar to File-->Save as PNG-->Open in Image Viewer -->Copy -->Paste into your blog. 

You can also File-->Save-->Open New Post in Edublogs-->Add Media-->Uploade Files

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Less Words for More Meaning

Cut out all those words.  This is poetry so you don't need them.  In fact, if the word doesn't do something to clarify meaning, or help make your point, just delete it.

Get rid of all those annoying little words and leave only the ones that matter. You really don't need all those it's and is's.  Nor do you need those are's and were's. Trim the fat and excess words.  Make your poem meaningful and exciting.

The best thing about poetry is that the author makes the rules.  You can choose whether or not to use capital letters, sentences, and punctuation.  The only rule is write in the best way to make your poem meaningful and understandable.  Just write so your reader relates to your message.

Author's note:  There are divided thoughts about using apostrophes in certain circumstances to show plural.  The general thinking is that it is allowable in a few instances if it helps considerably with making text more easily understood and more readable.

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