Thursday, December 13, 2007

Poetry, Clerihew Poems

Writing Workshop will focus on poetry for the next two weeks. We began working with free verse poems. Students listed topics they were interested in developing. Next, they picked one and worked on a "So What?" This is based on Nancie Atwell's Lessons That Change Writers. Atwell talks about the importance of knowing, "Why are you writing that," and, "what is the point?" She wants writers to think about the lesson, meaning, and/or moral.

Mrs. Bower, the Educational Specialist that is in each day during Writing Workshop to help students, taught about how to write a Clerihew poem. This type of poetry has four lines and is often written about a person. The first two lines rhyme and the last two lines rhyme. The poem is meant to be funny, so after a week of gray days the students enjoyed the "comic relief" that writing them brought.

I once had a teacher named McGuire
Someday he will have to retire
That'll be a sad time when he bids us "Good Bye"
I'm so sure all the cute girls will cry!

Mrs. Bower shared this example for all of the students (and they thought this was soooo funny).

One of the tools we used to help find rhyming words was the website This website makes it much easier when students choose to write poems that rhyme.

Check back to see some of the best student work!


Anonymous said...

I thought it was cool to have Mrs. Bowers come up and help us write some poetry this is an example on what she is helping us do.
Alina is a friend of mine
she always makes the world shine
until one day it was rainy
and her brother was being a painey.
By: Laney
That is an example on what we are doing in Mr. McGuire class. I thought it was fun.

Anonymous said...

I think the RHYMEZONE helps a lot tome because i am not that good at Rhyming.

Anonymous said...

laney the poetry is called clariques (klar-ih-hoos)and it is really fun. Here is one I wrote.

I have a friend named trey
I swear he will pay
he took my lunch
he is just like a hunch.

they are so fun.

Anonymous said...

I thought the clariques were really fun! My clarique is not finished so I can't share it, but the one i'm working on is one about my cat. My cat's name is Brutus and the clarique is one about him chasing laser lights!

Anonymous said...

I like cats

Anonymous said...

I love poetry it is really fun.

Anonymous said...

I think that RHYMEZONE is a very good website.

Anonymous said...

RHYMEZONE is awesome I like it!