Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A New Day

The sun is breaking over the horizon, anticipation builds, at the dawning of a new day. School is starting. New faces walk into the building in new shoes that have been waiting in boxes for the first day of school. Bookbags hang from shoulders as students climb the stairs.

Feeling a little nervous? Don't worry. Don't fret. We will have a good year. Your tennis shoes will leave worn out and dirty, but your mind and your heart will be stronger for having spent the year growing and learning.


Brianne Hartshorn and Molly VanCuren said...

This is Molly VanCuren and Brianne Hartshorn. We're eighth graders now and just wanted to say hello to our favorite language arts teacher from the sixth grade. Hope all the students have as much fun with Mr. McGuire as we did. We miss you. Don't be surprised with an unexpected visit from us soon! Well, we'll talk to you or see you soon, have a great year!

Elizabeth Barrette said...

I'm glad to see students returning to school. I'm also excited about President Obama's education speech. I hope it will help students get more interested in reading about their favorite topics. I've already blogged about the speech myself, over on Gaiatribe, with some extra study questions of my own.