Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blogging in the Classroom

Students are creating blogs to post their writing about their thoughts, ideas, opinions, and responses.  Using this Web 2.0 tool in the classroom allows students to share their work, comment on each others work, have a real audience, and lets parents view their child's work in Reading Workshop.

For more information about what a blog is, and how it works, check out this video by Lee LeFever of Common Craft


Makayla said...

Hey Mr.McGuire. It's me Makayla. I just started to write on my blog again. I couldn't remember my my username so. Then it came to me.

I just finished a post about middle school. I'm going to go naow the bell's about to ring. See you later.

Makayla B. said...

Hey what's up Mr. McGuire. Hows it been. I just wrote a new blog post. Well now I have to go. See you later.

Kristie Argot said...

I was searching for some ways to use blogs in my classroom and came upon your site. I like how you have your students blogging about their writing and what they have read.