Friday, November 13, 2009

Larger Than Life Poem

After I read Larger-Than-Life LARA written by Dandi Daley Mackall, aloud to the class, Katie had an excellent idea in her post Lara at Laurelville.  She wondered what kind of poems Lara might assign to our students.

As I thought about her post, and looked back over some of Lara's poems, I thought this was too great of an opportunity to ignore.

Here are a couple of examples of Lara's poems:

Sara Rivers with the silvery voice,
Reach for the stars! It's still your choice.
You can do it, though it's scary.
Fear is so unnecessary.

Joey Gilbert, I'm not mad.
I just think you're very sad.
Maybe you still miss your dad?
Miss the love you never had?
Joey it will be okay,
If you try out for the play.
I could help you learn your part.
The backstage crew could use your art.
Don't pretend that you don't care.
You can do what you can dare.

Mrs. Smith, it's all okay.
Please don't worry for this play.
Things can always work out best,
Sometimes life is just a test.
I can understand--you bet!
Besides, I'll like to work on set.

So students, the assignment is to write a "Larger Than Life" poem.  Please be sure a lesson, or bit of kindly advise is given, and include interesting details.

Need some help with rhyming, check out Rhyme Zone.


Rj .B. said...

Talk about a school.
We are actually pretty cool.

We are also pretty skilled.
So don't be thrilled.

We are not the same.
Go ahead ask our name.

Erica H. said...

There are a lot of good things about our school besides the fact it's real cool.

Every time you get a drink it almost makes you want to think

About all these books you have to read and how math is something you need

Justin G. said...

Laurelville is one heck of a school but the only thing we need is a pool.

The classes are great with the teachers but you can find that they are like a double feature.

I think the staff is a blast and they always put on a good cast.

The same for teachers, always the best and even if they are sometimes a pest.

Nathan N said...

I hope that you are kind,
To every body you find,

If you are mean to people they,
might move away,

If you lie,
You might go bye bye.

Branden M said...

We all love our school
Some of us think it is very cool
Others think its not
So in the future they will not know what they stopped
When they are adults
They will just be nailing bolts
If they would of listened during class
Maybe they would of had a better chance

Shaylee P said...

I love my school
we have so many rules
put them in your head
as you have read
we are at the top
we never stop
we get tought lots of stuff
sometimes it's tough
I never stop until the end
when I

have my friend

Justin P. said...

What I like about Laurelville
Is the library and school hill.

I like the people and the school
If you don't than you're a fool.

I don't want to be in Bastille, Belleville, nor Brazil
I just want to be in Laurelville.

JacobP said...

Our school maybe old,
but we are all very bold.

We are all very smart,
we are all fine pieces of art.

Together we are strong,
alone we go wrong.

Bethanie E. said...

We are the best,
And obsessed.

With what we have to do,
And I can bet you have a clue.

We can take a test,
And pass without f's.

We are a pretty cool school,
Laurelville we do love you.

Kasi R said...

We may not be as smart,
but we try with all our heart.

If we trip and fall,
We still can be above all.

We don't beg and plead,
For we try to succeed.

Nash C. said...

Always be kind
And keep in mind
Just because your cruel
Doesn't mean your cool
So I give you my advice
To always be nice

Heather R said...

The teachers are really cool
The kids they just rule

This is a very old school
Though we have one golden rule

We treat others with respect
To find our way to success

Hannah Hopkins said...

If you work hard and do your best,
You'll get an A+ on any test.

Sometimes things are hard to do,
Ask the teacher to review.

So if you need help in a subject,
Just think back and simply reflect.

Andrew S said...

In our school it is full of work.
But if you will try to smirk.

We try our hardest on a test.
To make our school the very best.

Brandon C. said...

You may think that our school is boring but while in class you should not be snoring

Or you may not get the education you need
but if you pay attention you will succeed

Later on in life you will meet
some challenges that you may want to beat

One plus two equals three
and you plus listening equals a college degree

destinyc22 said...

I have to say that our school is sweet
but some of us need to be beat

Some of the teachers are cool
but others are drool

Some teachers are cruel
but others rule

Hannah Har. said...

We all have a friend

Some are pretend

Who can we trust

Our heads will combust

We need no lies

If there is one there will be sighs

alden said...

Laurelville is the best,
you just need to pass the test,
This school is tons of fun,
Laurelville is number one.

School is a learning tool,
this tool is super cool,
but sometimes we get board and drool,
but remember... school is cool.

Jacob A. said...

the kids rule
the teachers are never cruel

we may not be the best
but we can all pass a test

if we stay on the right trail
we will never fail

Savannah said...


Why do you have to be such a pest
but your still the best
your good at computers
but you don't like to ride scooters
you like to run your beagles
you don't like to shop at Giant Eagle.

Hannah C said...

Laurelville is pretty old,
but that doesn't mean we fold.
We never ask why,
and we never deny.
We always look up
and sometimes we hiccup.
If we lose,
we do not get the blues.