Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Write Right!

As published writers, students in Reading Workshop must recognize the importance of writing well.   Grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills still tend to trip up many writers. We have stressed PUGS (Punctuation, Usage, Grammar, and Spelling) on a daily basis. Part of the challenge for learning writers is recognizing just how much of an impact mistakes have on the reader. 

This video makes it quite clear the problems with poor writing, whether from errors, negative tone, or using slang and abbreviations.  Often times, we teach the how, and not the why. Occasionally, something comes along that really points out the reason most of us take writing correctly so seriously.

With permission from Sister Salad, this edited version of their video, "Yo Comments Are Wack!" points out the disastrous commenting seen on the web and in a humorous way explains why writing well matters.


Ashlee J said...

Sister Salad gives really good advice.Some people should watch this and take some notes. I know I will.

Brianna H. said...

Hey Mr. McGuire, I remeber this video from 6th grade!
Hope you like your new class and if Rhianna is bad just let me know and I will get a hold of her!
(Just Kidding)