Friday, March 4, 2011

Predictions Make Reading Exciting

You start reading and after a little bit, your mind wanders.  After a few minutes, you are bored with the book, ready to quit it and find a better book.  So you look through the books, find one that looks good, and begin to read it.  

Later that night, you get out your new book for the Read at Home assignment.  The first few pages are interesting and you really get into the book.  After about 20 minutes, you start to get bored, and quit reading for the night.

What is happening?  Why are you losing interest in books?  Why is reading boring?


Predictions are what makes reading exciting.  As you read, wondering what will happen next is what makes you part of the book.  And when you predict one thing, and something different happens--WHAM, that is what makes a book exciting. 

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Special thanks to Mrs. Tonya Blubaugh, Intervention Teacher for sparking the conversation that led to this post.


Jessica W. said...

Making predications helps you understand a book. It is very important to make predictions. The more predictions you make the more you will understand the book you're reading.

I am reading Trackers. If I didn't make predications I probably wouldn't have clue of what was going on.

Like when Adam and the Trackers team are going to meet up with Zara and Lazlo, I predicated that it was a trap, and they shouldn't go.

Micah Hines said...

I kind of think that predictions are what make books good. Like in Skeleton Creek you can predict that Ryan and Sara will go back to the dredge.

I also kind of disagree because sometimes you really like the book but you can't make a prediction because there are so many outcomes or so little outcomes. Some books are really good but you can't make a prediction. Like in Brian's Hunt> when Brian is trying to kill that bear the bear attacks him and I don't know if he will die or not so I can't make a prediction.

Megan B. said...

Making predictions is the most important thing to do while reading.

I think that if you make more and more predictions than you'll think the book is more interesting. If you make no predictions you'll get bored of the book.

I think this because I'm reading Crackback and at first I wasn't making predictions so I was getting ready to get a different. Then when I was getting to the point where I couldn't stand it any longer but then I made a prediction and it started getting more interesting. This is why I think making predictions is very important to do while reading.

Seth V. said...

When I read a book that I can't make one prediction at least in the first page I put it right back. I cannot stand books that have boring parts I like books that are never ending action. Like the Skeleton Creek series. I could read that series over and over and never get bored with it, in fact I am reading the first book for the third time now.

I really do think that it is important that you cab predict things in your book. If you can't predict something I would recommend getting a new book that you can predict from. There are plenty of books out there that you can predict from. Don't let one book keep you back from another great book. Predictions are what make books good and interesting.

Sierra W. said...

When I am reading, I make predictions a lot of times. Mostly to help me get into my book more and it makes by book seem really exciting. Like dreaming, just with my eyes open and a book in front of me.

Another thing I do when I read is I visualize what I think is going to happen in my head. I think of it as a movie in my head that replays to what is really going to happen in the book to what actually happens. This helps me get into my book even more.

When I read Among The Impostors, I think about what is going to happen to Luke and what he is going to do. With that, I play his actions in my mind. Nothing can make that book more exciting to me, than when I do that.

Ashlee J said...

Predicting is one thing I do a lot of when I read if I am really into the book.Sometimes in book I quit predicting because my mind goes blank also because the book is getting boring.

Predicting is really easy to do and you really don't know when you are predicting what is going to happen.

Caitlin W. said...

The book I am reading in Reading Workshop is The 39 Clues The Maze of Bones.

My predictions is part when Amy and Dan went to see there old au pair Nellie. That I think Nellie didn't at all because last time Nellie almost let Dan burn down the neighbor's apartment building. Now thinking she going to go with Amy and Dan trip, without Aunt Beatrice's permission.

I hope the book will do my predictions I had. If it did that would be amazing.

Nick U. said...

I am reading The 39 Clues The Maze Of Bones By Rick Riordan.

When I read I make predictions all the time but if the book is boring I don't get the book then I stop reading it.

In The 39 Clues The Maze Of Bones at the beginning before Grace Cahill died she changed her will. When I read that little line I thought that she would give all of her money to Amy And Dan.

I think that everybody makes predictions even if the book is boring.

Sara A. said...

I think that predictions help the reader understand the book better. I think this because, if you are predicting while you read, it won't keep you interested in the book. It will also make you stay on track and not get off topic.

I also think that when you read you should be thinking about the book and not about anything else.

You should put yourself in the characters situation and then you should try to predict what is going to happen next.

After you put yourself in the characters situation and predict what's going to happen next you should read on and see if your prediction is right or wrong.

Lindsey H said...

When I predict in a book my mind is full of things that are going to happen compared to what could happen.

I think having predictions is good other than having predictions that are way off topic.

When you get a book it's like predictions have to come with it, it's a part of the book.

If you don't have predictions in your book it is not a very good book that you picked so go find another one.

Caitlin and I both read Bystander a novel by James Preller we both got bored with it and had to get a new book because no thoughts came to our mind some did but it just got us confused.

When you read books it's supposed to become exciting you are supposed to think and predict what happens next and get into the book.

Austin P. said...

I think that predications are what makes the books exciting. I also think that is what makes you keep reading the book.

I disagree because you mite have a lot on your mind when you are reading and then you can't make a predication. I also disagree because the book is so boring you quit the book.

Blaize R. said...

When I predict while reading a book it can be hard sometimes. Predictions can be hard sometimes because there might be a really boring part in the book your reading or maybe throughout the whole book. Which gives you a reason to give up but only sometimes.
You should always be thinking something while reading in a book. Sometimes the most boring parts of in a book can the important parts.
I think that predictions is the most important part of everyday life. Even when your not reading predictions should still be included. If you predict in life you'll have a back-up plan.

Brooklyn E. said...

I think that making perditions will get you interested in the book like how I am making perditions with my book.

I am reading for Reading Workshop is Ghost In The Machine. My perditions for this book is that Ryan will find out what the apostle and what the little bride means.

I think the book will turn out the way my perditions are. The reason I think this is because they (Ryan and Sarah) are really close to figuring it out.

Cade V. said...

I think that predictions are what make the book exciting. I think that because when you make a prediction and you read and you find out something totally else happens.

When I read Kidnapped, The Rescue I predicted when Aiden and Meg get out of the mine through the air vent, I thought they would come out behind Sehorn and attack him but he was already dead.

Also when I read I picture whats happening but I stop and put my prediction in and then keep reading to see if it's right. I pictured a big mine and the bear cub walking up one of the kidnappers and I pictured my prediction, the cubs mother attacking Spidey.

HeathJ22 said...

In the reading workshop I am reading Skeleton Creek. We have to tell about a prediction in are book.The book is by Patrick Carman.

I make prediction all the time in my book. Sometimes a book get boring so I just put it down. I might keep reading it to see if it gets better.

Skeleton Creek is a good book. One prediction i had was when Ryan and Sarah went to the dredge. Where Sarah seen a ghost or something like one. I predict that something bad was going to happen to Ryan. I was right to because he fell and almost attack by the ghost

I would say prediction make you a better reader and makes the book exciting.

Rhianna Lucas said...

I am reading the book Ghost In The Machine. It is really good. When you are reading a good book it usually makes you want to predict something.

I really enjoy making pridictions because once you make one then it makes you want to keep on reading just to see if you're pridiction is right.

When I was reading Ghost In The Machine, there was one part in the book when I pridicted that the two characters were never going back to this one haunted place ever again because of an accident that happend. Well that same day I read for 60 minutes just to see what was going to happen next.