Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wallwisher, A Great Web 2.0 Tool

My teaching neighbour, Mrs. Jayne Stevenson shared this great idea and Web 2.0 tool to allow students to post comments and/or answer questions.  

Post Edited on April 28, 2011.  

Although Wallwisher seems like a great program, there are problems.  Students tried repeatedly over the last two days to access the program.  After several million error messages, I changed my mind about Wallwisher.  The first requirement for any web 2.0 program is reliability.  The inability to post makes this program frustrating, and not at all worth using until the glitches are worked out.


Sara A. said...

Dear Mr.McGuire,
I will miss you so much and I hope you will always remember the person that got down on one knee and sang to you at camp. I will truly miss you.
Your former student,
Sara Arnett

Alex H. said...

Hey, Mr. McGuire how is everything going .How has your summer been.My summer has been great I went to Kings Island with my Aunt and one of my friends.Right now I'm at my cousins house watching my little baby cousin.

Michelle said...

Try stixy.com. A way better programme and much more reliable. it was those matrix error messages that led me looking for something else to use with my students and this to date has been one of my best finds ever.