Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hey Mean Boy, Get a Clue

As part of our reading class, we are singing Mean by Taylor Swift which asks the question, "why you gotta be so mean?"  The current read aloud is The Revealers and students commented about bullying on a recent Reading Workshop post about bullies.  Every day for the last week the class has discussed bullying and not being mean to other students.

 So tell me, what is up with this one boy?  Why does he still think he can say mean things to other students? This class has so many kind and caring students.  No one else acts like him. 

He struts around like he is so cool, but then sneaks around and says mean comments that he knows will tear kids up.  He is good at pretending to help when the teacher is watching, but watch out when he thinks no one can see him.

I hope as we continue to discuss meanness a light will click on and he will stop.  I don't know if he realizes how many people see his sneaky ways of hurting others.  Maybe once he catches on to that, he will try out kindness and compassion.  I guess right now he is the only one in the whole class that doesn't get that everyone else gets that he is mean. 


Kyra Sass said...

Hey Mr.McGuire its Kyra I miss you alot and Mrs.Griffey dose to. I miss singing in your class and you laughing at me when I would dance.

now to comment on your post.
Wow I hope that you can get it through his head that what he is doing is hurting everyone around him.

Micah Hines said...

I really like that song it is very good. How is everything going with the different changes this year. I like 7th grade but Adv. is harder than I expected allthough I am happy I am in. I hope I hear from you soon.- Micah Hines

Anonymous said...

I no people like that. ):

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Mr.McGuire i know people like that. I think people like that are just so "shallow". Exspeaicly if you lie and spred romors about the ones you love might even just be friends but it still don't give you any right to do that. Just an F.Y.I 6th graders don't do this I was one who did and I not only lost trust of the ones i loved but my friends, so please always remember if you do it you better exspect it right back.

And sorry for the mistakes in the spelling! :D

Hayley said...

Ok when you sing that song it is talking about another girl being mean to people not a boy. And if your wondering why I know that it is because I watched the music video but maybe you have but if you haven't you need to.