Thursday, December 8, 2011

Some Student Poetry

Here are a few samples of students' poems.  To see more, just click on the links on the sidebar.

From A Daily Bailey
I Think I'm Going to Puke
I’m not really feeling well
It’s something that I ate
I think I’m about to puke
It tasted like fish bait

Uh oh!
I’m gonna spew
I’m really, really sorry
If I get some on you

It’s all over the carpet
It kind of looks like plums
Hey! What’s that thing there?
It looks like lots of thumbs

I shouldn’t have eaten that food
It looked like an old baseball mitt
I’ll never eat it again
Not even a little bit

It’s all over the room
Even on the couch
I’m sorry it got everywhere
No need to be a grouch

I went and cleaned up                                                                       
Now it’s all gone
Next time I’ll go puke
Outside on the lawn
Divorce, Divorce
Where do I start
It’s a course.

Divorce, Divorce
Why do our parents do that?
It makes me sad.

Divorce, Divorce
My sister and I
Had to cry

My Sister by Keifer
Inspired by Sara Holbrook

My sister is
a splinter
deep down in my skin

My sister is
a baseball game
one I can not win

My sister  is
a rat
with her little mice

Keifer's sister is the sweet looking one on the left.  Hhhhhmmm!
My sister is
a cucumber
one I want to dice

My sister is
a bug
one I want to crush

My sister is
an apple
that has turned to mush

My sister is
a bumble bee
always stinging me

My sister is
just mean
come on can’t you see


Hannah Hopkins said...

So, I just wanted to comment and tell everyone that these are good. I miss you Mr. McGuire! McDowell is fun and amazing and I want to make sure that none of the upcoming seventh graders are scared, besides Hunter, of course. (:

Haylee N. said...

Your sister is not mean she is nice and she is funny.

Cassie Drum said...

Haha, thats funny but I love bailey!!!

mrmcguire said...

Thanks for the compliment. This class has some great writers. I am sure you are doing a super job at McDowell.

I will try to help you out and make sure that Hunter is terrified. :)