Friday, November 30, 2012

Inspired by Poetry

Some of the best poems are often those that are inspired by another poem.  The concept is to take the framework of a poem you like, and then revise it to make it fit you.  Just remember to always give credit to the author by stating, "Inspired by . . ."

The Other Me
Written by Kristine O'Connell George

The other me knows what to wear,
fits in, doesn't stick out,
is one of them.

The other me remembers jokes,
doesn't get teased
by anyone.

The other me doesn't have big feet,
doesn't stumble,
doesn't drop her lunch tray.

So where is she,
this amazing
Other Me?

Reading Workshop students, please take this poem, or another of your favorites and write an "Inspired by" poem.

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Jade said...

Yesterday,I was on at the reading workshop and we were just writing about poems. And then Mr. Mcguire {My La teacher} told us to go get a book and look at the poems and see what you like about the poems. And he just told us to type a post about What makes a poem good.

A book I am reading is called Squeal and squawk and (By Susan Pearson) this book is about animals and some of these barn animals are funny,because in one of the poems that I was reading is called Chucks duck and it is funny because in one of the lines it says"Max hears a quack. She's under the shack. Max grabs the sack. Chuck sneaks in the shack,opens the sack,gets stuck in the muck but grabs the duck. Duck thinks quick, recalls a trick,stretches her neck and takes a peck. Chuck drops the duck and yells,"Oh,heck!"". And I just think that it is funny because the guy chuck tries to grab the duck but he steps in the muck and drops the duck and yells,"Oh,heck.

And the reason why I picked this book is because it looks interesting because all of the barn animals on the front.and another reason I picked this book is because the title I mean it really brings out all the exictment and just makes you want to read it even more than you did.And thats why I picked this book to read and write about.

I think a poems are awesome because I love rhyming and just the fact that there so short because they are so much like a story. I also think that poems are so easy to under stand and actually picture it in your mind and see just what is going on.

That is just my opinion and why Ilike poems and just what i read for this post. Good bye and I hope you liked it.