Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Let's See, What are Good Poetry Titles?

Weird Students
Mismatched Socks
Riding Vader (My Horse)
I Ate Too Much Chocolate
Cheesy Biscuits and Garlic Breath
Hard Workers
Eli is Not So Shy Any More
Just Plain Megan
Cafeteria Noise
Why Do You Make Me Have to be Mean?
The General aka Mrs. Hardin
Frank the Tank (Kaminsky)
Frank Gets Class
Rainy School Days
Zoom aka Carter
Zoom Thinks He's a Super Hero
The Last Class Was Boring
It Was All My Fault
I was Boring
We Were Still Asleep
Last Night I Had Bad Dreams
Why Does Tacey Work So Hard?
Distracting Class
Off Topic
World Hunt
I Hate to Lose
My Truck Got Washed Today
I Want to Cry
720 Classes in a Year
My Heart's a Stereo
I Want to Be the Next American Idol
Everybody Now, Slide to the Left
Courage Enough to Write
My Diet Starts Next Monday
Grandma Has Gas
Talk Less, Write More
Afraid of Poetry
Dreams, Desire, Dedication, and Dish Washing
My Chucks Have Blue Shoestrings
Whining Instead of Working
Flo Rider (I Cry)
Music Makes Me Think
Are We Going to Sing Today and Other Questions Students Ask Every Day
Can I Go to the Bathroom?
How Many Topics Should I List?
Is This OK?
Allison Got Her Name on the Sign
Seriously, Aren't you a Little Sick of Cats Because I Am
Alexis, Allison, and Ashton
Earn a Brave Buck
A Little Less Cry and a Lot More Effort
My Sense of Humor is Underappreciated
Nose Pickers
Eddie's Hair
Take a Load Off Fannie
Morning Announcements
It's For not Fur
Red Card
You Can't Have My List
I Wonder What You Don't Know That I Don't Know
A Spot in Time and It's Not a Dalmation
Spaghetti Face
I Hate Sporks


Daulton said...

I think what he is trying to say is that every body has their own obstacle in them so you have to get back up and keep going because life is not going to be good forever all good things must go to a end.

Lilly R. said...

I think the author was trying to say that life isn't going to always be good because sometime in our lives we all will have to just let go and chill we all won't be happy forever, I mean really you will have to pay money one day to get what we want. Therefore he is also saying that you should always think positive.

Also, I think the author was trying to state that even if you lose don't cry stand up and be proud of yourself because you tried, good is greater than bad.

Therefore the author is stating that nothing is clear like glass it will have stains life will be blurry, so does it mean you give have to give up, NO it means you just have to try even harder.

The author is explaining that not everything is perfect you will lose, but you have to get through it without crying he is making it obvious that life will wipe you out, It has it's own obstacle