Thursday, September 27, 2018

Writing to the Prompt

The assignment:

Describe the impact the setting makes on the story in the book you are reading. Please give details from the book to support your response.

Hannah's Response is organized, stays on topic, uses topic sentences to keep the reader focused, and has many supporting details from the text.

Horizon Setting

In the book Horizon the setting first starts in a plane and then the plane crashes and leave nine people out of 500 to survive in the wilderness with nothing, but some items from the plane. The plane was heading to Japan for four of the kids to do a robot soccer championship. The kids brought their own robots but lost them in the crash. They had also got a cool gravity controller that can send them high up in the sky. The setting impacts the story because the kids have nothing but some luggage from other people, and a sword that Yoshi one of the people had brought on the trip to be safe. They have three survival kits that they found in the plane that had only three knifes and some water and a couple of snacks. They water and food wouldn't last for long knowing that they are in the wild. The setting impacted the story a lot in this book because the survivors saw some weird looking planet like things in the sky at night, this made them think that they were on a different planet.

The setting also changed the way they acted because knowing that they could be on a different planet made them scared. If they would have seen some type of town or other people that lived there, or even planes they had flown by could have helped. They got a cool gravity controller that could send them up in the air to see. This helped the kids because they could see some possible food sources or even water to drink after they ran out. The gravity controller helped them because the jungle that they wound up in had a really bad fog or mist in the day time and at night they could see the sky. The controller made them jump above the fog and they could see again. The setting impacted the book because they had to try new foods and there were no people to ask for help or to guide them. The jungle at night effected the story a lot because it was more scary to hear the noises and sounds. They were scared knowing that there might not be a way to leave the scary jungle.

The setting effected the book because the kids found some weird things that made them jump because they didn't know what it could be, like a scary bird or some big snake or even a new species. The setting could change the way they though. The kids were scared just because the planets made them think different. The setting made them want to explore more and get out there and see what they can do with what they have even if it's not much. The kids saw stuff that made them feel weird and not safe and it caused them to freak out and then freak out some more.