Monday, March 4, 2019

Student Showcase Night is Balloon Powered

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Students are working in teams to build a balloon powered car as a project for the Salt Creek Student Showcase on March 7. This project will be multi-disciplinary, taking place in three classes.

Students are building the cars in science class. In math, students will be measuring the car travel and graphing the result. In language arts, students are building a Google Slideshow. They will document steps in the project, materials used, and share data from racing the car. They will use Chromebooks to take pictures of the car and the project.

The slideshow will be shared with parents at the Showcase. It will provide the format for explaining the project and how students worked within their groups to succeed.

The slideshow might include:

Table of Contents
Supply List
Steps to Build
Trial and Error Building
Team Car
Trial and Error Racing
Trial Run Table
Team Challenges