Friday, January 11, 2008

Learning to Read, con'd

What is important? What should we highlight? What are the W's? The students worked hard to drag the meaning out of an article, and here is what it looked like when we finished. We used the DLP projector with a student leading the discussion, and a student operator on the computer.


Anonymous said...

I thought that it was cool that we could learn how to read even better than we have been. One of my favorite parts about this is that we can all sit down in a group and talk about different stuff some examples are,

reading a passage and then using our high liters to high lite the important things.
The W's is another important thing.
I hope I will be a great reader.

Anonymous said...

I think that it is fun to read and highlight important things in the passages. I think working in a group is good for us so we can compare our highlighting and talk about our answers.

Anonymous said...

That project was pretty fun!


Anonymous said...

I cant believe that there was more to reading than what I learned when I was eight!