Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Pact in Reading Workshop

"Joey Banks is a walking adventure. He’s funny, daring, mischievous—and frequently in trouble. Or he would be if anyone found out about half the stuff he’s done. But Rusty Cooper knows how to keep a secret. And Joey’s the best friend he’s ever had." This is Teachers @ Random House description of the book, Swear to Howdy, written by Wendelin Van Draanen.

Reading Workshop opened this year with the read aloud of the story of two best friends and their first adventure. Every time Joey and Rusty have an exciting or adventurous undertaking, they make a pact to never tell anyone.

Similarly, we are writing a pact as part of writing workshop. Below is my commitment to Reading Workshop. In class today, students wrote their planned course of action and goals for our class this year. I hope to read a lot of plans for hard work, responsibility, and effort to succeed.

Sixth Grade Reading Pact

  1. A formal agreement, such as one between nations; a treaty.

  2. A compact; a bargain.

As the teacher, I agree to do my best to make class interesting, challenging, and worthwhile. There will be times of fun, and times of serious contemplation. I will share my opinions, and ask you for yours. I will start each day new, forgetting bad times and mistakes, but build on successes. I will make mistakes, but will keep trying even when I would rather not.

I will share good books, and expect you to join in on discussions, both written and oral. I will make you a better reader and writer, pushing you to learn all you can learn throughout your sixth grade year. And, most of all, I will do all I can to make this year one you will always remember as the best ever.


Anonymous said...

LMr. McGuire,
I hope we have a fun and goofy year.


P.S. I have a great story in the makiing about a short kid who is in 6th grade who is very strong and hates for people to remind him he is short.

Mr. McGuire said...


We will!

Anonymous said...

Hello how are you? Im good I just got done swimming! It was fun , I like the desktop on your computers. I'll see you in the morning !

Peyton Goode :)

Anonymous said...

Hey 6th grade,

As the new year begins, I too am working toward a pact. I have set my goals. I am working on a plan of action. Creating a pact with yourself for success is the beginning to a great year. I can't wait to hear some of your ideas, plans, and pacts. We will be setting personal social studies goals next week.
By the way, the book sounds like it will be a good one. Let me know what you thought of it when you finish.
Mrs. Griffey

Anonymous said...

I like the book you are reading to us , are all of the books by that auther good?

Mr. McGuire said...


Thanks for commenting!

There is a series by Van Draanen with a main character named Sammy Keyes. It is a whodunit type of book. You may want to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mcguire how did you get the little person on your blog?

Mr. McGuire said...

Some of my ancestors are from Ireland, and you know they believed in the "little people." So if you want an avatar (little person) you have to believe. :0

Mr. McGuire said...


Your comments were moved to the Reading Post. Thank you for posting.

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