Monday, October 6, 2008

Do You Say Hello?

Grouchy SmurfEmily and Heather, two of my daughters and Jason were talking and as I listened in on their conversation , I heard:

H:  David saw you Thursday at the cafeteria.
E:  He is so nice.
H:  He said he didn't come over and sit beside you because you looked so grouchy.  He thought you were in a bad mood.
E.  I wasn't in a bad mood.
H.  He said he really likes you, but you never speak to him.
E.  I always say hi if he says hi to me.
H.  Do you ever say hi to him first?
E.  Well, no, but I like him and always talk to him when he says hi.

At this point, I couldn't stand it any more and had to butt in.  I asked Em how come she never tries to be a friend to him.  She said, "I really like him a lot.  I just don't usually talk to people first."

How many people limit their friendships?  Emily had no idea that David felt this way.  She was shocked when she found out.  I'll bet she speaks to him the next time she sees him.

As I start to think back on my morning, I wonder, did I miss out on a chance for friendship?  Who did I not speak to?  Who is wondering why I didn't speak?  Are you missing out on a chance to make a friend?  Or to make someone's day? 


Shelby C. Last year student said...

What why are you listening in on you daughter’s conversation. That is not right. Girls don't usually like their dads listening to their conversations.

Mr. McGuire said...


Thanks for coming back to visit. Dads don't usually like listening in on their daughter's conversation. :)

They knew I was listening.

peyton g said...

I useally talk to someone first. I don't like it if you go to like lets say wal-mart and you see one of your friends and they don't say hi (did they know that was me?).

Laura said...

Some people are just shy and can't help it. I have had that problem myself so I know how it is.

Laura said...

Oh! I have another comment. Sometimes some people's expressions look like they don't want to be approached or someone to speak to them. It may not be how they are feeling but it's the look on their face. Sound like anyone you know Mr. McGuire?

peyton g said...

Is Laura your daughter?

Mr. McGuire said...

Good guess Peyton, but no, Laura is my wife. And I really don't know what she is talking about because I always have a smile on my face.

destiny s. said...

somtimes I walk by people without saying hi or nice day ,but maybe because some people say never talk to strangers and i do not.Sometimes people just look like i know them some how and i am not afraid to say hi.If there is someone cute no matter what I won't talk i will be embrassed

Brianna H. said...

Well I known as"Frecks" agree with Laura because sometimes I'm shy to say hi to people. Thats how I was whenever I was new last year.

P.s., If you all want to know who gave me the nickname "Frecks" it was my homeroom teacher Mr.McGuire.

Heathers mom said said...

I also agree with Laura.I have been shy all my life and I have probably missed out on getting alot of friends,but the fear of talking first gets me every time.I try but get scared and turn and walk away.

Mr. McGuire said...

That is the best thing about a blog--you can say hello, comment by sharing your thoughts, and it's without the pressure of face-to-face.:)

Sam.R said...

I will not say hi to someone unless I know them. If I don't Know them I will get shy and will not talk to them.