Thursday, October 30, 2008

Keitha Lane, Super Hero

Keitha LaneI saw my hero yesterday. She came over from her new job as the Jr. High principal to see the Halloween parade. I had been thinking about her lately as I read aloud to my classes, A Boy in the Girls' Bathroom written by Louis Sachar. This is the story of Bradley Chalkers, a student who makes a disaster out of everything. He meets Carla, the school counselor and with her support, turns his life around. I feel like Keitha Lane was the Carla of Laurelville and for me as a teacher.

It seems funny to think of this short little woman as a super hero, but her impact on the teachers and students at Laurelville during her eight years as principal was amazing. Now, in all honesty, I had never met a boss that I liked too much, before she took on our school. And our start together was rockier than the Rocky Mountains. However, she pushed, pulled, prodded, encouraged and demanded, all while being a friend, and supporting me in my growth as a teacher.

During her time as principal, whenever I had an idea that I wanted to try in the classroom, she would say, "give it a try and we will see how it works." She found funding to go from four computers in my language arts class to twenty-four. She purchased an LCD projector and Doc camera, to use to show students' work. When I first found out about Study Island, the on-line learning program, she said, "let's give it a try." Now it is used throughout the district. It didn't seem to matter what the situation was, she was always about finding new ways to help the students.

As I look back on our time together, I could never thank her enough for the impact she had on my life. And, as I look at my students each day when we come to the circle to talk at the start of each class, my hope is that in some way, I can make a student feel the way she made me feel. I guess, as far as I am concerned, she is the superest of the super heroes.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome that Mrs. Lane is the Jr. high principal! We love her.She is so nice. We can't wait to see her and have her as a principal.

Anonymous said...

I can not wait until I go to Jr. high and I get to see Mrs. lane again. She was a very good principal here a Laurelville Elementary.

Anonymous said...

I agree that mrs. lane has made a big difference in alot of lives. She is a wonderful person and a great principal. She truly cares about the kids who's lives she has touched.

Anonymous said...

Every time I would go to that office she would sing that Jolene song from Dolly Parton and every time I left that office I would smile.I think the first thing mrs. Lane will do when she sees me in jr.high is sing that Jolene song. I can't wait to see her in jr. high and have her as principal agian!

Anonymous said...

I called this super hero Mrs. Lane in 4th grade and then graduated to calling her Keitha when I grew up. Now, I am lucky enough to consider her a 2nd Mom.

She has been there through many stages of my life and I consider myself blessed that she has been in my life, my sister's life and my cousin's lives!