Friday, November 13, 2009

Does Sportsmanship Fit in the Classroom?

Sportsmanship, kindness, fairness--this video demonstrates all of the characteristics that we hope to teach, to model, and to see as teachers.

What would you do in a similar situation? What kind of opportunities are there in the classroom to show the same traits as the Central Washington players?

Thank you to Mrs. Stevenson for the heads up about this video.


Hannah C said...

I have heard about this great act of sportsmanship. I get Sports Illustrated magazines and there's a section where it talks about sports stars. They are usually high school kids. Anyway, I was reading about this article and I thought it was so neat. I couldn't really imagine what it would look like but this video hepled a lot.

Makayla B. said...

My sister and I were looking at this and we think you should have sportsmanship in a classroom. If you don't have that then it might be hard to make friends.

Mr. McGuire said...

I agree with you Makayla. In the classroom and out, friendship and sportsmanship are sooo important.

Ian L. said...

If someone gets an A congratulate. Do not call them a nerd just because you did not get an A. Having sportsmanship is important in a classroom because it helps you make friends. It also makes you and the other person feel good about both of you. If you do not have sportsmanship try and congratulate somebody for something they did and it does not have to be something big. It is those little things that make people feel better and make you and that person have sportsmanship. Also recognize somebody that has done something like in the video on The Reading Workshop. If you want to have sportsmanship ask somebody who has played sports or you think has good sportsmanship.

Some bad examples of sportsmanship is making fun of someone or getting in to a fight or just not listening to what your teachers have to say or your classmates. Some out of the classroom are arguing in a football game, cheating, or getting over excited and doing something that you will regret.

I think that sportsmanship is one of the most important thing in the classroom and out of the classroom. I think this because it helps you in life by making you feel glad about making someone feel special at that time. It also helps by giving another person to fell how it is to have sportsmanship and they can also share it with other.

Josh J. said...

I think sportsmanship is about someone helping others that could use some help. I also think that you don't need it just in sports but ever where. You can show it in the classroom or pretty where ever you are.

There are many ways you can have sportsmanship in the classroom. One way is if someone is awarded with something. With are class we have the '' Study Island Student of the day'' When someone from each class gets the office chair that they sit in until someone else gets it.

Another way we can see sportsmanship is by helping someone who needs help but will not ask for it. This is helpful by you will not let someone get the wrong answer and bring their grade down. This helps them keep a good grade and helps them learn more than what they had before.

Other ways you can show sportsmanship is just by telling someone good job if they get a good grade. This makes the person feel good and hopefully make them want to get more good grades. I have seen this myself were someone has struggled and got a little help and got a nice grade and when the teacher or another student tells them they did a good job the next grade was a grade just as good or better.

Also you can help students around you that don't understand what the teacher said. I know this because I have had a few times I don't understand what the teacher said and someone else has helped me understand what the teacher explained. I can then help others after that. I hate when others help someone who was just goofing around and not doing any thing but act dumb and then they don't understand what we are talking about so someone who understands and should be getting their own work done has to explain everything to them.

Here is another way sportsmanship can be expressed if someone is having a hard time because they are new to your school you can be nice and show them around. You can also help them understand what the class is learning so they can get caught up and be prepared. You can also tell them what they need for classes and they will not have to go back and get something. I have seen this before with a new student not knowing what to have for class and someone took the time to tell them what they needed and waited until they got it all and walked to class with them.

I hope this inspires you to show good sportsmanship. Not just in the classroom but ever where you go.

Hannah C said...

If a friend of yours made fun of someone else because of their actions, would you do the same? If you don’t, that in my opinion is great sportsmanship. I think sportsmanship is respect to others, and self-respect. It is also being fair. You may think of sportsmanship just involving sports, but Mr. McGuire got me thinking it doesn’t have to be just in sports. It can be anywhere, such as in the classroom.

Sportsmanship is important in the classroom because if a classmate you envy gets and A+ and you might get a C, do you call them a nerd just because they might be better at school than you are? Or do you just keep your feelings to yourself and show your respect to them? I think keeping your feelings to yourself is the right thing to do because that shows sportsmanship, even though no one else knows what you really think.

Another example that shows sportsmanship is important in the classroom is if you see someone and they are making fun of someone, would you just stand there and watch and laugh, or would you stand up for the person that is getting picked on? I know I would probably stand up for the person getting picked on because I would not liked to get picked on. And I bet you the person that is making fun of someone has been picked on before or just doesn’t have any friends and wants some attention. That’s probably why they’re picking on someone. This is sportsmanship because it shows you have respect for the person that is getting picked on.

Over all, I think sportsmanship shows a LOT about yourself. It shows in you if you are grumpy, kind to others, or if you are being fair or not fair to others.

Brandon C. said...

I think that sportsman ship in the classroom is like gold to the person that needed help. If there was a kid who didn't have any friends and needed help most other kids would say "Let him be" I heard that from a kid once and I thought "Well that is kind of rude". I witnessed a good example of sportsmanship, a kid in my class was done with their work and another kid needed help. That kid that was done didn't say "Let him be". He went and helped him with his work. I thought that, that was a thing that should be shared.

I think that anyone that has shown sportsmanship should be honored. Sportsmanship is a good thing. It should be shown all around the globe. It should be a future rule. When someone is struggling you should help them with what they need help on. It is as simple as that. Every time someone shows sportsmanship they should get an award.


Tyler B. said...

What I think about sportsmanship is that it is important to do every where you go. Do you have good sportsmanship?

Today in class we watched a video in The Reading Workshop it was about a girl who broke her leg. That had never hit a home run in softball before. So two girls from the other team picked her up and carried her around to every base and she got a home run for the first time. That's what you call sportsmanship.

Here in class and at recess I see a lot of sportsmanship. An example is here in class I would tell Madison Haupt my score on study island and she would say'' good job''. Also at recess someone would make a shot playing basketball and another person would say '' you did good''. That's what you call sportsmanship.

I think sportsmanship makes people feel good. If you haven't tried it why don't you?

Justin P. said...

I think sportsmanship in our classroom is important because if we didn’t have sportsmanship in the classroom everyone would be getting into fights and yelling at each other. If we didn’t have sportsmanship, no one would have good behavior.

I do not think there is much sportsmanship in our classroom because there are a lot of bullies that are mean to some of the kids. I have seen it before, and I seen it today. A kid got pushed on the ground, and no one helped him up but me.