Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Describe Yourself Based on Your Partner

What does the person I paired you with say about you?

Students in Reading Workshop are constantly working in pairs, and small groups.  Almost every project has at least one part that requires teamwork.   Sometimes this might be a brainstorming session.  Other times partnership might be for revising and editing a piece of writing.  Frequently it is just a couple of minutes to share ideas.

Although occasionally students are paired randomly, most of the time partnerships and teams are put together in a way to ensure success.  

Reasons students are partnered might include:
  • A strong-minded uncompromising student is put with a similar student just to force both to work together to be successful.  
  • Quiet, easy going students are put together to build leadership skills.
  • Students strong in a certain area are paired with a student that is struggling.
  • Students struggling might be partnered to work through troubles together.
  • Students that don't care are partnered to force them to deal with common attitudes.
  • Natural leaders are grouped in situations that allow them to utilize their strength.
  • Creative students are placed together to stretch their limits.
  • Creative students are separated to allow leadership and growth.
  • Boys and girls are partnered so that differences in thought processes can increase chances of success.
  • Reluctant learners are joined with enthusiastic students to motivate them.
  • Enthusiastic students are partnered to allow them the chance to immerse themselves in a project.
  • Friends are put together just so they can be with each other.
  • Students that are not friends are put together to help expand their circles.

These are just some of the reasons students work together.  Regardless of the reason, working together and the cooperation this demands is an extremely important skill.  How students deal with a partner, or contribute to a group is always reflective of their attitude and work ethic.

What kind of a partner are you?  Describe yourself based on your partner.

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Jessica W. said...

When I think of myself as a partner, I am a hard worker and I maybe put with someone that maybe struggling in some areas that I'm good at. Or people who are slackers. Like in Reading Workshop I'm partnered with someone that may not be that good in an area but I am. Another time was in Reading Workshop I was placed with two people that I thought were not really helping me with the work we were doing. But I tried to get them to corporate.

Blaize said...

I am a hard working, encouraging and helping partner. When pared up with a part I would describe myself as being a hard worker because I care about my grades and try to keep them up. I encourage people telling them never give up just keep trying until they get it right. I see myself as a helping partner because my partner may not know what to do and is very confused I can give them an example of what to do.

SaraA. said...

I think I could say that I'm a little bossy when it comes to partnership. I think that because I always take charge and tell my partner how it's done or how it goes. But it's not in a mean way. I do it in a way that everyone in the group or my partner still has a chance to say what he/she whats to say to make their point. I think I am a good partner when it comes to me having to partner up with someone.

Sometimes when my partner goofs off I have to set them straight and tell them how it goes and tell them that they need to straighten up.

Micah H. said...

I think that I am a helpful and cooperative partner. I think that I am a helpful and cooperative partner because when I was helping someone I didn't do it for them I just told them what to do so next time they did not have any one to help them they would know what to do.

I would describe myself as a helpful and caring kind of person based on my partner. Like when I was partners with some one they made a mistake and I didn't yell at the for it I just said you made a mistake and helped them fix it.

Megan B said...

I consider myself as a hard worker when I get paired up with a partner because I sometimes get paired up with people that don't work very hard. I also consider myself as a serious worker because I sometimes get paired up with other people who are serious about their work. I also consider myself as a participant in the assignment we get assigned to so sometimes I get paired up with other people who participates in their work.

dustinf said...

I would describe me as a bossy partner but it depends on who my partner is. Like one of the kids in my class he is the one
I will not get a long with. I can be a good partner with some people if I'm in a good mood if I am in a bad mood I will not do a thing. I like to do things with other people but they just don't like my ideas but some times I can have some good ones.

Sierra W. said...

When I am working with one or more people in a group, I think I am a team leader, hardworking, and encouraging to others around me. I think being a team leader you have to be able to work with people you don't usually work with or have no intention to work with that person.

One time when my class was in the Reading Workshop, I got partnered up with some one I have never talked to. The reason we were paired up was to describe how we were setting up a letter we had to do in class about the book we were reading. I didn't really know how every thing would end up when we were done. Ever since then, I have talked to that person a lot more and we became good friends. I noticed one little thing makes a huge difference in how you look at people.

Caitlin said...

I am a person that will get along with my partner. I will take their opinion first and see what they say, and I would go last. My partner and I would have to decide what the answer is. Sometime my partner will goof off and I will say come on lets get back to work, instead of goofing off. When my partner said they gave up, I would say no you don't and never give up.

Brook E said...

I am a kind partner that gets the work done when it needs to be like when I worked with two people we had to leave a comment on Reading Workshop we had it finished just in time. I am a considering partner as well like when someone needed help on their blog I helped them.

Ashlee J said...

I would describe me as a very bossy partner, because if my partner has a bad idea I say no lets do this my way so we can get a better grade(it turns out my way does not always get a good grade).I would also describe myself as a very smart partner, because I always find ways to help my partner understand what we are suppose to be doing.

Nick U said...

The way that I describe myself working with a partner is, I'm the kind of partner that will work hard, do what they want to do, not give up on them.
I will work hard with anybody you put me with.

When I'm working with a partner I try to keep up with them and try not to let them do all the work.

heathj22 said...

I think that in a group I am kind of a hard worker. I think that I'm a hard worker because I try to get my work done. Especially when I'm am working with goof balls.

when I am working with a partner I goof off a little. one way I goof off is by not paying as much attention as usually. I usually do that in subject I do not like much like math.

Rhianna L. said...

I think I would call myself a leader, or a hard worker. I’m usually laid back but whenever I have to have a partner I’m usually the one that has to take control. I think teachers pair me up with kids that are falling behind, or kids that don’t may any attention in class.

There was this one time in science when I was with a kid that was always goofing off in class. That person never payed attention. When we worked he wouldn’t listen. So I finally stepped up and told him to be quite and listen. Finally he was quiet and listened to me and participated. That’s why I would call myself a leader.

Lindsey H said...

The way I describe myself as a partner is a good Listener. I was paired up with 2 boys and we did not get a long and one boy told me I was typing last because he didn't like me. Mr. McGuire heard what the boy said and Mr. McGuire said that I was just trying to help him. If I'm paired up with my friends which I shouldn't be paired up with them, I try not to goof off but that is what happens (I goof off). I got partnered with one of my friends yesartner who listens to yesterday and we actually worked and got done and got full credit on the assignment. That is why I think I am a good listener than other people.

Austin D said...

I would describe myself as a hard worker in groups. I say that because I like working in groups and I try to get good grades on my assignment. I am a good listener when other kids in my group are saying something. I don't really see myself as a leader because sometimes I goof around when I work with certain people. I think my partner would say I am a hard worker. Science is my favorite place to work in groups because when we work in groups it is usually something fun like last year when we made oobleck.

Alan said...

I think I am more of a listener than a hard worker. Like when I get partnered with a student leadership team member I usually listen to them. This is what happens most of the time.
Sometimes I can be a little stubborn with some people. I get a feeling like I need to set an example for them. This does not happen very often.

Tyler H. said...

When it comes, working with a partner. I would say that I'm helpful or I would say that I'm a hard worker. When I have a partner trying to figure out a mistake, I like to help them try to figure it out. If I had a person that didn't really like me then I try to get along with he/she and get the assignment completed with a good grade. I like to go back in the assignment and check and make sure that I can get a good grade.

I like to get along with a person and we can figure out a question. Then we can be on the same task and we both decided on a good answer. This is why I think that I'm a hard worker and can be helpful with the partner that I'm working with.

Nick K. said...

The way I describe myself is a good listener.There was a girl and a boy in my group.One of the partners was telling us what to write down.
I would write down the stuff he/she would say.Some times if it sounded weird I would ask questions, and they would explain to me until I under stood.
And sometimes we would not agree on each other.It would get out of hand, to the point where we would argue.But we usually solved the problem.

Mark S. said...

In a way I think I get paired up with easy going people because, I'm the one that has lots of ideas and wants to get done. I am not a very patient person when I get paired with stubborn people.

I rush my partners to get done cause once I do get done I feel a relief.So I think I get pair up with people that are easy going and slow workers.I think it kind of helps me with my work so I can explain my processes when I am thinking, and not just type it all down.

Katie said...

I think I am a helper when it comes to partnership. I think I work better with people that I know but don't really talk to. If I work with a person like that then I think we will work better.

I think when I work with friends I get distracted easily. It depends what friend you put me with though. Like yesterday in science, we had to pick a partner to make a DNA latter. I picked one of my friends she put the marshmallows on the toothpick, while I colored some white marshmallows Purple. We got it done on time and we worked good together. That is why I call myself a helper.

Tiffany C. said...

I think I would be a good partner because I try to do all my work. I try to keep up with with the partners I'm with because they could of made a mistake and you help them. When I was partnered up with someone it was hard to keep up with them because they made so many mistakes.

I think I am a good listener because when someone is talking to me I listen. I listen because they listen to what I have to say. It doesn't matter who you are partnered up with, you should still listen.

Danny said...

I think I would be a good listener because yesterday in science I got pared up with one of my friends and he wouldn't help he would just goof off (Sometimes I goof off.).If you par me up with someone who is not my friend then I'll be a pretty good student.

I think I would be a good patner because I try not to let them do all of the work.Another way that I'm a good partner is that I try to keep up with my partner that way I'm not always slowing them down.

Belle H. said...

I can honestly say that I just don't know what kind of partner I am. If I had to pick I would probably say that I am either easy going or just a little bit bossy.
I would say I'm easy going because I almost always agree with my partner's idea. I was once partnered with a kid that is really smart, and I agreed with him on just about everything. I was also paired with a boy who didn't always listen in class and I did disagree with him a lot.
I would also say I'm bossy because I will sometimes tell my partner how to do something or what I don't like about our project.

Shala.S. said...

I think I would be a leader, or a good listener. I think the partners that I have gotten so far are ones that can't concentrate very well. Sometimes I think the teachers put me with people that do not have very good grades, or work fast.

In science one time I had a partner who worked fast and always wanted to be the first one done. So as his partner I made him slow down and check over his work. Sure enough that day we got an A on the paper. That is why I think I am a leader.

When we worked in groups one time in Language Arts class (The Reading Workshop) I made sure I let everyone in the group say something about their opinions. We used some of their ideas. After we were all done not all people knew what they said and I helped jog their memory. That is why I think I am a good listener.

chase said...

The way I describe myself as a partner is a good leader. We usually try my idea first and it usually works. Another reason why I am a good leader is because I get my work done when I am in a group.I usually take charge of the group I have to work with. That is why I am a good leader.

I think I might be a good listener too because I listen to other peoples ideas if mine doesn't work. In Math one time we was working on a hard problem and my idea did not work so we tried his and it worked. That is why I think I am a good listener.

I think I might be a better listener because. I let every one in the group say their opinions. Then we usually try the best one.

Lisa B. said...

I think that I am more of a leader than a follower.
One reason I think this is because in Science class, I was paired up with someone who really doesn't pay attention in class, and is always goofing off. I think that I was paired with this person because Mrs. Cartee thinks that I can keep this person on track and not let him goof off.
Another reason I think I am more of a leader than a follower is that I can be paired up with just about anybody and still get my work done. Like once I was paired up with two people who had the worst attitude ever, and I somehow managed to get them to help me with the work we needed to do for a grade.

Andrew M said...

When a teacher pairs me up with someone, I start to think about what the teacher is trying to say about me. One time I was paired up with someone who has troubles understanding questions, or what someone is trying to say. So I got paired up with them and when they would ask me what something said I would help that person figure it out without saying the answer. I think the teacher was trying to tell me that I am a helpful person. One other time I got paired up with a person who told the rest of us what to write down. That told me that I was a good listener. That person would also give me long paragraphs to write down. That told me that I am a hard worker because I would copy everything they said, down on the piece of paper no matter how long.

Ridge Y. said...

When I think of myself as a partner I think of doing what it takes to get the task done. I don't think of myself as always being the smartest person or the best at what were doing. But I think I work pretty hard. Also I think I get frustrated easily so sometimes that pushes me to be the boss and start being bossy.

An example of this is in Language arts when I got paired with two people and I was honestly thinking hard to get the task done. While I was thinking and giving ideas they were ignoring me and talking about other things. This caused me to get frustrated and I started to get mad. Because of this I started to get mad boss them around and tell them what to do.

Cassie D. said...

Mr.McGuire gave me a partner this year. My partner was not very good at P.U.G.S all the time. What I think my partner would say about me would be I can help my partner with his P.U.G.S when he needed it. I wouldn't say he was paired up with me because he does not work hard because I know he tries and works his hardest. I think being paired up with him was good because he is a hard worker. I like being paired up with other people but I would not mind him again because he never gives up.

Vince N. said...

I really don't know what kind of a partner I am because some people if they don't like you they just think or an idiot.

So I do not know what kind of partner I am because no one has really told me what kind of partner I am. but most people probably think I goof of but I do not want them to think that so I am going to start working and acting like a harder worker.

Seth V. said...

I think that the people that Mr. McGuire puts me with thinks I am hard worker and good listener. Also they might think that I am smart and if they have trouble I can help them.
They also sometimes might think that I am a little pushy sometimes because I get that way sometimes when I am tired. I have got paired with some people before this year that just don't try to work and I get mad at them but I try to help them with there work so they will want to work more.

Alex H. said...

The reason I think I get partnered with the people I do is because the type of person I am. The type of person I am is a leader I always tell people what we sound do. I plan stuff out before you even do anything.I will say sometimes I am a little bossy and I try to let every one have a say in things.

I think I sometimes get partnered with people who don't get thing really easy.One time in Science I got partnered with two people. One of then did stuff really fast an the other didn't get thing really fast so I had one person who went really fast and another who didn't. I think the teacher put me in that group so that I can make the person who is fast slow down a bit and the person who was not so fast help him get a little faster.

Hayley said...

I think that I am a partner that would be a easy going. I think that I am easy going because I can agree with with my partner what ever he/she says only if it is right. If I said it is good but I know that it is wrong then the teacher would be irritated with me because he knows that I know I was wrong. I also think that I can be bossy because I want it my way even if it is wrong.I am not this way all the time.

Jaredb said...

I think I'm more of a quiet person than a loud one. Sometimes teachers put me with people that are that aren't like me. One time Mrs. Cartee put me with a person who talks a lot,sometimes goofs off. I'm quiet but when I speak I have really good ideas. Teachers pair people up who are probably opposite maybe a person who doesn't pay attention, and someone who does thats what teachers will do. The person I got paired up with didn't talk to me but I managed to get them to help out after a while.

sabrinab22 said...

There are a lot of reasons why I am partnered. If I'm partnered with someone who likes to mess around Mr,McGuire knows I can get him/her to work. He can also put me with someone who doesn't like me and make them work with me. There can be many reasons why he puts us with the students he does there is no correct answer, there are only guesses.

Emily said...

I think that I am more of a helper when it comes to anything. The only reason why I say that is because in Science class, I have been paired up with someone who needs help on some things, that he or she was doing and they did not have a very nice attitude. I was able to help them get through what we need to get through. One time Mrs. Cartee paired me with a person who talks more than me. It was a bad time when I sat be side them but still I help them get through everything they needed to get done!