Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Wanna Be Perfect

I am tired of making mistakes.  I am tired of not knowing the right thing to say.  I am tired of all kinds of problems.  I want to be perfect.  AND, I just found out a way to make it happen.

The latest read aloud in Reading Workshop is Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days written by Stephen Manes.  After the first chapter, I got some really good news.  Dr. K. Pinkerton Silverfish is going to tell me how to become perfect.

No more bad jokes!  No more saying the wrong thing and upsetting people!  Every student will learn all that they are supposed to every day.  Life will be great and it all starts next week.  In just a few days, you will see a new me and I WILL BE PERFECT!

What about you my brilliant young students?  Are you going to join me and become perfect?  Will you soon become flawless?  How will that change things?

Oh, by the way, wanna is not a word and if I was already perfect, I would have said want to in the title.

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Jessica W. said...

I don't want to be perfect, because people would look at you a different way I think. (I wouldn't know because I'm not perfect.) If I was perfect I wouldn't have friends, because I would always correct them. Also I AM FAR FROM PERFECT!

I wouldn't like living with perfect people because they probably wont have fun, because to have a lot of fun you have to make some mistakes. My family has made up some new games based on old games that we made a mistake on!

Like when we went to jump on the trampoline, it just happened to be under the volleyball net so we played some bouncing volleyball.

Another game in four wheeler tag. One time Dad accidental turned off the head lights, so now it's four wheeler tag with no headlights.

If our teacher was perfect, maybe he wouldn't have came to school on our first day with his shirt on inside-out. Also he's not perfect because he wouldn't have fell going UP the stairs, causing another student to fall on him.

Sara A. said...

Perfect is a very strong word. You can get a perfect Math test or maybe a perfect writing grade but is anyone really perfect? I am not sure if anyone on earth is actually perfect.

To be truly perfect you would have to have the perfect eyesight, 100% in every class, home-runs every time your up to bat, perfect posture, and perfect hygiene.

There's more to being perfect than you think there is and perfection is imposable to achieve. I think that if anyone thinks that their perfect then they should think again. You should never want to be anything but what you are. Just look at me I've had some times when I thought that I was perfect, but then I realised that I was living in a fantasy world.

Yeah I have good grades and I am good at some things but I'm not perfect nobody is. I think that perfect means that you do everything humanly possible and get good scores on all of it.

Micah Hines said...

If I could be perfect here is what it would be like.If I was perfect that would be amazing. I would never get in trouble again I would always get an A+ on every piece of work I do. Another great thing about being perfect is you would have a way with words so you could make people do stuff for you. I could also go to any collage I wanted to and play in the NBA.

The bad thing about being perfect is you would always obey stuff that someone said and then you would have to do what they said because a perfect person has to obey people or else they would not be perfect.

I wish I was perfect but that probably won't happen. That won't happen because nobody is perfect.

I don't know how to be perfect, By the time I'm done reading Be A Perfect Person In Just Three Days I will be perfect.

Rhianna Lucas said...

A lot of people call themselves perfect but I believe that no one, not even me, is perfect. Now, now I know it's hard to believe that I'm not perfect, but it's true. No one or no thing is perfect.

I think that it would be very hard to be perfect. I guess that if you work hard and stay on track you could be considered a hard worker or something special like that, but I don't think that you could be called absolute perfect.

I think the word perfect is over rated. I don't like the word. I think that if you want to call yourself perfect then you might want to think again. Would it be nice to be called perfect? I guess so but you don't need to be perfect. You can just be yourself and not even worry about what people think of you. You need to worry about yourself and be who you really want to be. You need to accept who you are and enjoy yourself.

Seth V. said...

If I could be PERFECT. I could only imagine what it would be like to be perfect.
Have perfect hair,perfect clothes,perfect shoes,and have a perfect car,and a perfect house.
Just imagine girls all over you drooling for you. It would be awesome. Everyone wants to be your friend. Everyone wants to meet you because you would be famous.
You would be the most popular person in your school let alone the whole world. You would be the best actress there ever was. You would be able to beat Lebron James with a blind fold and one hand behind your back.

Nick U. said...

If you were perfect you would not have to do anything because you would have everything done.

Even in school you would have a 110% in everything because you would know anything and everything.

Perfect is like when you bowl 300 in bowling because that is a perfect game you can't get any higher that 300.

There are so many things you can be perfect at but you are not because NO ONE IS PERFECT. Accept For Mr. McGuire.

Brooklyn E. said...

So say we do follow you into being perfect and something goes wrong what is going to happen? Yes I will follow you to be perfect and yes I will try to be flawless.

I don't understand that you want to be perfect just like your brilliant young students it just won't work for you but for us it just might work in just three days or even less.

Megan B. said...

I don't know much about being perfect because that's something that I'm definitely not. In fact nobody is perfect. People may think that they're perfect but they're is always stuff that they're hiding from others that they're not so perfect at.

Like I know a person from Logan who has her group of girlfriends that she hangs out with. But one day I found out that she wasn't a very good speller. I know this because I had her spelling test to grade and she missed six out of fifteen words.

My brother says he's perfect and I believed him but awhile ago we went to my grandpa's house and he said,"I'm perfect at going down stairs now." then when we got to the stairs my brother started crying saying," I'm scared to go down stairs. Sissy will you carry me down." and I said,"No, you said you were perfect at going down stairs so do it yourself" and he said,"Please Sissy I'm scared. I'm not perfect at going down stairs. There I said it now will you carry me down?" and I said fine but remember nobody is perfect." and he said,"Thank you Sissy you're the best and I promise not to say I'm perfect again."

So don't forget that nobody is perfect except our wonderful teacher Mr.McGuire (not really).

Lindsey H. said...

Being perfect is not always great (In my opinion). I think if you are wanting to be perfect you are not happy with yourself. That's what makes you special, If everybody was perfect I would be going crazy right now.

I think if you say a stupid thing it might be embarrassing to you but everybody else thinks it is funny, If you don't want to be embarrassed you can change that by laughing along.

When I was little I always wanted to be perfect, but then I learned that being myself is perfect enough. I mean you can be perfect at sports or writing or anything you want to be by being yourself.

There is no excuse for trying to be perfect at being yourself that's what makes you you.


Cade V. said...

NOBODY'S PERFECT, of course everybody wants to be perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. Some people might not have really funny jokes, no offense (Mr. McGuire).

If a test comes up you won't get a perfect score every time or when you apply for a job th people might not want you. If you meet a really famous person you might freak out or you won't know what to say. You won't have a perfect record.

If someone was perfect i think everyone would stare at him/her or be really mad because he has perfect grade or gets all the attention. I don't think anyone could be perfect in just three days.

Alan said...

Have you heard the song ``there`s no such thing as perfect people``? it is true. Only 1 being is perfect. It is the man who died for our sins on a cross. Way before any of us were born. He is the way the truth and the life, he can make the blind see,the deaf hear,the dead live(freaky). Nobody is perfect not Mr.McGuire, nobody but the man in the sky this I believe.

Austin D said...

I think perfect shouldn't even be a word because no living thing on earth is perfect. People who think they are perfect are definitely WRONG. Perfect people would do everything exactly right.

Some people who say they are perfect might just have one thing they stink at. To be perfect you would have to get 100% straight A's on your report card, you would have to be at school every single day. No one is better than anybody as a person.

If someone was perfect than other not perfect people would look at you with a jealous look on your face.

Shala S. said...

When people say that they want to be perfect, I think that no one can be perfect. No one is better than the person beside you. If you're perfect, then you never make mistakes, so nobody is perfect. Everyone make mistakes. There is not one single person in the world who has not made a mistake.

Let's just say a test is coming up. You take the test and look on Engrade at the end of the day, you see that you have a 28 out of 33. If you're perfect you would get 33 out of 33. But nobody is perfect. Sure you may have got a B but still your not perfect.

I hate when people think they're better than you, just because they got an A on the test and you get a B. They're not better than you, because you maybe better than them in another class. This is my point that nobody is perfect.

Mark S. said...

I think that not everyone is perfect and nobody can be. I would not want to be perfect because then people would expect great things for you.

Some people want to be perfect but I don't think that will ever happen because everyone is different and it's an opinion. If anyone was perfect that would be kind of cool, being able to beat anyone at anything.

I am waiting to see what this book has for advice to see how to be perfect.

Chase W. said...

I don't think anyone can be perfect. I don't know why any one would want to be perfect then you couldn't improve on being a nicer person. Every one makes mistakes so you could not be perfect if you make mistakes.

Some people might not be that good at making jokes no offense(Mr.McGuire). I hate it when people think they are so perfect at every thing. But I do wish I could be perfect so I could make the best jokes and get straight As.

Tyler H. said...

If I was perfect this is some of things that I would do. I would always get 100% on every worksheet, homework and test. I would be awesome at any sport and I would be awesome at any game I play.

I really don't want to be perfect because it would be weird. Everyone else won't be like me, like the people who lives on streets with home. It would boring to be perfect because...

1. Others won't be perfect.
2. I'm fine with the way that I act.
3. My family and I would what to be close with them not going to another state because I might be rich.

I would never want to be Perfect. Mr.McGuire you would never be perfect you can't be perfect and plus its only a title of a book.

Heidi Vining said...

Mr. McGuire I personally Don't want to be perfect, and I know that it's an opinion if someone or something is perfect but I don't think so because of these four reasons . . .

1. People that think that there perfect are often snobby and arrogant.

2. I am fine with my creative, rock n' roll and Justice League of America comic freak self.

3. Nobody is perfect.

4. It's impossible to be perfect because perfect is an opinion.

Danny H. said...

If I was perfect I would not get yelled at by my mom and dad but nobody is perfect.Some people think they're perfect like rich people money does not make you perfect.

If the whole class was all perfect then we would all have an A and would never make a mistake.If the whole class was all perfect then we would all have great jobs.

Lisa B. said...

NOBODY IS PERFECT! We all want to be perfect, but were not.

Everybody wants to be perfect but just image what the world would be like if everybody was perfect. I mean it would pretty cool for a while but then it get really boring. I mean everybody would get everything right, and we wouldn't learn from anybody else's mistakes.

I think that that if anybody is perfect it is Mr. McGuire....(not really) no offense Mr.McGuire.

Jared B. said...

If I were perfect my mom wouldn't make me do anything, my dad would get me what I wanted. But sometimes parents says you're all perfect kids, but nobody's perfect.

If the whole world was perfect imagine what today and the future would be like, everyone would have everything, everyone is the same. But most of us wish we were all perfect.

But being perfect is not the greatest thing to all of us.

Cassie D. said...

Dear Mr.McGuire,

I have a Question for you and my question is....... What if I am already perfect? I know I'm not but I'm sooooo close it is scary. You know your not perfect (obviously) and so does everyone else.So I will not join you to become perfect because I know it is impossible an you do too you just don't want to admit it!!! If I were perfect......

I would become a doctor. I would become a doctor because I would never do anything wrong and that would happen because I was perfect. I would also achieve all my life goals, like to go through 8 years of collage and to move to North Carolina. Then my life would be perfect, but that is truthfully impossible!!!

Ridge Y said...

In my opinion I don't think I would want to be perfect. You would not get any privacy from public and you couldn't ever just have a normal life. Not that any being could ever be perfect no matter how hard he or she tried. I am just saying I think being perfect has is over rated and that it has good and bad but the bad would out weigh the good.

If I was perfect at first I would be the happiest person alive. I think this because I could play in the NBA, go to any college, have all kinds of friends and just get everything right. But after a little while I think it would get old, getting every thing that you could ever want.

All I am trying to say is I like myself, other people, and the world just how it is. I just think if the world was perfect their would be no excitement in the world at all. Also people should be thankful with what they have and look at what they do have rather than what they don't.

Kyra S. said...

I believe no one can be perfect. I think this because have you ever seen anyone who is perfect I know I haven't. I have seen people who think their perfect but they rely aren't perfect. I'm not naming names (ahem Mr.McGuire) just kidding. If you think about it, it would be kind of cool to be perfect for one day. Just imagine what it would be like I will give you a minute as long as you keep reading. Okay times up in that minute this is what I thought about, When I get my drivers license I could have the coolest car because everyone would want me to work for them so I would be rich, I also thought that I would be the most popular girl in school and if I was that girl I would stop all the drama that goes on in this school because I'm SICK OF IT we all need to stop this nonsense it's stupid. everyone fights over little things that don't even matter. Thank you for reading my comment on being perfect.

Dylan H said...

It would be impossible for anyone to be perfect, no matter how hard you try you will make mistakes. Even if it was possible why would you want to be perfect? Then nothing would ever go wrong!

I know what you are thinking, "That would be great!" but think about it wouldn't life go boring if everything went right? You would never loss a game, win all the time, and so on, but wouldn't that be boring?

Sure for a while it would be fun but eventually it would get boring. If you win at something its good, but if you never lose wouldn't that take the fun out of wining? If there's not a chance you could lose whats the point in winning?If you still think "It would still be cool." then think again! Because doesn't a lose make a win even better? If you lose a game to somebody doesn't that make the next time you beat them better?

tylerw said...

If I was perfect I would not spell and any way I would not be my old self I would not be funny any more the kids would not like me any more because I would half to make a perfect shot.Then my team would not be nice to me they would forfeit and I would be one my own and then I would not win. Also if I was perfect I would not go to this school I would probably to perfect for the school and then I would probably half to wear a uniform and I would not like to do that.thank you for reading the comment.

caleb said...

I don't want to be perfect because if I was perfect it would be a difficult life for me. If one of us is not perfect than we all should not be perfect and if you think you are perfect will letter you will not be. That is why I don't think that I am perfect.

Jakob S. said...


I'm not perfect no one is. I don't think there's one person in the world that is perfect. If I was perfect I would not get yelled at by my mom and dad. If I was perfect I could have anything I wanted. I'm not perfect at all. I don't want to be perfect because no one would like me and I wouldn't have no friends.Some people think they are perfect like rich people they think there perfect but you're not.

So listen to this, no one is perfect I mean no one!!!

Andrew M. said...

I would hate to be perfect because my friends would only want to be my friend so they would be more popular. That is not something I would want considering I have friends that are perfect to me. If I was perfect I would be in some rich person school in California. I would have to give a lot of stuff that I already think are perfect for stuff I would not care too much for.

I would be just another famous face in a world of celebrities. I think that would get boring after a while. Perfect is an opinion that someone has. it could mean that they think you're awesome, or they could get ticked off by the way you treat other people and by the way you act.

I think my life is perfect just the way it is.

Alex H. said...


Lets just get that out of the way, NO BODY IS PERFECT !!!! Everybody got it ok .

There is no way in the world that there is some one out there who is perfect.If you were you would have:


1. Hair

2. Clothes


In my opinion if you were perfect then you would not be normal.See, because you would be perfect and everyone else would be there self.

Hayley F said...

I don’t WANNA be perfect. No I will never be flawless otherwise I would be so perfect already. Nobody can be perfect because if everybody was perfect I think that the would would fall apart. I also think
1. Nobody is perfect it is impossible
2. Why would anybody want to be perfect
3. You are who you are nobody can change that
4. WANNA I think is a word because I use it all of the time. But that is my opinion. Just letting ya know

Why would anybody want to be perfect sorry to say this but no I don’t WANNA be perfect!!!!