Friday, April 8, 2011

What are You Thinking About the Achievement Test

Students have been working hard, preparing for the Ohio Achievement Assessment.  They have done a kazillion (this is a very high number that students learn about in advanced math at the sixth grade level) problems until they are suffering from carpel tunnel.  They are getting attacked by numbers in their sleep and there is no hope of survival.

In Reading Workshop, students have read passages, wrote and rewrote answers, and been rubriced into submission.  They now know the disasters that await those that don't give specific details, quoted from the selection.  They dream at night of back in the day when Reading Workshop was about reading and writing, thinking and discussing.  There is no chance of them being a child left behind because they are getting whipped into shape. 

Although we only focus specifically on the test for a month in Reading Workshop, in student years that equals seven lifetimes.  But students are surviving.  Not only are they surviving, but they are getting smarter.  They are reading critically, and attacking questions to find the point.  They are shredding selections to find those details that earn all 4 points on  an extended response question.  Best of all is they are learning words, and they are much better than the words they learned on the back of the bus in third grade.

Good job students!  It will all be over soon and your success on the test will make me smile.

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Jessica W. said...

The sixth grade class at Laurelville has worked extremely hard for preparing for the OAA.

One of the main reasons I can't wait for it to be over, is because we go to 6th Grade Camp after testing. Its going to be soo much fun! Especially the Fat Man Squeeze.

I can't wait until the OAA is over. I'm tired of the constant work, there's no fun. At first we went a little slow in Math, but now we are learning five new things in a week, and it's hard to memorize.

This school year has been a blast, but we're close to OAA testing and we've done 4 practice OAA tests in Math and 2 in Language Arts.

Lindsey H. said...

I know I'm doing better than last year because even the teachers said I've come a long way since last year I didn't believe them.

When I saw the score on the practice achievement test I thought it was bad but it was better that last year that mad me feel a little bit better.

I want the achievement test to come because I want to see how I did. I think I might be a little excited about the achievement test because I want to see my score and I also can't wait till it is over.

I can't wait till it is over so us students don't have to stress about it and the teachers don't have to stress about it any more, Because us students are getting pushed and so are the teachers.

By the time the achievement test comes I know all of the students in the sixth grade will try are hardest on the test because we want to be proud of ourself and we want to make our parents and teachers happy.

All of us will try our best on the test and when we give the teachers our best effort is really good for the OAA.

The reading achievement test in McGuire's class is really good our study island chart is really good we have all came so far from last year.

Rhianna Lucas said...

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not all that nervous about the test. I think that once the test day does come around that everyone should be taking it with confidence. I think that kids shouldn't stress over it. Just take it knowing that you are doing your best. From what I've heard and seen it sounds like everyone is capable of passing.

I will be honest, that I think that teacher are seriously stressing this way to much. I think that we need to do our regular routine. These teachers look like they are running around like a chicken with their head cut off. They are making this test too big of a deal.

I think, on the day before the test, that we should take a break and relax. We should be act like we are in the Super Bowl, and take one day off and relax, not stress and not worry about the test. Sure we can discuss questions and how to answer them, but just don't make a huge deal.

I think that we all are going to do fantastic on this test. But when teachers are pulling you out of class and telling you what to do when this happens or what to do when that happens. I think that is just stressing us out and making us worry twice as much as we need to. I understand why teachers are making a big deal and telling us to do this and that. I know teachers are only trying to help us, I completely understand that, but they could give us a break. That is all I'm asking, is for the teachers to lay off just a little.

Seth V. said...

I think that I will pass the Ohio Achievement Assessment test this year. I think the test won't be as hard I think it will be but I am not going to not try on it I am going to give it 110% throughout the whole test. I really do think that almost everyone will pass it.
My biggest problem on the test will be the extended responses. Because I can never get all the right details and stuff like that right. I can't do it on the 2 point and the 4 point responses. Sometimes on the extended responses I can't find the ones that don't seem right because when I do that I usually mark out the wrong one.
I would like to see at least 85% of the students passing the test this year that would be awesome. But most of our teachers tell us that if 80% of us pass that would be great but I think we could do better than that. I know that Laurelville has great students and that everyone of us could pass if they tried there hardest.
The Ohio Achievement Assessment test allows you to take two and a half hours to finish it. I know if everyone takes there time and uses all of the time that they give you everyone will pass the test.

Caitlin W. said...

I think that I will do good on the Ohio Achievement Assessment test. I the reason why I think I going to do good, because I been getting good grades on the practice achievement test. For a example the last practice achievement test on the four point extended response question it was on figurative language about Yia-Yia (grandma from the story Yia-Yia's Dance) and I got a four point on it and Mr.McGuire said "Wow, go get a piece of candy."

I hope I get a good grade on the Ohio Achievement Assessment test on April 26 and 28 . If we miss the Ohio Achievement Assessment test some kids won't get to 6th grade camp, that sad.

Micah Hines said...

When the Achievement Test comes I will be ready for it. I have took practice achievement tests so I know what to expect. I think the test will be easier than I think it will be.

I hope that 90% of the sixth grade will pass. If 90% of us pass that will be really good I think. We have a great school so I really do think that we can have 90% of the sixth grade pass the test.

I think about the Achievement test a lot. I will do my best I hope that everybody in the sixth grade will do their best.

The multiple choice will be easier than the extended response. I think that the hardest problems will be the extended response questions.

Here are some strategies that I will use on the test.

1. I will underline and highlight in the passage and in the questions.

2. If I don't understand a question I will put a check on it and go on so I don't waste 15 minutes on the same problem.

3. I will go back and look at the passage for answers to questions.

4. I will go back and check the whole test and make sure I did every question.

Ashlee J said...

I think that this test will probably be hard because I am not one that really gets all of the words or knows what most of them means.I think that my score will be the lowest when it comes to the 4 point questions because on the practice O.A.A test I barely got any points on them.I also think that I will pass the Reading O.A.A because on the practice O.A.A I did a good job on most of the multiple choice questions and on the 2 point questions.

Nick U. said...

The Ohio Achievement Assessment is coming up and I can wait because I DO NOT want to take it because I don't like test.

Then again I want to get the test over so we can go to camp and have fun Day. The Ohio Achievement gets in the way because students are all worked up about what they might get on the OAA.

When the Ohio Achievement Assessment get closer our teacher get all of the six grade ready. But like I said every student and i will get a work up about the Ohio Achievement Assessment.

This year we have to take the reading test and the math test. Last year we had to take three test The math,reading and the sciences test so I'm glad that we have two test this year.

Cade V. said...

I think the test will be a challenge but I have confidence. I think I'll do great because I got a good score on the practice test. Even though it was the 2006 test.

I also think I will do great because I have been doing good in writing. My PUGS are getting better. My favorite is reading. If you put a good book in my hands I can read for hours.

It's a good thing that the tests are not online, because the extended responses have to be word for word exactly. I would be alright if you submitted the test then people graded it. I don't like to write so typing would be alright for me. Then you have problems with computers won't work.

Brooklyn E. said...

I believe that I will get a good report on this test and that Laurelville Elementary will get another Excellent on the Ohio Achievement Assessment.

I think that I will do great on the OAA (Ohio Achievement Assessment)because I am getting better grades now in math and reading so since I had my grades go up I think that I will get a great test score. I really do hope I get a high score on these test on April,26(reading) and 28 (math) of 2011.I can't wait till the test is over.

Sara A. said...

I think that us as sixth graders have the willpower, potential and the strength to pass this test and to get a good score. I think that we know how to get four points on a four point question. I think that we all will pass this test!

I think that this class will be able to pass with 100 % because when I talk to people about the test say that they think that they will pass. And the people that think they won't pass all I have to say to them is that they should have confidence and they should try their best because they will pass because they can pass this test.

dustinf2222 said...

I can't wait for this OAA test to be over with. The sixth grade class has worked hard this year. It has been fun but it's mostly about the OAA.

I think this test is going to be hard but I know I can pass it if I put my mind to it. I have been working hard in math but it is to hard to concentrate with all the work, we do in one day.The class has learned five new things in the last week, but I kinda feel happy this test is here because I'm ready to go to seventh grade.

Vince.N said...

I think that I am going to pass the OAA Because I want to go to 7th grade. But I also think that the test is going to be hard. But I also think that I got way better with extended responses and short answer. Also I just can't wait to get the test over with so that we all can take it easy and summer vacation can start.

Austin D said...

I think I will pass the OAA test because I have been trying my hardest all year and the scores are really low to pass the OAA. I have passed al the other Achievement Tests so I think I will do really good on the test. I can't wait until after the test because we get to go to camp Otyokwa.

Mark S. said...

I think that the I'm going to do well on the OAA because I have been working on my Extended response questions. Last year I know I had a problem with 4 point questions and I kept rushing though my work, this year I know I'm not going to do that.

I just can't wait to get it over because after that the teachers won't be telling me about underlining and stuff.

Chase W. said...

I think that sixth grader is going to pass the OAA. Why I think this is because we all have been working really hard. I think the test is going to be kinda easy.

I am so ready for the OAA test to be over because then we get to go to camp plus I am tired of doing boring passages. After the test is over we get to relax. The hardest questions on the test are going to be the extended response. I am pretty confident that I am going to pass.

Shala S. said...

I think everyone is going to pass the OAA's. I think this because when we were doing the practice test everyone got good scores. Also everyone passed it.

I think the OAA's are going to be a little hard but mostly easy. I think this because when we were doing the practice test there was only a few hard questions and the rest where easy.

I can't wait for the OAA's to be over with. The reason I say this is because we get to relax after wards. Also we have sixth grade camp!

Belle H. said...

I'm ready to take the OAA because I have been working really hard for the last month. I think the 6th grade is going to do extremely well. I think most of the 6th graders are really confident that there going to pass the OAA, I'm confident that I'm going to pass.

I really hope that everyone passes the OAA. GOOD LUCK!!

Danny H. said...

I think the whole 6th grade is going to pass the OAA because if we can pass the 7th grade OAA then we can pass the 6th grade OAA. I want to get testing over with that way we can go to camp but I don't want to leave school because then I'll get bored.

If the class puts 100% effort into the test they could get advanced on the test So put all your effort in the test.

Alan S. said...

I don't really get any questions until it is time for the test to start. I can't wait for it to be over because we go to 6th Grade Camp after testing. It's going to be so much fun!

Tyler H. said...

The test is coming up pretty soon and I have been wondering the test. If keep it at the same rate all year then I think I could do well on the test. I have been wondering about the questions on the OAA test.

These are some ways that can help me or anyone else during the test:

1. Read the whole passage carefully just encase you miss something.

2. Read the questions first to help you find the answer in the passage.

3. Process of elimination could help you get a better chance of getting the answer right.

4. Answer all the questions. If you haven't answered a question and still have time then work it out and find the answer.

5. After your done with the test then check you answers, you might get the same answer again but if you don't get the same answer again then you could do it again.

I think if I use these steps then would be 100% sure of passing the OAA test.

Vanessa Vining said...

I think I'm going to good on the Achievement Test. I'm pretty sure that I will at least a C plus, or a B. To tell you the truth I like taking tests because its quiet. I'm also glad that we get to chose were we sit partially, for me it doesn't really matter to me, but I do like to sit by a window or in a corner.

Heidi Vining said...

I'm wondering that if on the O.A.A. test if there will be any really hard questions that will just really throw me off and get me confused. But I think we have done enough practice tests, Quia things and study island that us students don't have to worry about not passing. I mean I'm not worried I've passed all the Achievement tests from previous school years so I don't think I have anything to worry about.

Katie R. said...

I think a lot of people in the sixth grade can pass the test. Some people are worried that they won't pass the OAA test, but if they get a good night sleep and work with confidence, they will pass. While the teachers are preparing us for the OAA test, their kind of pressuring us. I think the some questions on the test are going to be hard but I think some are going to be easy.

I can't wait till the OAA test is over so we can just relax and take thing easy.

Jared B. said...

I think the O.A.A test is a good experience for kids and to learn new things. Some people say the Ohio Achievement Assessment is a big waste of time, but it's not. If we didn't take the O.A.A test we would all most likely pass school. The O.A.A is one of our biggest grades over all so we all need to try hard when it's time for the test. But there is a big reason why we all take the test it's so we can pass school and so we can learn new things.

all of us take this test, but we need some break time afterwards.

Jakob S. said...

I think the 2006 math test was really easy for a sixth grade math test. The reading test was pretty easy but some parts were hard. So I don't know what to expect on the 2011 math and reading test. I think its going to be a lot different than the 2006 practice test we took.

I hope that after the OAA test the rest of the year will be fun because we got 6th grade camp and then we go to visit the junior high and stuff. So I think that when the OAA test is over it will be the best school year ever!!

Hayley said...

I HATE preparing for the OAA I just hate it because you have to do all of these worksheets because they take you 1000000 years to do. Mrs. Bowlby really wants us to be better that last years 6th grade but I really don't think that it is going to happen because nobody really pays attention in class because it is to hard.

I also want the test to be over because of summer and sleeping in and everything. I want to go to camp the Jr. High but that is after THE TEST. I just want to relax because there will be no problems and it will be over with. I think that most of the people will pass but some will not.

Tylerw222 said...

I HATE preparing for the OAA test because we have to do alot of work sheets and the teachers rush you to do your work so we can go on to next work sheet. when we do the OAA practice it is just like the real OAA but it is not as quiet as the real OAA.

Cassie D. said...

I have been thinking a lot about the Ohio Achievement Test, but not all of my thinking has been bad thinking and not all of my thinking has been good thinking. Most of my thoughts are great thoughts because I can tell by my grades this year that I am most likely to do an excellent job on the test. I have a feeling that most of the sixth grade will do an excellent job because Laurelville Elementary has the best teachers ever. How do I know this??? I know this because Laurelville's teachers care about their students and try 100% of the time to help the students.I hope every student passes the OAA!!!!

Alex H. said...

Oh, good old testing time.Here it comes again.Which is probable why the weather has been so wet and droopy.

But anyway , most kids do not like the O.A.A, including me.During that week at school everyone looks and feels tiered and look tiered.Also because they probable do not enjoy sitting down for 2 hours and 30 mins.

The math tests I think are easier because you do not have to read a lot or go back in the passage to find your answer, because you just have to figure out the problem. In my option the reading and writing OAA is a little bit harder because sometimes you will get one part of the 2 point question and it mess up the rest of the question.

Dustin C said...

I can not wait in until the O.A.A test because I think that I am ready for O.A.A test. It is all fun to me. I am not nervous about the O.A.A test because it does not count as a grade.

Alison G said...

I think the O.A.A. is boring. I hate taking tests. I don't think we should have the O.A.A. because the people that want to see how were doing (or what ever they look at with the test) can just look at the scores from all the other test that we have done. So we don't have to waste all that time just to take a test. When we have already took a practice test just to see if we are ready of the O.A.A. We don't even get credit for taking that really long test.

Ridge Y said...

My personal belief about the OAA test is that everybody is capable of passing. I just think it is a matter of how hard you work and what your willing to do. I think sometimes on the test kids get bored after sitting for a couple of hours just answering questions. After that I think kids will start to rush through and slope down answers which could really affect their score. I think we should do what Mrs. Bowlby said and that is take a break, go to the bathroom, splash water on your face, whatever it takes to get you to reach your full potential.
I hope we can all pass the test. I no its very unlikely but I at least hope everybody gives a good effort and does their best. I think if we do all do that and contribute that we have a chance for everybody to pass or at least do good and reach our potential. I think all the teachers are doing a great job at giving all of us students more than a fair chance to pass. It is just like one of Mrs. Stevenson's posters that says "teachers will open doors. You have to chose to walk through them."

Andrew M. said...

I think the Ohio Achievement Assessment will be sort of a mix between hard and easy. Some questions are easy but they are worded to where its hard to understand them. Other questions are just hard. So it will be interesting to see some of the different. Everybody is able to complete the test and get a good grade on it. I know how to do the questions but I'm still nervous about taking the test. Mrs. Bowlby is really stressing us to high-light stuff and underline stuff,reread the questions, right the formulas, and some other stuff. After the test, the rest of the year will be pretty fun. I am still nervous about the test. These are my thoughts about the Ohio Achievement Assessment.

DawnB said...

I want to take the test and get it over with and we can stop thinking about it and stop worrying about how we are going to do on it.

Getting ready for the test is a lot of work because in math it is really hard taking all of those practice achievement test to see how far we have come and to see how good we would do on the big test.

I think that it is not that hard in language arts because all you have to do is read and go back in the passage and look for the answers.

I just can't wait until all of the O.A.A tests are done ad over with because all I want to do is relax and
finally go to camp.

Kyra S. said...

I believe that I have got used to being pushed and being tired when I come home from school. Because we have done this almost every year 4th grade, 5th grade and this year 6th grade we have been pushed to get these things right and absorbed in our brain instead of in one ear out the other. The past years I have been relived when the test was over and said I don't care that its the next day. but this year I can't wait till we take it and I don't want it to be over because I believe that I'm going to give 110% and get this test right. But I kind of want it to be over because our science teacher Mrs.Cartee told us that she looked at the calender for may and it looks like nothing but fun. Because we go to camp and we graduate from D.A.R.E class. and we get out of school and have a fun summer and then we go to 7th grade YES!!!!