Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Bloggers are Back

Christmas break is over and students are getting back in the groove.  Students spent some time today working on their blogs publishing drafts and working on new posts.  Although we were all a little fuzzy-brained yesterday, the brain cells have awoken and quality work is coming out.

Molly posted over the break recommending a few of her peers' blogs.  You can find links to blogs she thinks are great on her blog, Molly's Mystery Journal, or links to all of the students' blogs on the sidebar on the right.


Caleb L. said...

One of those moments that were unexpected is when I got an A on a test. This test was a social studies test in 5th grade. This test was a 40 question test, my score was 39/40. When I thought I'd failed it, but somehow I got an A. I was so surprised because this test was one of the most hardest test I'd ever taken in my life.

Megan M. said...

I remember on a hot summer day while I was a softball tournament I had not been hitting the ball very well.Some girls on the team were making fun of me because of it!It was almost my turn to bat and I was the last batter up then the game was over.I was thinking to myself I am going to hit this ball to the fence all the way behind everyone then see what everyone thinks!I was finally me up to bat I stood there on home plate hoping to hit the ball so far out they had to run to get it.I saw the ball coming towards me I gripped the bat tight and aimed the bat right and the ball and it was right there I closed my eyes and swung.

I hit the ball I finally opened my eyes after I heard the ball hit the bat and I saw it,it soared through the air like nothing it went close to the fence like I was hoping it would I ran as fast as I could and I got a home run.All of the girls on my team were screaming by now they were so proud of me and they told me that they were sorry for not believing that I could make our team win!We went and got ice cream after that because we won. I got the team ball for making the last run, but I did it by me believing that I could make it go far and make us win.It meant so much to me because almost all the girls on the team didn't believe in me at all and I just had to believe in myself and I got a home run then they were so proud of me.Those are one of the times that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Lindseyhunter85 said...

Man I miss Laurelville (:

Cassie drum said...

I really like these pictures, so you should post more. I will be on your blog hopefully every day before 11:15 :)
I'll be waiting, Haha