Thursday, January 26, 2012

Step for Reading Nonfiction

Want an easy guide to reading difficult text.  Here are steps to follow.

1.  Skim the entire article FIRST
2.  Look at the title, headings, subheadings, and bold print
3.  Does the introduction give facts or just get the reader engaged?
4.  Visualize and make connections
5.  Stop and think. Ask yourself, “does this make sense?”
6.  Reread sentences, paragraphs, or the whole article to help you understand
7.  Focus, know when you don’t know
8.  Wonder, ask questions, predict and confirm
9.  Look for capitalization of names and other proper nouns
10. Find the W’s (who, what, when, where, why, and how)
11. Mark out and substitute hard words
12. Cross out words that don't matter
13. Highlight only the important parts (BIKINIS ONLY)


Cassiedrum said...

Tell your Students that, this is a very helpful strategy in life..... I still use this when I read Non-Fiction in 7th grade (even if i barely ever read Non-Fiction) :) Why (BIKINIS ONLY)???? Haha, Thanks for the helpful Tips but I'll stick to Fiction.
P.S. You should stick to the other Comment System. I liked it better.
Cassandra Drum

mrmcguire said...

Thank you for telling them.

I switched comment systems to Disqus because it is much easier to moderate. Thanks for your comments!

Cassie Drum said...

You are very welcome!!! :)

Classof1 said...

As you've mentioned it's a really easy guide to help student to read non-fiction, which actually make a part of their homework.
Excellent job Mr. McGuire.

Ashlee Justice said...

haha Mr.McGuire you would say BIKINIS ONLY! Well miss you guys down at Lauerlville!