Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A New Home

After 16 years at Laurelville, I am in a new school.  I am excited about this opportunity as Logan Elm Local School District opens a new school (although still in an old building), Salt Creek Intermediate School.  The realignment of the district should help students' needs be better served by putting all fifth and sixth grade students in one location.  

I am fortunate to be teamed with an excellent group of teachers, Colleen WebbSusanne Hardin, and Lorrie Huysman.  We will have about 100 students in the 4 classes.  Students will rotate through the classes with one of hour of instruction for each of the subjects, social studies, math, science, and language arts.

Reading Workshop will still operate the same with lots of technology integrated into students' daily learning.  Students will still be writing on their blogs, and use Study Island, the online learning program.  The books from the Laurelville book room have been moved and students will have many choices with a lot of great books.

Admittedly there is a bit of sadness as the end of my time comes at Laurelville.  The students, parents, and staff have made it a great place to be.  But with change there is always the chance for growth and I am anxious to dive into the new school year and all of the fun and adventure in the upcoming year.


Emily R. said...

I hope you have a great year at Salt Creek! I guess you were in the same boat with the 6th graders last year! It was a huge change for me being at McDowell but I had a great time today. I'm sure you are surrounded by great students at Salt Creek. It's always hard getting used to a new environment, but sometimes change is for the best. I had to think about that a lot this summer because leaving Laurelville just made me officially loose it. I always thought going to a new school was like walking into the Jungle, but now I view it as walking into a yogurt shop so many different flavors.

There was three songs that completly described how I felt and that was Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson, by Nickelback and Angels On The Moon by Thriving Ivory.

I think the hardest part about leaving Laurelville was we were all one big happy familey, most of the time. All the teachers, students and the school will always have a special part in my heart. I wrote a list of things that I remeber, and how much things have changed.

Trevor Swackhamer said...

The awesome blog still continues! Been going strong for 5 years!

Jordan D. said...

I hope you like Salt Creek because if not Slat Creek is going to be a bad time for you. Well I like McDowell so far but McDowell it different than 6th grade. well good luck with Salt Creek.

Lexi E. said...

Hi Mr. McGuire! I hope you have an amazing and exciting year at your new school. I Guess 7th graders weren't the only ones who had to adapt to the changes. I hope your 6th grade class this year is as awesome as we were. :)

I really miss you and you still hold the spot for my favorite teacher. I will be checking your blog to see how your school year is going and what all stuff you're doing. All the teachers I've previously had and Laurelville Elementary will always hold a special place in my heart.

Yours Truly,
Lexi E.

mrmcguire said...

So far this year has been great. I am really enjoying it. Don't worry though, your assigned seat hasn't been filled. :)

mrmcguire said...

You really explain what made Laurelville so special. Last year was great. Good luck this year at McDowell!

mrmcguire said...

I sure like Salt Creek, Jordan. So far it has been great. I hope you enjoy McDowell even though I know you are right. It is a lot different than Laurelville.

Kyra Nungester said...

School here is awesome but I miss all my other teachers and Luareville very much. I had lots of fun with the teachers their, thats what made it so fun ( mainly ) last year . I also loved how we had blogs. They were were very fun to get on and to just type.But other times when we had nothing to tipe about and you have to type about something then thats kinda hard! But overall it was fun I know I keep saying fun but thats all I had last year. Well thats all for now because I think in a few minutes the bell is going to ring for us to head to second period .
Go Braves

Anonymous said...

Hey mr.mcguire its megan, i just wanted to see how teaching at saltcreek was going. I go to lancaster city schools now (Thomas Ewing. I miss you as being my teacher so much. I have a teacher and her name is mrs.holzshuh and she knows you and you are on her board of people you want to be like, i told her i knew you and she thought that was cool.

Mr. McGuire said...

I hope you are doing well Megan. I am sure your teachers enjoy having you as a student. Thanks for writing and take care.