Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kindness Counts

He was walking down the hall to his next class.  Papers were sticking out everywhere, books were stacked every which way, and his pencils stuck out like swords.  He was a walking mess of school supplies just waiting on a wreck.

He bumped into a classmate and some of his stuff scattered to the floor.  A girl noticed, not knowing I was watching.  She left her circle of friends to help him.  She picked up what he dropped, tucked it into his pile, and helped him on his way.

I am not really sure what makes an eleven year old girl act with such maturity and kindness, but it sure makes a teacher feel proud when one of his students acts like that.  It also serves as a reminder of just how caring some kids treat their peers.

Too often we hear the other side of today's kids with all the media focus on bullying, but the fact is, kids are what makes a school great.  And in my second week at a different school, a girl made me proud to be a part of Salt Creek Intermediate School.  

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Des-tiny Simmons said...

Helping someone out is a really kind thing to do and yes it is also really mature too. Salt Creek has became a
bigger school this year and not everybody knows everybody, yet, but the
best thing to do is to have a helping hand and let someone know that you
all can be friends ... When you help someone out now only do you feel
good about yourself but you also can gain more friends!! So I just want
to say good job to the girl that helped out that boy !!! I Also want to say that the more that you are organized the better your grades are gonna be, because you know where all of your homework, notes and different papers are so you can turn them on right on time. Being organized makes a really big difference!!!!! Good luck to everyone !!!!