Thursday, September 12, 2013

Apostrophes Rock

Students seem to have trouble with correct use of apostrophes. Here are a few basic rules to follow.

1. Apostrophes are used to show a missing letter, for example:
you're instead of you are
can't instead of can not

2. Apostrophes show possession, for example:
the boy's bike
the student's desk
the students' desks (if there is more than one student)
If there are two or more students, the apostrophe comes after the 's'

3. Apostrophes NEVER show plurals! 
"book's in the library" should be "books in the library"
"car's in the parking lot" should be "cars in the parking lot"

The Edrocker explains it best with the Monster song.


colt chrysler said...

That's not good. Hope they have great blogs. I'll look at them when I can.. sorry I didn't post anything this summer. Been busy with sports and class. I've looked at one or two blogs they are looking nice.

From lasts year blogger
colt Chrysler

Heavyn Lilley said...

Hey Mr.McGuire how are you this year I hope you are having a good year so far. I miss being in your class this year. instead of blogs they are doing glogs. It is called glogster it is really weird.

Mr. McGuire said...

I am sure you guys are making it easy on your teacher. With all of your experience online, I know you will be a leader in your class.