Monday, September 23, 2013

Do You Want Success?

I had this conversations with a student:

Student:  My aunt doesn't care if I work hard.
Me:  Seriously?
Student:  No, she doesn't care. As long as I get a D she is happy.
Me:  I don't believe it.
Student:  Test it out.
Me:  Whattttt?
Student:  Test it out. Call her and see.
Me:  OK we will.

And so we did and she really did care. She expected him to work his hardest and get good grades.

Thinking about this later, I wondered about how bad sixth graders want success. Have a look at the video below. How does this relate to sixth graders? Is success important when you are twelve? How can ideas from this video help a middle school student reach their goals?


Abigail said...

Don't be afraid to succeed. It's not hard. Because if you have success in life once it gets to old it changes in to something else but when you quit, it's going to stay that way forever. If you want to succeed you have to sacrifice what you are for what you could be. Success is not some willy- nilly nothing, you have to be prepared. You have to feel the same about success as you do breathing. If you stop you life evaporates in to nothing.
Once my brothers came home with 3 B's in their strong subjects, and my mom did not approve. She said "If you work hard enough you can get those up.". Then she told them "No video games or phones till the next report cards come out, and if you don't get them up, than there will be more consequences.". Do you see what she did there. She took away what made them have bad grades and through it out the window, so they could concentrate more.

If you never try you'll never know. Success go's to that saying, too. If you never try to succeed you'll never get anywhere. Because if you don't succeed you'll probably not get a job. You probably won't have a home. You won't be anywhere in life.

Hannah said...

Have you ever heard anyone tell you that they want or wish they could have success? Well here's the stuff I know about the word success.

Has any of your friends asked you how am I got to be successful in something when I'm not good at it? Well that's when you know that when you have a bad grade or just don't like the way people think of you then maybe you should try to be successful in something. When your trying so hard to get something and you don't get it well then you know it's time to lose a hour or so of whatever you need to study and get your book out and start studying.

I want to be very successful in my life so I found out from a video that was very inspiring to me that when I really want success I'll want it the same way I want to be able to breathe. Yes I'll admit I have those days I just want to give up but I don't. If you think about it It wouldn't be worth it to just say I give up after you trying and all that hard work you have done. When you quit that's not going to help after you quit trying then you just always going to have the little piece of you that says wow I'm a quitter.

Devin said...

You should be successful as much as you should breath. If you give up your cellphone to succeed you will be successful. To be able to sacrifice what you are to be successful. Just because you don't feel like doing something then your not being successful.

Pain is temporary it may last for an hour or a day but it will be replaced by something else. At the end of pain is success so be successful be who you want to be stop waiting for your life to go by. Do something with it.

It's time to become a man or a woman. You have to give everything you got to be successful so stop being lazy get up and do something successful in your life do it now.

You have to give success everything you got if you don't you will not be successful. So be successful just like you can breath. Don't think you can't do it because you can. You can be successful. Stop being afraid to be what you want. Stop being afraid of going to college because your mom dad sister or brother and your aunt and uncle didn't.

Quitting is forever. But success is after pain. Success takes everything you got. Success is everything and almost everything and everyone is successful and they can make success happen if people will try.

Kaylee said...

How do you succeed? How do you do better? How do you not fail?

Some people don't know how to do these things. I'm going to try to help you succeed in life. There is some people in this world that think that they can't do things. Well maybe if they would actually try to learn how to do it and not to complain that they can't do it. Maybe they could actually do something.
Take my mom for an example. She was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She could have given up on life but she did not. She is very positive and strong. She is undergoing chemo treatments then she will have radiation. She is determined to beat cancer. She is determined not to get sick with the chemo treatments. Mom believes that with God all things are possible and with God she will beat cancer. My mom will succeed with her battle of cancer. This is another example of a way to succeed in life.

Devin said...

You should be successful as much as you should breath. If you give up your cellphone to succeed you will be successful. To be able to sacrifice what you are to be successful. Just because you don't feel like doing something then your not being successful.

Pain is temporary it may last for an hour or a day but it will be replaced by something else. At the end of pain is success so be successful be who you want to be stop waiting for your life to go by. Do something with it.

It's time to become a man or a woman. You have to give everything you got to be successful so stop being lazy get up and do something successful in your life do it now.

You have to give success everything you got if you don't you will not be successful. So be successful just like you can breath. Don't think you can't do it because you can. You can be successful. Stop being afraid to be what you want. Stop being afraid of going to college because your mom dad sister or brother and your aunt and uncle didn't.

Quitting is forever. But success is after pain. Success takes everything you got. Success is everything and almost everything and everyone is successful and they can make success happen if people will try.

M'lani said...

Succeeding is easy all you got to do is follow theses three steps.

Step one: Stay motivated and be open for ideals.

Step two: You have got to be able to take sacrifices. Such as sacrifices what you are for what you can become.

Step three: Never quit think off what you could give up for one little mistake. I want you to think about that.

Could you image if the slaves would of gave up if they quit or did not stay motivated and stay positive. I want you to think about that. What could you risk if you did not stay motivated, stay positive and you quit. What could be one the line for you.

Dylan said...

There was this story were this guy was in need of money so he called this person that was like the master at doing everything and he said " I am in need of money can you help" and the guy said meet me at the beach at 4:00 AM. The guy said okay. When he met him at the beach he said so you want money the guy said yes. He told the guy to walk into the water , well he was all dressed up in his suit and tie but he did it now the guy said walk a little farther so he did now the water was up to his waist the guy said walk a little farther so he did. Now the water was up to his neck. The guy said walk a little farther. Now he couldn't touch the guy pushed his head under the water holding it why the guy was trying to get up. He let him up right before he passed out and he said what did you want to do when you were under water he said well breath of course and the guy said "Now you should want money as much as you want to breath." That goes with success too. You should want success as much as that guy wanted to breath , as much as you want to breath. You should want it that bad loose some sleep take some time off of that phone and practice get better and succeed!

Lance said...

Today my class watched a video about success and it spoke to me. Here are a few things that describe success.So if you're lazy you might want to stop reading this.

"I you want to be successful you f have to want it more than you want to breath". You have to want it more than sleep. You have to want it more than anything . Success doesn't come to you. You have to work for it.

Well I better be wrapping this up so if you want to check out the video check out The Reading Workshop.

Grace said...

So in language arts I have a bad grade. So I know that I need to bring it up. Every scene my mom found out I was failing this class she makes me read, And I don't blame her she should. I want to succeed I don't want to look back and go I failed laugauge arts cause I gave up. i at least want to be the best I can be. So the thing that is really hurting me is Study Island. I know that I work very hard sometimes. And other times I say it's to hard and click stuff or I just give up. And sometimes I know I shouldn't do that. So that is my new gole it's to never give up for who I am or what I want to be.

in the movie we watched it said '' most people aren't successful because you give up to easy.'' I think every word in that saying is true. that's why most people don't succeed. If you want to succeed you have to work really really hard. you can't Waite till the last minute to study for a test you have to study before the test.

Another quote is ''Work hard and you will be successful.'' I believe in that I think that is so true. You have to work hard in anything you do in life. That's why you can't give up to easy. The movie/video that we watched was an inspiration to me. Every word he said I felt like he was talking to me. that is his page if you want to go to it and stuff. I hope you liked my post and I hope if you are doing something wrong in school just don't give up. That is the last thing that you should do. Thanks for reading and hope you had a fun time watching this.

Lexi said...

This is about success. This is about not giving up on something not to quit.

There are three thing that you can do to lead you to success

* Willing to give up laziness our give up always being on electronics you got to be successful.

1. I think giving up laziness and watching T.V and not always be on electronics Is a good idea. You don't need that when you are older. You need success.

*To be able at any hope to sacrifice what you are to what you could be.

2. This one really spoke to me. Just think about it this that spoke to me. Sacrifice what you are to what you could be. I feel like everyone should just think about this and see where it takes them.

*Pain is temporary it may last for a minute, a hour, a day, or even a year. Your not going to die if you feel pain. Remember pain is temporary but quitting is forever. DON'T QUIT!

3. This reminds me of my softball game. I can't stand when coaches think I'm doing something wrong or when I get hurt Our even when I overthrow it to first. I just give up just throw it all out the door. Then I get some confidence. I love softball to much. I'm going to make mistakes. I cant give up I should try harder.

Gavin said...

Do you want to succeed? Do care if you fail?
Everybody want's to succesed but how bad. If you had to choose between TV and getting better on a subject which one would you choose. A lot of people would probally choose TV. You should be as successful as you want to breathe. You might want to quit when your tired or in pain but pain is temporary quitting is forever.

If your going to be as succesful as you want to breathe then work hard.For example if I have an F in math then I would put down my I-pod, X-box and stop watching TV and start working on stuff like multiputcation, divison and fractions.

At the end of pain is succeess. I think this is true. If your coach has you run laps it isn't punishment. He's just helping you for when your running the bases.Another example is if the teacher calls you back and talks to you about what you did wrong. She/he isn't tring to bore you she/he is tring to help you succeed

Gage said...

Success is what it takes you to graduation day. Success is the feeling of when you do somthing great.When you say I give up on something that's just showing that your a quitter your not trying at all!

At the end of pain you will get success no matter what type of pain you have or got. Are you one of those people that just give up after one question well that's not that best or smart idea to do. You go to keep trying no matter how hard it is that's the best idea no matter what.

Griffin said...

Pains temporary and if you quit that is forever and when he said that I really knew what he was talking about.
He also said you need to want to succeed as much as u want to breath.
I think that's pretty cool.
Another thing he said is don't cry to quit cry to keep going.You are already hurt you my as well keep going and get a reward for it.

Brianna said...

This blog is about succeeding in life. I do not know what I want to be when I grow up but I have some idea. I think that I want to be a dentist, or a professional soccer player,or a cupcake baker, oh I am going to need a lot of money. Hopefully I can get a scholarship because I will need the money if I want to do be the things that I want to be.

If I want to be a dentist I will have to be in college for a long time. I thing that I might want to go to the OSC campus. My mom said that the campus is pretty . But I will have to drive a half hour to go to OSC and a half hour back, so I will drive for one hour maybe.

Kyleigh said...

Do you want success? Well this morning the class watched this video about ''How to be successful?'' It was a great little video and I think it changed my attitude about being successful. I've been getting good grades, but this video will encourages you to get better grades in life. I think you should never give up in what ever you are doing anything like, football , school work , making a sandwich. You can do whatever you put your mind too. I will be successful and be a great student if I try.

One person that gives me encouragement to try my hardest is my wonderful teachers. They make me try,try,try again until I get it right. They give me all of my knowledge to go far in life. They are wonderful in what do and everyone will love them like I do.

Jackie said...

So I guess that if you're reading this you care. I know everybody wants to success in life. Like Brianna, she wants to be a dentist. I on the other hand yearn to be a singer I...I want to change the world with my songs, poems or books I'm writing.

All of my friends and family said that I'm really good too! And my aunt Rhea said that when I'm old enough she is going to audition for the X-factor or American Idol!

Marissa said...

My path to success is to work hard to learn how to do my back handspring. To do that I have to practice. When I get home from school I practice in my yard with my mom. She says, "Don't be scared you can do it." I get into my position and I do it sometimes I don't land it but I get back up and do it again.

An example of me trying to succeed is practicing on my friends trampoline whenever I go there. I have had an injury from doing it on the trampoline but once it got healed I did it again. I do get nervous when I do it because i'm afraid that I will get injured again but I do it anyway and it's actually good.

Matt said...

My path to success is practicing soccer so I can get better. I need to get better at soccer because I want a scholarship for playing the sport. If I keep practicing and practicing i'll get better. I try my hardest to win my games, I can't stop in the middle of the game and quit I have to give it my best.

My coach is hard on me but he does it so I can get better at soccer. He doesn't let me quit, he makes me work hard and give it my best. He makes me run laps if I do something wrong and if I take shortcuts he will make me run another lap. I missed a goal before and I had to run a lap.

Matthew said...

Sometimes, when I want to succeed, I have to try, not quit. I have to keep going and push myself, don't quit even if i'm tired. Go for a few hours for my goal, and when i'm done, i'll go even for four more hours! Whatever my goal is, I need to push myself, prepare, and practice! If I think i'm done practicing, i'll practice even more! To me, success is all about fun. I try my best, and I can succeed if I try. I can also have a group of people to succeed if I find people who want to. Sometimes, it is better to work together than to work alone. If I work with others, I don't work with people I don't like, or people who don't like me and people who are not good cooperators and who think that they know everything.

Charley said...

I am successful to this day because I stayed in school. I will always be successful no matter what. I am also very successful in life because I got good grades and listens to my parents. I will stay in school and I will get a scholarship. I work hard at home and at school and that is how I know I am going to be successful.

Daisy said...

Success. Don't ever give up but if I do I will never reach my goal in life. When I am on my phone all the time I will never reach my goal so I will get off my phone. If my goal is to get good grades on tests I will study more than I do now. If my goal is to stop getting grounded I will be good and try my best and I won't talk back to my teachers or parents.If some one comes and grabs me I will not push them back I will just walk away. If some one starts something I won't add onto it.I will just walk away and forget about it.If I see some one bullying a person I won't try to get into the fight I will just go tell a teacher.

Jazmine said...

I want to succeed in life and in soccer.Do you? I want to be successful in life because when i'm in school I try my best. I may not get straight A's but I still try my best.Last year I did not try my best in science and I got a D on are last report card.

I want to succeed in soccer because I just stared playing soccer and I want to play soccer for a long time. When I'm out there on the soccer field I'm a different person not only do I try my best I try to get the ball to are goaly. If you want to succeed as much as you want to breath u have to make your self think I won't give up, that's what I do when I'm having a soccer game when people come running after me because they want the ball I pass the ball to another teammate that's close to are goal

Jessica said...

My success in life has been because I have tried my best 24/7 and I have never given up!!! I believe that every person is born equal, but it is how hard you try depends on your success!!!!In basketball when I played my first year I could not even get the ball up to the rim.Because I could not get the ball up to the rim I could not contribute anything to my team!!! Today I am the point guard for Logan Elm and now I can contribute something to my team!!!!! This is an example of never giving up and always trying my best!!!My parents also had a big part in my success!!! My parents have always helped me with reaching my goals and never giving up!!! My parents has always and will always be my best supporters!!!! I have always appreciated all they do for me!!!!!!I believe that if I try hard and never give up that I will reach all of my goals!!!!!!!

Mckenzie said...

Success. What is it? Anybody know? I do! It's a word, that has a LOT of meaning!!! Success to me is all about heart! It has more meaning than just winning! It is not about winning! But it IS about pushing to be better!!!

To me Success can come in the loss of a game! I have to tell myself, I can always do better! But...Do you want to? You should want to strive for a better game! Get up do something! Don't sit there playing a game or chatting on Facebook! GET UP! Get active! Go play! Work on succeeding! Don't wait for goals to pass by, Grab them by the rains and MAKE THEM HAPPEN!!!

There is a world out there that everyone NEED to see!!! If everyone stayed cooped up all day, playing video games, watching T.V. playing on the computer, or WHATEVER they do, they need to do it OUTSIDE! NOT INSIDE!!!!!! Go outside, through a ball, climb a tree, DO SOMETHING!!!!!! Get out, get active! Put down that phone! Don't lay on the couch like a potato!!! GET UP!everyone is missing a life time of opportunity s while they sit there, on that couch!!!

Blake said...

The number one thing,is you have to be willing to give up who you are for who you could be. I agree with that. After you've came so close to success don't quit. Keep going and get the reward, after coming that far you just can't give up.

Luke said...

My key to success is in my life. I try to work my hardest but I am just at the tip of success. I want to tell you a little about my success in life. There are a few things I want to tell you about my life.

There is football, wrestling, kickball, and working on my farm and many other things. If I want success than I am going to have to get my self in gear. To be successful, in life I need a person that to can help me.

Tatum said...

How bad do you want to be successful? Well, if you're like me you want to be successful very badly in life and at school. A lot of the time I dream of going to college and becoming a chef. I know that to become a chef that I have to become successful in life. So to do that I work my hardest at school and at my house.

One example of me working my hardest to become successful is that I do all my homework and I never give up, I try my hardest. This relates to me as a sixth grader because I know that if I get good grades I will eventually get a scholarship and be able to go to a good college. This will allow me to pursue my dream of becoming a chef. The video has helped me realize that to become successful I have to fight through the pain and try my hardest.

Mattie said...

Success is something that can't be given to you, you have to earn it. Alot of people don't succeed because they didn't try hard enough. Some people try really hard and still don't succeed . Some people don't even want to succeed that much and they do but you should always try hard to succeed.

I think that to succeed you should never give up and try your best. There is alot of things that I try to do my best at but I don't always do the best and that's okay at least I know I tried. Sometimes I don't try and I do really good I feel bad though and good at the same time. You should always try though.

My mom wanted to be an artist and she ended up working as a designer for the newspaper. She really like that job and she tried hard to do that. I think that if I try hard enough I can do what I want and succeed. But right now I am just a kid I got a long way before I get there.

I know that my dad succeed and he loves his job and he would of not got it if he did not want to. I am not sure what he wanted to be as a child but he loves what he does now. I am glad he still has that job and he is happy with it or else it would be terrible.

Success is great.
So if you want to have success in life you have to try really hard and not give up. It does not matter if your young or old you can always try hard to succeed. I know that I will always try hard to succeed no matter how hard it could be. You can always try hard to succeed and do whatever it takes.

Charles said...

Success is doing something you really like and not giving up at it. I just don't give up at what doing because I'm not good at. If I keep trying and practicing at it I will become good at it. I might have to sacrifice a few things to be successful.

For me to be successful I have to work hard at that subject. I'm stuggling in a subject in school. I working hard at the subject and I will become successful at the subject. Once I get better at the subject I will be proud of myself and so will my parents.

is be successful as much as you want to breath. It's like you underwater and your almost out of air and you have to take breath of air. If you can be as successful as much as you want to breath you be successful at almost anything. Being successful can be hard sometimes but you can do it. As long as you try your hardest just as much as you want to breath you could be successful at anything you want to be sueecssful in.

Autumn said...

I will succeed by following these steps. One step is to never give up one easy way is to keep trying is go to school. Another way to succeed is. take classes about what I want to succeed at. Here is another step to succeed. Think about what I want to succeed at before rushing to get it done. Do my best to try hard.

Never give up. NEVER GIVE UP never stop doing what I want to succeed at. Have faith in my self. If I get stuck on something don't give up just clam down and think don't feel like some one is making you do it.

One easy way to succeed. ONE EASY WAY TO SUCCEED go to school / take classes. Going to school well help me. Take a class on what I want to do practice a little and I might succeed.

Think about what I want to succeed at. THINK ABOUT WHAT I WANT TO SUCCEED AT take my time and think what I want to succeed at. Don't rush if I take my time it might be a successful. If I find out what I want to succeed at then take your time doing it. Do it step by step it doesn't matter how long it takes to do it at less I tried doing it.

Do my best DO MY BEST do my best at doing my best on succeeding on what I want to succeed at. Try my hardest to do it very good.

Abigail H. said...

It's plain and simple success takes a lot of work!So I have to always work, work, work, work, for what ever I want to succeed at! But I have make sacrifices,I have to be able to give up something to get something!

For example a couple years ago I decided to play basketball for the first time so I practiced, practiced, and practiced til I thought I was half way decent!But it turned out I was pretty good!But I had to keep practicing and practicing to stay there! I had to give up something, to get something!

Jersey said...

If I want to be successful I need to work harder in school. I really want be successful in life so I need to do my work. I hope I am successful. I should not talk in class at school. I should be good in school or out of school.
One example of working hard is a great grade like an A on a test. Another example is a great grade on a report card. A bad example is a F on a test. Another bad example is a F on a report card.

Chloe said...

My path to be successful is to never give up on something I'm working on. Like gymnastics (the sport I play). Gymnastics is a very hard sport. You have to be willing to put all your time in to it and be giving it a 100% 24/7. Because the time I put in I will get back what I put in it. If I don't put work, effort and sweat in to it I will get nothing out of it.
The way I'm going to succeed in this sport is give it my all the hole way though, and never quit. Because if I quit I'm going to be at square one again and again. If I keep quitting I'm never going to succeed the way I want to

alexander said...

One of keys to my life is success in my past. I work very hard bet that is the tip of the iceberg. I need to tell you some thing. Let my tell about some of my past in football.

My team is the Barnyard Rams. I played three years in football. My first year in football was 50-50 win. My team went to our Superbowl and my team won the long game against the Chargers . My 2nd year was way way better. My team won nine out of ten games. The game my team lost had a ten point diffidence. The game my team lost in the 2Nd was against the Chargers. And my team won the 2Nd year Superbowl against the Charger. In the 3rd year My team lost twice to the Bulldogs. my team want to the 3rd year Superbowl. We were playing the Bulldogs (dun,dun,dun). We were doom but my team won the 3rd year Superbowl.

Logan said...

Success, why do you need it? I think you need success so that you can be good at stuff. I can use the success that I have when I young to help you when you are older. So I think success is important when you are twelve. I mostly have success.

Another example of me being successful is when last year I got a F in Math. I really regretted that. Then I got it to an A by the end of the year. So I had some success there. Last year I struggled in math. So how I got my grade to an A is by making sacrifices. You have to make sacrifices. I sacrificed my time. I started to go to math club and I got a tutor. I also wasn't allowed to play video games a lot as I used to. So that sacrifice helped me succeed

Ben said...

How much and how bad do you want to be successful? If you are like and you want successful try as hard as you can in life and at school. When I grow up I am going to go to college and get a great job and I will work my hardest everywhere I go no matter where it is.

An example how I am successful is I turn in all my homework when it is due and I never give up. If the homework is hard I never give up I just keep trying until I get it right.

Sydney said...

Success in life is key. To be able to be successful I have to sacrifice things like going to the Friday night football game to study for the test that was do the next day or the big basketball game vs. the Indian `s for the reading essay that`s due that day.

Things like that might not seem fair but to me I think by doing that on the days we have homework that I`m going to succeed at that. I also want to encourage to stay off the phone cause all it is bringing you is a bill. To succeed it might take nights, days, months but to succeed it might take that long witch I should be willing to wait.

Never quit, pain is temporary it might take a secs., mins., hours,days, months , but through all of that time all you need to do is work hard and give it everything I`ve got and if I do that I will succeed. If I work hard I can do anything I put my head to!!

Abby said...

When I think of success I think of how I need success because success is the key to life. The meaning of success is "the accomplishment of an aim or purpose." Success is great to life because it means I am not lazy and just sitting around, it means I am out in the word doing what I love.

An example success is sports. I do basketball, so when my dad told me I get a chance to play basketball on a traveling team I was so excited. So, when my dad and I got home we would practice basketball for an hour and thirty minutes. When it got to be the time of tryouts I was really nervous, but I know I will do great. When it was over my mom and dad told me I did great. So, if I have something I love, I need to always work at it.

Grace said...

Succeeding is about believing that I can succeed. Think about it. If I went to someone and asked to help me be successful. That person says meet me at the ocean at 4 a.m. They meet you and dunk your head under water, I'm trying to get up but I can't. Just before I'm about to pass out the man lifts me. The man says "I have to want to succeed as much as you wanted to breath." Ever since I herd that I want to try harder than ever.

I need to start to giving up all my extra activities like games, football Friday nights, phone, and television. I don't want to but I need to because it keeps me from my work. I decided to give up a lot of thing just so I can be successful.

Taryn said...

How bad do I want to be successful? If I want to be successful at things, then I have to be willing to give up things like sleep and time. If I don't want to have to give up these things then I won't be very successful in life. I also have to be willing to give up my phone and computer. If I want to be successful I have to have success in my self. Ihave to work for what you want.

If I to want succeed as bad as I want to live, I have to be willing to give up doing fun things so I can study and get good grades. In my opinion, I'd rather be smart than be able to go and have fun. I am the only one who can choose what decisions I make in life. I have to decide weather or not if I want to go to the school dance or stay home and study for the test . The decision is up to ME. I can either choose the right decision or the wrong decision. I don't know about you, but I'd rather stay home and study than go to the dance and get the answers on the test wrong. The decision is up to me.Because at the end of pain is success.

Emma said...

My blog title is Success is a choice, because a lot of times people think that success isn't a choice that they can make, but it truly is. Success is a choice that we can make at any point in our lives. I have been inspired by the words of Eric Thomson, he said that you have to work hard. The truth is you won't always be able to ask somebody else to everything for you, you'll have to do things yourself one day. You have to be working hard to be successful.

Logan said...

If you work hard you will succeed!! You should try your best in to school to success. If you do you will need to get good grades in school.And that will help you in life.Eric Tomas

You will need to try hard in your whole life. Because you will need to try hard in collage. If you do you will get a great job.

If you success you will be able to have a good life.You will need to work and try your very best in school.So that you can make it to collage.

Working hard is want yourself to do. Because if you make it through life and school.So make it through school and you can get a job and get money and then get a house.

So if you work hard in life and in school you will succeed!! So really make sure you try hard. And again if you work hard you will succeed!!

Colin said...

O.k. I have almost no clue of what to write about success because I haven't had much success myself, but after watching this video I'm looking at success at a new angle! Thanks for showing me to believe in myself and to put down my IPad and try harder to find success. After watching this video I believe I can do more things!

Mckinzi said...

If you want to succeed you can't give up, because if you give up you won't be able to succeed.You wan't success as bad as you want to breathe.

My sister wanted to work at Pet-Land but she did not get the job and she thought she would just sit around being lazy, but me and my mom told her "Taylor if you don't get the job you want you can't just give up." So now she is working at Justice. she is now happy because she knows she is successful.

Alexis said...

Okay, let me ask you something are you going to work hard to get somewhere in life? If so your are on the right track and will you quit if it gets hard? My answer is ''NO''.Do you actually tink you can get somewhere in life without trying hard? Well than your wrong without working there is no success.

One example for success, is I didn't get extra recess because I forgot to get my planner signed, so I decided that I really wanted to get extra recess on Friday next week and the week after that and so on.I made this thing up that whenever I get home from school I have to get one of parents to check over my work and then sign it.Then,I just carry on with the rest of the day and so far I have got my extra recesses because I work hard to get.

The second example is when my dog, Mersadie ,ran away from home when tried to put her on the leash to go outside. Well that didn't work out so good for me because she bolted off the front porch.But, instead of her running to Bill,s down the street like she normally does she ran to Mark's which she barely does and ran a different way than usual,she ran up a driveway and into the woods where I have never been or seen so I didn't know the area so I had to follow her bad thing is I was in flip flops and it was all muddy.I still kept on going uphill, in-till she decided to go left into the woods and I got poked ,and cut by thorns which wasn't pleasant.Finally,after what seemed like forever I caught.The only reason I caught was because I didn't give up.

Luke S. said...

This video makes me want to succeed in life. it make me want to put down the cell phone and work as hard as I can. I especially like the part of the video when he says "do you want to succeed as much as you wanted to breath."

People who don't care are the people who is lazy and a couch potato. also trust I will regret it. If I don't work hard I am just saying I don't want to be successful.

Zane said...

I think being successful means that you should get off the phone or video games so you can work on succeeding in life. If you wanted to be a baseball player in the MLB you should work hard to succeed.That means go outside and practice and get better.You should practice any time you can so you could succeed in playing in the MLB.

I want to succeed as much as I would want to breath.So if I were dunked underwater I wouldn't be able to breath but I would want to be able too.This is the same thing as being successful.I want to succeed as much as much as I would want to breath.

Luke B. said...

My class watched this video on Monday. And this video was the most inspirational speech I have ever watched. So here are some things that I think I need to do in life to be successful.

Some things that I think I need to do in life to be successful are, never give up and when the time comes the hard work will pay off. I have done that many and many of times and it does pay off. So never give up on something that you want to accomplish.

Clayton said...

If you want to be successful you need to work hard. If you work hard you will be happy that you didn't quit. So I know that I need to work hard to succeed. That's what will get you somewhere in life, and help you succeed in life. If you ever quit it's forever, but if you don't quit you will get to do what you have always wanted to do.

I also play football. I play wide receiver and sometimes I have to run the ball, and I never quit. That's what you have to do to be successful.I know that I don't quit until I am injured and I broke my leg or my arm doing something that I love to do. That's what you should do when you succeed.

Abigael said...

To be successful in life there are many challenges, and I will have many mistakes. Most of the challenges in life are gonna effect my life forever, while some of the challenges are gonna have little change in my life.

One that can effect my life forever can be who I decide to be, or how I decide to act. That can have an effect on, who I friends will be and what collage I will go to. Deciding who I wanna be, or what I want to act like, can effect my life forever.

One thing to help me be successful in life is to set many goals for the future. "The will to succeed is important but the will to prepare is just as important." Says Eric Thomas. Setting goals can help me prepare for the future, and it can also help me be successful in life. said...

The thing I am writing about today is success. If you work hard you can get almost anything in life that you want. Pain is temporary but quitting is forever. So never quit whenever it gets hard.

One example is, think about what you are giving up (sacrifice) before you do anything. By that I mean you could do something that you could regret later in life. Like an article I read in Science class, the article was called "Playing Through the Pain."

The thing I learned from your video is that if you want to be successful you can never give up.

Delaney said...

When I succeed I'm always so happy. Like when you win something.

I was so happy when I succeed at a soccer game. What happened is it was my first soccer game of the season, and I was versing the yellow team. At the begging of the game we had 6 points. Then on the second half we got three more points, and at the end we had won and I was so excited. It was so awesome, and what I had felt after the game was over was a whole lot of success and that I had just won one my first soccer game of the season, and after that my coach took the whole team out for ice cream.

That's why when I succeed I am so happy and when I don't succeed I will keep trying.

Nazish said...

Success, Success, Success. Success is where you get good grades and better at everything. Some people don't success, all because they don't try hard, and they also don't do there best. Some people try to do there best but they still don't success.

I play soccer, and do swimming classes to make myself active. I don't like being lazy, because success is not about lazy. I love playing soccer because I practice it a lot. Even if you practice it and don't like it you will start playing soccer all the time them.

My dad said "if I get all a's on my grades then I'm aloud to go to a vacation, or then I will have to stay home and study all day, and all the time. I have all a's but i'm still trying to success.What ever I work on I never quit.

I always do what my dad says. Success is what happens in some life but not all life. I do everything cause my dad is working for me to success. My dad says "if you don't success, there is no need for me working for you". So that's why I want to success.

Colton said...

I think that working to be successful in life is the key to life because if I don't try to be successful then I'll never be successful at anything. Trying to be successful is very easy to me. Here's what I do to succeed.

1. I'f I don't think I can do something I always say to myself "Colton, you can do it all you have to do is belive in yourself."

2. Whenever I'm at my soccer game and my team is down I always tell my team " If you want to win then we're going to have to try harder."

That is how I try to be successful in life. I am going to use these steps to try to be successful for the rest of my life.

wyatt said...

I was playing soccer last year and I was try to score but every time I got the ball I lost the ball. I was trying and trying but I just could not do it. I just could not not do it.
The next game I had gotten the ball a lot and shot but kept missing. I just kept shooting and shooting but just could not get it in there. the game ended.
the next game it happened. It was a corner kick. The ball hit my leg and bounced in. It was a goal. I kept trying and I succeeded. I was so exited.

Gabrielle said...

I love this video ! I know I'm not in your class anymore but I wanted to comment because I miss being in your class:( But this video has so much meaning to it. I love it !