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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Books in a Series

Kids love series books. Frequently good readers choose to read books in a series. With books in a series, the reader gets to know the characters and gets involved with their problems. It is easier to imagine themselves in the story. Students that are reluctant readers find it easier to read in large quantities when reading a series.  They are also less likely to fake read.

There are many excellent series available to adolescent readers. The poll below lists a few series that have proven to be popular.  What is your favorite series of books?  

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Do you read books in a series?  Do you like them?  Why or why not?

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Among the Hidden Book Talk

The Shadow Children series, written by Margaret Peterson Haddix has been one of the most popular for adolescent readers the last few years.   Kate, a student in The Reading Workshop shares the first book Among the Hidden.  To see all of the book talk videos, you can visit The Reading Workshop Book Talk Wiki page.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Takeoffs and Landings Book Talk

Students in The Reading Workshop are continuing to learn and progress with their efforts of sharing their video taped book talks.  Our hope is to build a video library that students can browse as they search for a book to read.   

In this video, Hannah Hop shares one of her favorites Takeoffs and Landings by Haddix.

Thanks for sharing a great book Hannah!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Student Book Talks Become Part of The Reading Workshop

Students at The Reading Workshop are going to begin recording book talks whenever they read something that they want to recommend to their peers.  Hannah was courageous enough to volunteer to be the first to have her video posted online.  The videos will be hosted at Schooltube.

In this book talk, Hannah shares Found written by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

Great job Hannah!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Giving A Book Talk

How to give a good Book Talk:

1.  Choose a book you like, and that you feel is special enough to share.
2.  Read the book!
3.  Once you finish, ask yourself what made the book meaningful to you
4.  Don't give away the ending or any other secrets.
5.  Do Not do a retelling.
6.  Make it interesting from the start by beginning with a question, sharing a problem, discussing the setting, or a character, or telling a little bit of the plot.
7.  Don't ruin the book by telling too much. Grab the readers interest, but leave them wanting more.
8.  If you read aloud, it should be short.
9.  Prepare and practice, know what you are going to say.
10.  Concentrate on the book and your message.  Don't worry about the audience.

As we begin Book Talks in Reading Workshop, this example shares the book Turnabout by Margaret Peterson Haddix.