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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

So Many Ways to Say it in Poetry

How else can you say it?  As we looked at one student's opening line of his poem, so many ideas for sharing were discovered.  We started with Poetry is not me

And came up with this list:
  1. Poetry is unreasonable
  2. Poetry is not what I write
  3. Poetry is not my thing
  4. Poetry has something I don't
  5. Poetry is not bad
  6. Poetry is not understandable to me
  7. We can't connect
    1. We play phone tag
    2. The call is never answered
    3. The meal doesn't fill me up
    4. The hot sauce is mild
    5. Poetry doesn't add up
    6. We can't be together
    7. Poetry and I aren't alike
    8. Poetry doesn't have Internet
    9. Poetry is like a game with no Xbox
    10. Poetry is like eggs without bacon
    11. We are two peas from different pods
    12. Poetry is like pancakes without syrup
  8. Poetry never answers my phone calls
  9. I don't go with poetry
  10. Poetry doesn't pick me up
  11. Poetry and I don't mix
    1. Poetry won't get in the blender with me
    2. Poetry isn't the ice cream for my milkshake
    3. We just don't mesh
    4. Poetry is the book with no words
    5. Poetry is the gun with no powder
    6. Poetry is like the butt with no gas
    7. Poetry is like bird doodoo on your windshield
    8. Poetry is a clock with no hands
    9. Poetry is a clock out of time
    10. Poetry is an IPod with no music
    11. Poetry is a battery with no charge
    12. Poetry is a sentence with bad grammar
  12. When I ring the door bell, poetry never answers
  13. Poetry and me don't fit
  14. Poetry is like a shirt that is just too tight
  15. Poetry and I don't see eye to eye
    1. Reading poetry is a fistfight
    2. Poetry is like an annoying little brother
    3. Poetry is like Lane on a bad day at school
    4. Poetry is like black and white TV
    5. Poetry bullies me
    6. Poetry is a charging bull (and I am a red cape)
    7. Poetry punches me in the mouth
    8. Poetry is a hole in the shoe of a snowy day
  16. Poetry is like reading with foggy glasses
  17. Poetry is the seed that just rots in my garden
  18. Poetry pizza has no pepperoni when I get my order
  19. We were never meant for each other
  20. Poetry and I are breaking up
  21. Poetry loves me but I don't like poetry
  22. Poetry is like a crap sandwich for lunch
  23. Poetry and I don't get along
  24. Poetry is a pie with no crust
  25. Poetry is a puzzle with missing pieces
  26. Poetry tortures me with its bits and bangles
  27. Poetry is the math that just doesn't add up
  28. Poetry was never my type
    1. I'm smile and poetry cries
    2. Poetry isn't the girl for me
    3. Poetry is not my sweetheart
    4. Poetry is sweet to my sour
    5. Poetry is the wrong kind of tissue for my cold
    6. Poetry is night to my daytime
  29. Poetry was never my thing.
  30. Poetry just ain't my bag, baby
  31. Poetry is a baloney sandwich
  32. Poetry is like last year's fashion
  33. Poetry is to reading like the Bengals are to football
  34. Poetry is like my wife's shopping problem
  35. Reading poetry is like kissing your sister
  36. I don't exactly like poetry
  37. Poetry is like shopping for groceries with mom
  38. Poetry is like slipping on oil
  39. Reading poetry is like having your mom pick out your clothes
  40. Reading poetry is like shopping without money
  41. Poetry is like playing with your sister
  42. Poetry is like life without video games
  43. Poetry is colder that my ex-girlfriend
    1. Poetry freezes my heart
    2. Poetry freezes my sun
    3. Poetry freezes my turkey on Thanksgiving
    4. Poetry is the dark side of the moon
    5. Poetry and Pluto are twins
    6. Reading poetry chills my eyeballs
    7. Reading poetry is like being burried alive

  44. Poetry is the cold water shock of breaking through ice
  45. Poetry is like looking in the mirror before makeup
  46. Poetry is a poor sport
  47. Poetry is like a car that won't start
  48. Poetry is a rainy day
  49. Poetry is like lunch in the loo
  50. Poetry is reading quicksand
  51. Poetry is a green vegetable
  52. Poetry is like a broken heart
  53. Poetry is like a sauerkraut sundae
  54. Poetry is more of a pain than my little sister
  55. Writing poetry is worse than cleaning your room.

It's amazing how students that don't like poetry can come up with so many poetic ideas.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Using a Dictionary & Other Tools

The Head Monkey from Canada posted this as a comment, but I thought maybe it should be posted.

Okay, Ohio Monkeys, how about this one?? I just gave my Canadian Monkeys a vocabulary test today to see where their strengths and weakness are (Gates-MacGinitie). Should I have let them use a dictionary???

To add to this thought, when is it OK to use all of the tools available? When should students show what they know without the help of tools like dictionaries, thesaurus, word processing and other technology, peer help, teacher help . . .?