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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Spelling Does Matter

Begal Sign
I was driving yesterday morning, about a mile from the school and saw this sign. At first it caught my eye, because I have beagles. I am not sure if a beagle is the same thing as a begal, but I think it might be, at least at one house.

Now maybe you aren't the best speller. In fact, maybe you can't spell very well at all. Maybe you count on spell check, and the computer's dictionary for everything you write. Maybe you use like a peanut butter sandwich uses jelly.

Here is the problem. What if some day you have a begal puppy for sale? Will you have drivers running in the ditch, laughing and shaking their heads, while they point at your sign? Here are your choices, either learn to spell or just buy this product.

Spray Can for Dummies

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Word Substitution

PyramidWe worked collectively to figure out the meaning of a phrase from Coach John Wooden's Pyramid of Success. You can view the entire excerpt here.

This is the phrase we were working on:

I believe the players collectively looked for whoever was able to help the team most on any given night

We discussed that collectively was an adverb which may or may not be needed to understand the essay. I asked two questions:

1. What is the purpose of collectively in the sentence?
2. What word does collectively describe?

We looked at the root word, collect and talked about its meaning. According to
  1. To bring together in a group or mass; gather.
  2. To accumulate as a hobby or for study.
  3. To call for and obtain payment of: collect taxes
We decided that collectively tells how the players looked. The challenge when students left class, was to find a word to substitute that was easier to understand, but had the same meaning.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Using a Dictionary & Other Tools

The Head Monkey from Canada posted this as a comment, but I thought maybe it should be posted.

Okay, Ohio Monkeys, how about this one?? I just gave my Canadian Monkeys a vocabulary test today to see where their strengths and weakness are (Gates-MacGinitie). Should I have let them use a dictionary???

To add to this thought, when is it OK to use all of the tools available? When should students show what they know without the help of tools like dictionaries, thesaurus, word processing and other technology, peer help, teacher help . . .?