Thursday, September 6, 2007

Singing in Class

We sing daily in reading class. The lyrics are shown on the wall with a DLP projector. Students read the words as they sing. This helps students build fluency. They learn to read words in chunks, and look for familiar phrases. We also work on vocabulary. Since we started this several years ago, it has consistently improved students' reading levels, and improved test scores. It also is a great way to learn while having fun.

Currently we are singing Welcome to the 60's. This is from the movie Hairspray.

We are revising the friendly letters. We have been working on writing on topic, and supporting that with details from the book. We are also editing with focus on capitalization, punctuation, and correct letter format.

A student (who I won't name Shayna) followed the rules for capitalization to the T. Our NOTES for the day were:

1.first word in a sentence
2.proper nouns—names of people, places, and things
3.first letter of words in a title

When this unnamed student (Shayna) brought up her paper, every I on the page was in cap's. The NOTES now say, "I when used as a word." She made my afternoon and I am still smiling about it.

Congrats to our Study Island Students of the Day, Shelby C. and Caleb F.

Read at Home Logs are due tomorrow--Friday, September 7.


Anonymous said...

Your reading homework is due tomorrow in Mr. McGuires room. 0;-)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget there is a Math Quiz tomorrow.:-)

Anonymous said...

do not forget we have test in social studys tommorow so study.

Anonymous said...

Good job someone I wont name (Shayna)

Anonymous said...

Are you embarassed or proud Shayna cause if I were you I would be embarassed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr.McGuire can I call you Mr.M because when I call you Mr.McGuire it reminds me of a wire and if I call you Mr.M it reminds me of M&Ms. I like M&Ms better than wires.

Mr. McGuire said...

I hope a certain student wasn't too embarrassed. I thought it was pretty neat how hard she was trying to do the right thing!