Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Election Day at Laurelville

We had a primary election today at Laurelville Elementary in our language arts classes. We only voted on the two democratic candidates, due to the closeness of the race. Both classes had a total of 22 voters. Amazingly, both classes had the same results. In each class 14 students voted for Barack Obama, and 8 voted for Hillary Clinton for a total of 28 votes for Obama and 16 for Clinton. This was 64% to 36% win for Obama. Ironically, this is very close to the results of the last 11 primaries.

As part of the process, students listed their two main reasons for choosing the candidate of their choice. The we came to the circle and discussed reasons students used to pick the next President.

Their reasons included:

Barack Obama

Tommy S. He wants to stop taking businesses overseas.

Brianne H. He promises to stop the war and make peace between countries.
He will lower the cost of medical insurance.

Shelby C. Obama talks about change.

Scotty D. He would run the USA better.

Cail J. He is going to make insurance affordable.

Dillon Y. He said he will improve schools.

Kari W. He will help people who have been layed off.

Hillary Clinton

Brittany M. She is going to try to stop the war.

Seth R. She is going to stop achievement tests.

Justin H. I think Hillary will be a better leader.

Emily S. She will get a lot of help from her husband.

Molly V. Her husband was President so she knows what it is like to be President. She already has experience.


Katie W. said...

I'm glad that Obama won because I dont like Hillary. I think she will destroy the country.

Anonymous said...

Obama won the class but Clinton won in Ohio.

laney said...

I agree Katie I do not like Hillary either I think that she is not making good decisions. some of the mistakes that she is making is, she is banding guns that means that you could not hunt any more she is also banding achievement tests. I think that would be a bad thing to do that because kids should be able to take that tests to see if they are going to go to the next grade. I would vote for Obama because I think he would make good choses and he would help people succeed on anything. Hillary would also be good to because, she is stoping the war.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with Laney and Katie you guys rock!

Brianne H. said...

I agree with everyone's comments on Obama and Clinton. Both Mr.McGuire's and Mrs.Griffey's class did great jobs on this Election Day at Laurelville. Great job everybody!

Rodney Adam Hartshorn said...

I agree with all of Mr.McGuire's class and Mrs.Griffey's class! This is who I would vote for if I was able to, OBAMA :)Gigely Wigley

Mr. McGuire said...

I agree with your comments, Brianne. I was surprised and pleased with the amount of information that everyone knew about the candidates. Almost every student had a solid reason for making their choice. To me, this means that a lot of intelligent voters will be going to the precinct to vote in about 6 years.

treyw said...

I don't think Hillary should have won the election in Ohio, I like Obama.

Josh P. said...

I think Hillary should not be president. She should not be president because Bill Clinton pardoned his cousin (got a "get out of jail free" card) which was in to drugs. Plus their were alot of unexplained deaths during the Clinton's term which were ruled sucide. Bill Clinton's character corrupted the White House.

Anonymous said...

I DO NOT THINK HILLARY SHOULD HAVE WON I DO NOT LIKE HER AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

emily snyder said...

I agree with Justin and Molly. Justin says that Hillary will be a better leader and I truly think that she will be a better leader than Obama. I have nothing against Obama, but I just think that Hillary will know a lot more because her husband was one of our presidents. Molly said that her husband was president so she has more experience. What Molly said was almost like what I said. But don't get me wrong but Hillary will just have a lot more experience.

Dimitri said...

I would pick Barak Obama.

Dimitri said...

I agree with Katie W.

alina said...

I wonder why he had us pick between two wevels(worm like things that form in old flower) like Hillary and Obama? I picked the lesser of two wevels(or evel's).

Dakota B said...

I do Believe that her husband was a governor, but I believe that John McCain will jump right into the election and takeover because Obama and Clinton are too busy worry about each other and not focusing on the race and what they should be doing for their better part!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Josh P.

Vote for Obama.

Molly V. said...

I honesty don't care which democrat wins. as long as our new president is one of them two.

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Shelby C said...

I don't really like anyone

Shelby C said...

Sorry, I don't really like anyone in this race this ear.

Shelby C said...

Sorry again year.

Anonymous said...


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