Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blog Comment Rubric

More and more teachers are using blogs in the classroom. Writing a blog gives students the opportunity to write to an audience. Commenting provides the chance to evaluate the writing and ideas of someone, and then respond. Both types of writing on a blog require stating a thought, idea, or opinion, and then supporting it in a way that will cause the reader to agree or respond.

Blog posts are an abridged version of several types of writing. Some are persuasive essays. Others are informational reports. Many of my favorites are memoirs that share a meaningful event from the writer's day in the classroom. Occasionally a blog post is a letter or note. Often times, blog posts are a combination of several types of writing.

Likewise, comments are condensed versions of all types of writing. This makes them a valuable task for students. If students are going to comment, then their work deserves to be scored. Although commenting is not used frequently as an assignment in Reading Workshop, students will at times respond to a specific post as part of their classwork.

If it is important enough to take time in class, and if a certain standard is expected, students should have something to measure their work. As with most assignments in Reading Workshop, a rubric is used to score comments.

You can see the entire Blog Comment Rubric on the wiki. Here is the standard for an A.

Blog Comment Rubric

Basis for Scoring


4 or A

  • Concise (3 -4 paragraphs) with a specific focus
  • Shares thoughts, ideas, or opinions
  • Opening grabs the reader's attention while introducing the point of the comment.
  • Specific details support information in the comment
  • Has a "So What?", theme, lesson, or specific point that attracts the readers' attention
  • Demonstrates detailed understanding of the blog topic
  • Positive tone engages the reader
  • Spelling, punctuation, and capitalization is correct



Anonymous said...

When I read this post I understood better what you mean by we need to check all of our work before we post it. I think that now people will start to check their work better since we went over this post. I know I will. When you said people do not think post with bad spelling and things like that are even worth reading I mad some people think was I one of those people that had bad spelling. When you know you were one of the people that had bad spelling or mistakes you really want to do better next time or you wish you had checked it over better.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to pick any more kids to have blogs?

Anonymous said...

We shood check our work before we post because, if you are telling someone how to spell a word but, if you spell it wrong you are throwing your self under the bus. In other words your asking people to laugh at you. you should allways use rubrik to check.

ג'קוזי said...

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Everyone must write articles, it is good... Thanks.

gary @ whiteboard calendars said...

Hello, as always a good article, as to all blog commenters, we should always and try not to forget to check what we have wrote, comments should be allow users to express their thoughts.