Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Comments That Count

Commenting is a competition. You are vying for the reader's attention. Plus, you want the reader to listen to you over other commenters, and you want to sound better than others. If you care enough to write, then you care enough to want to sound intelligent. You are trying to make others agree with you, and know when you disagree with them. And, you want your writing to make sense, and to share your thoughts and feelings in a way that wins over the reader.

So how do you win this competition and get the readers to read your comment? How do you get your point to be the one that sways the readers?

Here are some tips for being a top commenter:

1. The first sentence MUST grab the reader.
2. The first sentence should give the reader an idea what the comment discusses.
2. Less is more. Comments longer than three paragraphs lose the reader.
3. A positive tone wins over the reader, a negative tone drives readers away.
4. W's (Who, What, When, Where, Why, & How) mean everything. Throwing out a statement without telling why it matters, or how it impacts others, or what significance it has to the reader is worthless.
5. Specific details and examples give your writing credibility.
6. Mistakes, especially in grammar and spelling cause the reader to move on to the next comment. Readers assume if you can't write correctly you are not intelligent enough to be worth reading.

Occasionally someone will say that they only comment because they want to share their point. I DON"T BELIEVE THAT FOR A SECOND. Anyone who takes the time to comment wants their comments to be valued and appreciated. They want readers to be awed or inspired. They want to be seen as smart, with-it and creative.

If you are going to take the time to comment, take the time to do it right. Win the comment contest by writing a fabulous comment that makes readers think, or wonder, or smile, or cry, or agree, or disagree. Write a comment with meaning.

Bloggers love comments. All comments are appreciated. However, nothing beats a comment from someone that is intelligent and makes a great point.


Anonymous said...

I agree Mr.McGuire comments do count. I also do think that if people do not spell things correctly it does make you look stupid. I also think it is a competition to get the best comment. I hope I have made you think about my comments on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Now I feel dumb. My post had 0 details but it was Tuesday I felt tired (and a little lazy). I agree that a comment should be perfect. If I was the blog owner and I saw how terrible some comments were I would be mad too. I can't tell on my blog at home because no one has commented.I hope no one makes a terrible comment anymore.

Anonymous said...

So this is why my mom always pushes me to write more and make it interestig. I was thinking that it does feel good to have someone give me positive feedback on one of my blogs and this is just another great way to learn to be a better writer.

Mr. McGuire said...


I think you are ready for your own blog. Let's see, how about Seth Says...

Start thinking of a title. I think you are up next.