Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Relay for Life BBall Kickoff

Last year the Circleville Relay for Life raised $39,444.10 for the American Cancer Society. Of that Laurelville Elementary raised $2855.35, McDowell raised $2148.02, and Logan Elm High School's student union raised $524.00. That totals $5527.37, which means that Logan Elm schools were responsible for raising 14% of all of the money collected in 2008. We should all be really proud of that.

To jump start this Mrs. Amy Colburn, McDowell guidance counselor is organizing a collection this Friday at the boys' basketball game. We will have separate containers for each of the six Logan Elm schools, along with one for Bloom Carroll. Help us get a great start to this year's Relay.

You can read about last year's Relay here.

Students and parents, let's see who can collect the most money Friday night. Jump in and support the Relay and show your school support, too.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr.McGuire, I remember that day. It was raining so we walked all around the inside of the school. I will always try to remember that day and tell other people about Relay for Life. That way those people get all the vactcines that they need!I probobly will not though, I am very forgetful.Haha

Anonymous said...

I remember last years relay for life to. We had to walk inside. Even though we had to walk inside we still had a good time. We had all our friends and teachers and raised alot of money.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that the students enjoyed walking in the rain for the Relay For Life last year. The students did a nice job last year of raising money for a great cause and it looks like we are off to a good start this year. I do want to make sure the students know what they are raising the money for; the money is use to help fund cancer research. Hopefully, with our help cancer will soon be a curable disease. I have participated in the Relay For Life many times in memory of my Daddy, Jack Manson who died of cancer in 1993. Thank you to all of the students at Laurelville who continue to keep his memory alive for me.
Keep up the good work,
Mrs. Cartee

Anonymous said...

Is it only for boys?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mr. McGuire, I remember the relay last year! It was awesome! We got balloons and walked around the perimeter of the school and the people from the paper were there taking pictures!
I also remember when me, katie, scotty, dillon, and my mom went out to collect the money jars around laurelville! We stopped at the L&Js and got ice cream! We also stopped at Youngs family market and Dillon got us free Mt.Dews! It was the best. I wish I were a sixth grader again. It's a whole lot funnerthan seventh grade.