Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Bad Little Boy

He was right in front of me, so I couldn't help but watch him. I would guess he was about four years old. If I would have acted that way when I was his age, I am sure my mom would have taken me out of the gym and given me an education on proper behavior.

The Laurelville Spring Program was last night. The band played and students sang, danced, and bounced balls to the rhythm of the music. It was a good night and the students did a good job showcasing their talent. Throughout the program though, my eyes were continually drawn to this little boy.

He stood on his chair. He talked continuously. He hit his older brother. He ran up and down the aisle. At one point, he went almost the whole length of the gym and carried a chair that was bigger than him, back beside his mom. He placed it in the aisle, and sat in it, although only for about 30 seconds before he was on the move again.

His older brother, who was about 8 or 9 tried to keep him under control. This resulted in a few punches. His mom made several comments to him, which he ignored in a way that showed he was quite practiced at not listening. The best way to describe him--a bad little boy that is 47 pounds of terror.

Questions pounded through my head throughout the program. Does he always act this way? Does his mom ever discipline him? Was she embarrassed by his bad behavior? Why was his eight year old brother trying to correct him, while his mom mostly just sat there? How did his brother know right from wrong, but he didn't? Will he act like this in sixth grade?


Anonymous said...

I think the mother of this child needs lessons I mean if she raised another kid good wouldn't it make sense to raise the other like that? May be if she starts now he won't act like that in 6th grade. (That would be a lucky break for you guys teachers I mean)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel like parents do not do anything and the older brother/sister take all the responsibility. I try to ignore it but they are so disturbing.

Why don't parent take control?
They do not take control because they do not know what to do!!!! They think that they can just yell and make an embarrassment of them self. You have to take some responsibility and take

That is just what has happened to me and what i have experienced. So from what I have experienced I think that their parents need to teach them a lesson about manners and how to be a better person!

Anonymous said...

I think that the mom of that little boy should have took him out of their and smacked him and told him to straighten up. But instead she lets him run around. The eight year old boy was acting more like a grown up than the adult. That little beast will not make a good sixth grader. But that is just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that annoy`s me too because the mom sometimes just acts like every thing is all right. When they bug someone like they are going to die the next day so they can do what they want and, if they actully do get in trouble they just SCREAM! Oh it annoys me so much.

Then they go back right at it! I just want to take the kid and throw it up in the air. So you can not here it any more. I wish someone would do something IT IS SO RUDE!

Amber said...

I bet he wouldn't be happy when he got home! I mean, When he gets home, there won't be a lot of people watching and boy, if he's not spoiled, he's going to get it!

Taylor S. said...

I think that kid is not a very good listener. His mom should of took 3 minutes out of her time to go get that kid. What would you do if he was your kid Mr.McGuire? Would you grab him and cuff him to your chair, or would you Knock him out?

shasta g said...

This is Shasta Peytons mother and if you are writing this about Jada yes she is a terror.If not i'm glad someone else is also getting a good laugh. Thanks

Mr. McGuire said...

This is not about Jada. :)

Mr. McGuire said...


If this would have been one of my kids, we probably would have had a conversation outside for just a little bit. :)

Amber said...

Mr.McGuire you would probably talk to him. I'm not surprized. If you had a child like that, he should know better! If your child was spoild, (wich probably wouldn't happen,)what would you do?