Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Traits of a Successful Team of Teachers

Students in Reading Workshop recently took a survey, questioning their knowledge of the personality traits of their teachers on the post Who Am I? There were several surprises in the survey and some fairly predictable results.

According to the Laurelville students:

Mrs. Cartee is down to Earth, easy going and builds relationships. She is supportive, soft-hearted and caring, but can be tough when needed.

Mrs. Griffey is full of energy, enthusiasm and drama, while being honest and driven for success.
Mrs. Bower is full of ideas with a never-ending passion for seeing students succeed.

Mrs. Caudill helps students when they don't understand. She has high expectations.

Mrs. Blubaugh is there when students don't get it. They know they can count on her to help them out.

Mrs. Stevenson is a good listener that is honest and practical. Her easy going way helps build trust.

Mrs. Little is trustworthy and doesn't judge people. You can count on her when the going gets tough because she cares.

Mrs. Scott is soft-hearted and supportive, but can be tough when needed. She is a good listener.

Ms. Bowlby has a lot of ideas and a passion for success. She supports her students and believes in them.

Mr. McGuire pushes students to be successful. He has high expectation and says so in an honest, straightforward manner.

I found it interesting that different students had different perceptions of the teachers. Also, what I thought was the correct answer--or description of some of the teachers, was not the opinion of the majority. The descriptions above were based on what the majority of responders answered.


Anonymous said...


I did not get as many as I thought I would. Yet I did get some right. This was a very fun activity I hope you do this more often. I guess it was worth a art class.

Anonymous said...

I think that was a great idea to take that test. It was fun to see what other students thought of their teachers.I personally think we have the best teachers ever here at Laurelville Elementary School. There awesome and fun to be around. Most of the time. Even though sometimes their tough,but only because they want to see us do well in school.

Anonymous said...

I think that it was fun to see how much students really know about their teachers and how well that they know them. I think that we should do it again. I think that I at least got four of them right.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it was interesting because I did not do so good. So if there was ever a show where I would have to know who my teachers were do not count on me! I think I only got a couple right like Mrs. Griffeys I got it right. I thought I would do good but not so much.

Anonymous said...

I don't get why some students are so lazy. I think teachers need to teach students to be the opposite of lazy.

At McDowell jr high we had a bomb threat from some kid who wanted to get out of taking a test. It was boring. Most of the school had to go to the high school gym from 12:00pm to 2:30pm. I slept the whole time. On the bright side I got out of two study halls, science homework, and a math test!