Thursday, October 1, 2009

Goals and Benefits of Student Blogging

As the Reading Workshop students begin to blog regularly (see links in the sidebar), one might question, what do you want the students to get out of this project? How will it help them? Are the benefits academic and or social? Listed below are the goals and benefits of student blogs.

Goals with student blogs include:

1. Students will communicate effectively.
2. Students will share thoughts, ideas, and opinions, and support them with details that make understanding easy.
3. Students will become better writers, both in content and mechanics.
4. Students will become better readers, improving comprehension and the ability to read critically.
5. Students will share great books and enter into dialogue about them.
6. Students will use Web 2.0 technology as a tool to publish their work to share with their peers, family, and friends.
7. Students will finish the year of Reading Workshop with a published portfolio of their writing projects.

In addition to the goals for learning, there are other benefits to students. These include:

1. Blogging is fun.
2. Students can improve writing in an exciting and engaging manner.
3. Students can share their work with friends.
4. Students can comment on their friend's work, sharing thoughts and ideas.
5. Students can learn about using computers and web-based tools.
6. Students can show off their work to their parents, grandparents, and other family members.
7. Students can earn good grades for doing something they like.


Mrs. Hartzler said...

I think this is a great way for students to learn, be creative and have fun. I enjoy knowing that my daughter can share her writing with others. Thanks, Mrs. Hartzler

Mr. McGuire said...

Thank you for the comment. The Student blogs have been a lot of fun for the students, and for me. They take a lot of pride in their blogs, too!

David Truss said...

What a great list!

One more suggestion to add:
Students will take ownership of their own learning.

That was the most exciting part of blogging with students for me... seeing them take the learning beyond what I had planned and expected.

Enjoy the journey!