Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What's Your Story?

In Reading Workshop we are continuing the read aloud of The Revealers by Doug Wilhelm.  In this story about life in  middle school, three students, Russell, Catalina, and Elliot are drawn together due to being targets for bullies at Parkland Middle School.

As the aggression heightens, Catalina decides to share her story.  She reveals that she was forced to move to the USA from the Philippines when her parents divorce.  She comes to America with her father based on the chance for a better education.

This brings up the question for Reading Workshop students, what is your story?  If you were new to the school, and wrote a story for peers, what would it say?


Rylee C said...

I think that integrity matters to a sixth grader and it should matter to a sixth grader. The reason I think this is because if you don't have integrity then people will see you as a bad person through your whole life and I don't know a single person who would want that.

I think that your integrity guides how you live because if you don't have integrity then you steal and lie and that would make you somebody that everyone tries to stay away from and it gives you your lifestyle. So my view of integrity is different from Kevin's view of integrity because he lied about the whole new body thing just to make Max feel better where as I think you shouldn't lie period.