Monday, February 21, 2011

How Does the Book Make You Feel?

The writer sits at his desk with a purpose in mind.  He just finished a chapter and then he reads back over it.  He puts himself into your shoes.  Imagining the feelings you get as you pour through his words.  He is wondering, does that sentence work?  Is that problem believable?  Can you picture yourself as a character?

Good books separate themselves from poorly written ones because they bring in the reader.  The reader lives the story in her mind.  She pictures scenes and imagines being in them.  The readers' feelings are strongly affected.

Good readers know that their feelings should be affected as they read.  They expect it, and when it doesn't happen, they stop and think about the book.  Why isn't it striking a chord?  Why aren't their feelings jumping out of their heart.

What about the book you are reading?  What kind of feelings do you have as you read it?


Jessica W. said...

Because Of Anya

The book, Because Of Anya, has me feeling sad in most parts.

The saddest part is when Anya heard her Mom and Dad talking about them wanting to have another kid, but their afraid the baby will be like Anya. And have a disease.

I was thinking they should wait until Anya's not around to discuss something like that. Like wait until shes at school.

That would make me soo sad if I heard my mom talking about having another kid and being scared it will end up like me.

Another sad part is when Anya looses her wig in gym class. What makes it even worse, they all stare at her.

I would be just like Anya go home and not come back until my hair grows back in.

Micah Hines said...

I am reading the book Summer Ball by Mike Lupica. It is all about basketball that is why I like it because I love basketball.

My book makes me feel happy most of of the time because reading or thinking about basketball makes me feel happy.

Some parts I feel like I'm mad because Danny got suspended for two games when he was trying to stick up for someone and he is like the 2nd best player on the team but he plays the least because the coach does not like him.

A couple times in the book I feel sorry for Danny because he is one of the smallest kids in the camp. He was supposed to be in the same cabin that his friends are in but they made a mistake and had to be put in with the 11 and 12 year olds. He also really likes this girl named Tess but she started spending time with a kid named Scoot and Danny started getting jealous.

Seth V. said...

My book The Cross Bones By Patrick Carman keeps me anxious and curious the whole time I am reading it. I have read the first two books and I think this one is better. The whole time I am reading it I'm just like I can't believe he just did that or he is crazy. I just couldn't believe some of the stupid things that they did.

The boy in the last book broke his leg by falling like 25 feet down. That whole chapter I was thinking something bad was going to happen because it was the last time he was going to go back to the dredge.

So you can sometimes predict what will happen just because of what stupid things they do. I wish in the end of the last book they would have told more of what happened and gave more details. But so far the first and third books are really good.

Megan B. said...

In the Reading Workshop I'm reading Chloe Doe by Suzanne Phillips.

The feeling I have while reading Chloe Doe is curious.

It makes me feel curious because Chloe is in The Madeline Parker Institute for Girls but she wont tell anyone why shes there. It makes me curious because almost every girl there is there because they did a type of drug but she said she didn't do any drugs.But she talks about her past and it sounds like she had a great childhood so I'm really curious to see what she did wrong.

Rhianna Lucas said...

The book I'm reading is called Because Of Anya. This book makes me feel really sad when I read it.

This book is about a ten year old girl who has cancer and is trying to keep it a secret. I feel like there is nothing for the girl to do. I know how that feels because my grandpa also had cancer.

Anya is worrying about losing her hair. She thinks that everyone is going to make fun of her and she wont have any friends. She is taking chemotherapy to help her heel, but that medicine makes your hair fall out. My grandpa went through the same thing (although he didn't really mind what he looked like). He knew death was coming and he couldn't do anything about it. That's how Anya felt.

When my grandpa had cancer I felt terrible for him. That's how I feel about Anya. I feel like there is nothing you can do for her. I feel like she doesn't deserve this. She is just an innocent child that is fearing death.

Sara A. said...

The book I'm reading called Hate List makes me feel sad and happy at the same time.

This book makes me feel this way because it changes constantly. Like when Val is happy that Nick is sticking up for her, and then she sees the gun in Nicks hand and starts to freak out.

Cade V. said...

I am reading Kidnapped by Gordon Korman. This book makes me feel anxious. Meg found bullets to a .38 special and I wondered what she was going to do with it. Meg climbed a tree because she jumped into a bull's pen and I wondered how she going to get down with a bull watching her every move.
It also makes me mad because agent Harris got kicked off the case, he was the only one who knew to listen to Aiden. It makes me mad because one of the kidnappers only kidnapped Meg because of money.

Blaize R. said...

Stage Fright is the book I'm reading
in Reading Workshop. I feel like I'm at home in an everyday situation. I feel like I'm in a everyday situation because Sara,the person that is telling the book is being defended by her dad. Sara is getting in trouble by her mom because her mom wants her to have an experience on stage with an audience but Sara doesn't like being seen. Her dad understands because he's the same way.
Then there's a part of me that's thinking "what's wrong with her and she has to grow out of her fear of stage fright at some point of time. I want to be a singer so I have no stage fright. I get on stage and pretend I'm in my room with nobody watching. And it works out just fine.

Brooklyn E. said...

The book I am reading is called Skeleton Creek. This book I can't put down.

In this book Ryan just got out of the hospital a couple days ago and is determined to find out if his town is haunted. He no longer his help from his friend Sara.

Tyler H. said...

In the book Wayside School Gets A Little Stranger. I had a couple of feelings in the book.

One of my feelings was sad because there is a school that is closed for repair. Its sad because there are students that goes up to the door then the students will sadly walk away.

A different feeling would be curious. I would say curious because the repairmen Louis kept hearing noises of a cow saying "Moo" and he kept running inside of each classroom and trying to figure out where the noise is coming from. I'm curious about Whats the noise coming from and when will the school open?

Tabitha L. said...

The book I'm reading called makes me feel happy and sad but mostly sad.

This book makes me feel this way because The character is confused. Janie feels confused because one day when she was at school she got a milk out of the box and when she read the back it had a picture of her on the back with big letters across the top that says (MISSING).

The reason why I think the book is happy is because when Janie went outside to help reeve rake leaves he took a hold of her and through them both in the leave pile together and they kissed, and the reason why I think that's happy is because that was her first kiss and it was one of the guys she really liked.

Katie R. said...

In The Reading Workshop I just finished reading Poison Plate. In Poison Plate the author makes the book like a mystery book. The main character is named Mark. Both of Marks parents die so Mark has to move in with a family that owns a restaurant. One night Mark saw someone break into the restaurant. Some people think Mark broke in because whoever did, they did not take anything. Then about a week later a famous food critic comes to the restaurant to test their food. Then the next day the food critic ends up in the hospital because of food poisoning. Now Mark is trying to find out how the food critic got poisoned. So my feelings about the book it curious.

Chase said...

The book I am reading in Reading Workshop is Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen.The book I am reading makes me feel happy because. He gets a lot of money just by mowing yards.

Another reason why my book makes me happy is that he is sharing stocks with a company that makes coffins. I have a comparison to it because during the summer I mow lawns I get a lot of money.

Heidi V22 said...

In the book The White Fox Chronicles (Escape), by Gary Paulsen I get all kinds of mixed emotions like exited, mad, comparison, sad and wondering. I get the emotion of wondering because I wonder what will happen next.

I get the emotion of comparison because right now I am starting to compare Cody A.K.A. White Fox as a 14 year old Rambo, because Cody sounds like a tough, surviver by-his-own- wits type of guy.

Danny H. said...

The book I'm reading is the author is Rick Riordan.
The feeling of my book is sad.

The reason I think that this book is sad is because Amy and Dan lost their Grand Mother. another example is that Some family members are glad that she is dead. The Holts their Mom said this is a happy occasion.The last example that I'm going to give you is alot of people just came for the money like when people was looking for the the gold invitation to get money or other things if they didn't get a invitation they cursed and yelled.

Shala.S. said...

In The Reading Workshop I am reading Dead Girls Don't Write Letters by Gail Giles. In the book there is this girl named Sunny who has a sister who had died.

In the book one of the feelings I had was that I was feeling sad. I was feeling sad because Sunny's sister had died in an apartment fire in New York, and Sunny's mother is torn into pieces over the death of her daughter. So torn she has to take pills for her nerves.

Another feeling I had in the book was that the first sentence was just exciting. The first sentence was exciting because it said "Things had been getting a little better until I got a letter from my dead sister". It was also exciting because you were thinking now wait a minute I thought her sister was dead. So then you can't wait until the next chapter.

Thank you for reading my comment. Enjoy the book Dead Girls Don't Write Letters by Gail Giles.

DawnB said...

The book I am reading in Reading workshop is Remnants. Remnants is by K.A.Applegate.

One of my feelings with my book is that I am curious that Violet is really bossy because other people in the book said that she could be one of the bad people.

Another one of my feelings with my book is sad because when everybody gets hungry all most all of them had to go look for food and water.The other guys had to stay with someone sick because if they didn't she would get somebody hurt.

Hayley said...

I am reading Ranger's Apprentice The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan. In the book there is a guy named Halt and his Apprentice Will. Will is away with Gilan Halt's other Apprentice before Will. Will and Gilan are in a deserted town. One of the feelings that I have is that I feel scared because Will is in a deserted town and it is pouring rain.

Halt is all alone because he misses Will because Will is not with him. Lady Pauline,Sir
Rodney,Arald are all in a room and are talking about Halt and how he needs a temporary Apprentice. Lady Pauline is letting Alyss be Halt's temporary Apprentice until Will gets back in 1-2 week's.

Cassie D. said...

What I felt in my book as I was read today is happy and a little bit funny, The reason I was happy with what I read is because of the way the characters feel, the characters are always positive and are always saying everything is kira-kira (glittering).
The reason I felt funny today when I was reading is because the main characters mother's favorite word is Shizukani (Hush). The book says she says it all the time and I thought If I were her I would laugh and laugh if my mother said that to me.

Emily said...

In The Reading Workshop I am reading the book Middle school is worse than meatloaf By:Jennifer L. Holm.

In the book there is a girl named Genevieve Davis but she likes to be called Ginny. She is in 7th grade. She is twelve years old. Her dad died when she was a little girl. Her dad went for milk and never came back.That makes me feel sad yet confused.
I don't know how it feels to lose a dad because I still have a dad.I know how it feels to lose a grandfather.
So I guess the reason her dad never came back was because he died when he got crashed into. The book make you wonder what is going to happen next.

Andrew M. said...

In The Reading Workshop I'm reading The 39 Clues: Storm Warning. Storm Warning is the 9th book in the 39 Clues series. It is written by Linda Sue Park. The main characters are Amy, Dan, Nellie, and The Man In Black.

One of the feelings I got when was reading was suspicion. I started getting suspicious earlier in the book when Nellie started making mysterious phone calls and when the Kabra family found them in Jamaica. The Man In Black also showed up right after Nellie made another phone call.

Another feeling I got is surprised. I felt surprised because Amy and Dan started to give up on the clue hunt just because they didn't want to hurt anyone since they're Madrigals. Another reason I felt surprised is because Amy and Dan told Nellie that they wanted to go to the airport and go back to their aunt Beatrice when Nellie took them to The Man In Black.

I also felt scared because Amy and Dan were in a cave in the Bahammas when the tide started to come in. They were all the way back in the cave and the water was already up to Dan's chest. Nellie was guarding the door when The Man In Black came up and started talking to her.

These are the feelings that I got from Storm Warning. I hope others will enjoy this book and the rest of the series as much as Ihave so far.

KyraS. said...

When I read Out of order I feel that it is a very specific like the author Betty Hicks writes it in good detail and uses the right words in the right places. Another thing I feel is that The author likes to have fun with what she writes like there is a little boy in my book named Parker and she makes him act like a fool. Parker and his family go to the cafeteria to eat dinner and there are cicadas every where so Parker asked papa bud if he knew why and he said I don't know but you can eat them and Parker believed him and went and told his family.

Ashlee J said...

The book I am reading is called Skeleton Creek it makes me feel anxious because I want to know what happens next.It makes me feel anxious because I get worried when they go to the creepy house.

It also makes me feel creeped out because what if all this creepy stuff that happens in the book happens to me, like when Sarah goes to an abandoned house and sees someone in the window.

Caitlin W. said...

The book I am reading is called By Stander by James Preller.

The feeling I have in my book is sad because this kid Eric have no friends. Well, Griffin wants to be Eric's friend. Eric wanted to be his friend, but Eric found that Griffin was a lair, a bully and a thief.

That kinda remind me of my old best friend at my old school. Her name was Brittney, when we got in a fight she would tell lie about me. So, I if you were my friend you wouldn't be telling rumor about me, because that is not friendship.

Lindsey Hunter said...

Fade is a book I have been reading in Reading Workshop.

When I read this book, I feel worried because Janie and Cabel are always doing dangerous stuff, Like dealing with drug dealers.

They got to act like they love the druggies to complete the mission for their job with the Captain.

When you are reading this book you don't understand at first, But then it goes into detail you understand. It goes into detail when Janie Gets sucked into peoples dreams because Janie would be driving on the road because Janie was getting sucked into nightmares and she wrecked and it told you exactly where and how long it took Janie to pull out of the dream.

This book makes me curious because The chapters get good at the end and then it stops and changes the subject.

They were talking about Janie and Cables relationship how long they can keep it a secret from everybody at school. Then it changed to there Job which got me confused. But I really like this book.

Vince.N said...

I have only read the first three pages of Scepter of the Ancients.

But it is all ready making me wonder because the book just starts out taking about the sudden death of Gordon Edgley's. If some one sudden died In my family I would be really said.

Nick U. said...

The book I'm reading in Reading Workshop is called Mr. Tucket By Gary Paulsen.

The feeing that I have in the book Mr. Tucket. Is when the Mountain Man went to fight Brian the leader of the Pawnees.

I felt sad because Francis would have no one to depend one and take him to Oregon to his family.

Dustin F. said...

The book I am reading in Reading Workshop is Cobra Strike, By Sigmund Browing. The character in my book is Roy.

The book Cobra Strike is interesting story because Roy tells his life about him being a football player. Witch is interesting because you here some weird things about him ,things like his Coach drinking tobacco spit, thats nasty. That is funny and it makes you want to read more.

This book makes me happy because when I read it makes me think of whats going to happen next. Then if I think of what is going to happen next and I figure it out without reading it makes me happy to figure it out.

The book chapter are weird because the book chapter cuts you off at the climax of the story and it makes you mad because you want to know what is going to happen next in the chapter. Thats what I like about my book.

Sierra W. said...

In the Reading Workshop, I am reading Among The Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix. This book makes me feel anxious to finish reading in a lot of ways.

When I read Among The Hidden, I feel locked up in a small space away from the rest of the world because the main character in my book is locked away in his room. I could only imagine what it would be like to be hidden from the rest of the world.

I can relate to this book when I read it be cause I have two older brothers that are mean to me and pick on me every time they can. The main character of my book has two older brothers that pick on him about him having to hide away in his room when ever they get home from school.

Belle H. said...

In the book I Hadn't Meant To Tell You This, a lot of sad things happen. I think the saddest part is when it talk about Lena's mom walking out on her. I couldn't imagine my mom walking out on me. I really feel bad for Lena because she was close to her mom. Another sad part is when it talked about Marie's mom having Breast Cancer. So far the whole book has been sad but I think it will have a happy ending.

Austin D said...

The book I am reading is Brian's Winter. Brian's Winter is a really exciting and entertaining book by Gary Paulsen.

The part I just read is where Brian killed a moose. He shot it with the war bow, when the moose knocked him down and was going to stomp him to death. Brian stabbed it with the lance. When that happened I was like WOW!

When Brian killed the moose he looked at it for a long time saying things like "she's huge".

Nicholas K said...

The book I am reading is called Air Raid- Pearl Harbor written by Theodore Taylor.The book that I am reading is action packed.

This one part in the book talks about the Arizona burst into flames.The Arizona was a important US navy ship in World War 2.

My favorite part in the book is the battles. It makes you feel like your in a Japanese air plane bombing Pearl Harbor. Or a marine shooting up at the planes. 

Ridge Y said...

I am reading the book Drive-By by Lynne Ewing. This book makes me feel excited, sad, and suspicious at the same time.

The book makes me feel excited because in the book there is a lot of fights and there is a couple of shootings. At first when I read that I think that makes the book exciting. But then I think how I would feel watching my brother get killed. Thats how the book makes me feel sad because I couldn't imagine how sad I would be watching my brother get killed.

This book makes me suspicious because when all the shootings happen and happened it makes you wonder who it is and why are they doing that. It also makes you wonder weather his brother was truly in a gang or not because the police think that's why he got shoot but the brother said he would never be in a gang.

caleb said...

The book that I am reading is The Absent Author. The feeling about my book is what I relate to the character. How I feeling about the character. I am feeling the same way the character.Win Dink gets kidnapped and that's how I am feeling. I wonder how I relate to Wallis Wallace by him.

Jakob S. said...

The feeling I get when I read Drive By. The feeling I get is like an action feeling. Its just a really good book. This boy named Jimmy gets shot by gangbangers while his sister Mina and his brother Tito.

Jimmy told him that the only way you can tell if your in a gang if your dead and those who were going to die. Tito thought he was in a gang from what Jimmy told him. It would interesting to see if he was in a gang. I think they should make a 2 book. because I would like to read it.

Alison G said...

I am reading Party Girl by Lynne Ewing and in my book Kata an Ana sneak out to go to this party dance thing. I feel that they are dumb for sneaking out cause they both go and only one comes back.

I feel sorry for Kata because she is the one who talked Ana into sneaking out with her then Ana gets shot at the party thing, she like feels that it is all her fault cause if she didn't talk her into to it then she still would be alive.

Lisa B. said...

I am reading the book The Seance by Joan Lowery Nixon. This book makes me feel curious.

Like when Lauren gets in the car with Sheriff Norvell and he takes her to the place where Sara was killed. What I was feeling was curiosity, I kept wondering if Sheriff Norvell was going to kill Lauren.

I was curious when Roberta was killed, I kept wondering if the same person who killed Sara killed Roberta. I also kept wondering who killed Roberta?