Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reading Strategies, Connections

Effective readers constantly connect to the text as they read.  Their inner voice  relates the text to their life, other books they have read, and prior knowledge.  Readers with higher levels of comprehension consistently and constantly make connections between the meaning of the words, and background knowledge.

As students build their ability to connect with text, their ability to understand what they read increases.  At times connecting is simple. At others, especially with difficult nonfiction text, connecting and comprehension is difficult.  However, to be a good reader, students must relate what they are reading to what they know and what they have read. 

Students should concentrate on their inner voice and connections.  As they read they should picture themselves in the story and compare themselves to  the characters. 
This brings us to today's question.  Reading Workshop students, as you read your SSR book, what connections did you have?

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Sara said...

In the book I'm reading called Hate List there is a girl named Valerie Leftman. Val is 15 and is having personal issues. Her parents are always fighting, her boyfriend is dead, her friends all hate her and her little brother isn't very helpful. He's always being a pest.

I can relate to a this book to a time that everything in my life was going downhill. About a year ago my parents were fighting a lot and they were going to get a devoice after being married for 17 years. My little sister is always a pest and I had no friends.

I think that in the end of the book Val's life will be straightened out because mine is. I think that she will get her friends back and her brother will not be so annoying. I also think that her parents will stay together and get their problems worked out.

Micah Hines said...

I am reading the book The Car by Gary Paulson. It is a very good book I really like it. It is about a kid named Terry who makes a car and meets a people named Waylon and Wayne who take him on adventures to different places.

I can connect to Terry because one night Terry Waylon and Wayne stay up really late eating pizza and watching movies. I can connect to that because when I have my friends over we have pizza and stay up late watching movies too.

Another connection is Terry wants to know things because he travels with Waylon and Wayne just to learn things. I want to know things and learn new things so I can make a connection there.

Seth V. said...

In Among The Hidden there is a boy who is a third child who doesn’t feel like he should be alive. I can connect this to a boy who was in my class in fourth grade he just hated everything and did not think he should be alive. He was very nice sometimes but then other times he hated everyone in the school.

This boy was a foster kid who like I said he just didn’t believe that he should be alive. I wish I could have got to know him better but he didn’t like very many people. He would also scream and yell because he didn’t like being stared at. The one thing that he liked doing was science things like experiments and things like that.

The boy in the book just didn’t like getting saw at all. He only cared to see his parents and the rest of his family. He hated all of the government personal because they wouldn’t let family’s have third children and his mom and dad had him as a third child. He did have one thing he liked doing and that was looking at the family’s leave out of the neighborhood.

Megan B. said...

In the Reading Workshop I read ReVamped by Lucienne Diver.The main character is Gina. It is a very good book.

I had very little connections with this book.One connection was Gina was being rushed and fell down the steps on her butt and all most broke her tail bone. I connected with that because when I was nine I was playing tag at my grandpa's and I was up on the second floor and I almost got tagged when I was running down the stairs so I jumped when I was half way down and I landed on my butt at the bottom and almost broke my tail bone.

Another connection was that Maya was always bossing everyone around and telling them to shut up when she's talking, but she ended up getting hurt for being to bossy. I connected with that because I was bossing my little brother around last week and he wouldn't listen to me and kept on talking to me and wouldn't let me finish so I told him to shut up and he told me no and started to punch me and kick me. I'll tell you what my little brother is tough for a little six-year-old because it hurt and I regret being mean to him.

Rhianna Lucas said...

In the Reading Workshop we are working on an assignment about making connections in your book. One connection I had in my book was when I was reading Last Shot, there was one part of the book when the main character shot a buzzard beater.

I remember when I went to this one basketball game last year and one of the players shot a buzzard beater. In the book the character made a buzzard beater shot to win the game. The player's shot was just one to pump up the game to end it. It was a perfect three to end it.

I still remember the excitement of that game. The characters, in the book, that were in the stands were jumping up and down with excitement. That was how it was at the Logan Elm game. All the players flooded the court. It was amazing. I've seen a lot of buzzard beaters before so I could relate to that part of book real well.

Nick U said...

One way I can make a connection to the main character in the book that I'm reading is we like to get our sleep because in the book they are catching beavers and he has to catch the beaver and then reset the traps and then skin it.

Another way I can make a connection to the main character is when you been around somebody for along time and they leave it feels like there is a big hole in the world and nothing can fix it.

Jessica W. said...

I had several connections when I read this book. One connection I had was that, in this book Luke and I are about the same age and are both the youngest of 3. But Luke's Mom only has 3 boys and my mom had 3 girls

Another connection in the book I have is that Jen and I have a connection. One of the connections we have is that Jen wants to stop hiding and make a change in lives of many and I want to change lives of many by stopping cancer.

In the book, Among The Hidden, there is a lot of differences also. One major difference is that there isn't any population rule, and we don't have to hide any children. It would not be good if we had to hide the 3rd (or up) child. A lot of children would hid. All of these people would have to hide in my class that I know of ; Rhianna, Micah, Sara, and Me .)

Lindsey Hunter said...

The book I am reading in Reading Workshop is Fade by Lisa McMann.

The connection I made with my book is, when Janie and Cabel where working on a case. Cabel was not happy with using Janie as bait to catch a Sexual Predator. Who they think is a teacher at their school.

I can relate to that because my Aunt has a dangerous job. She is kind of like Janie because Janie is doing a dangerous job. Janie's Boyfriend Cabel hates the idea of Janie's job.

The parts in the book Fade relate to my life by my aunts job. It is dangerous because her job is really bad. I think her job is dangerous but she doesn't.

But I think she quit her job. She has a lot of guys who fight over who's going to marry her, she has a boyfriend and A child with him so I think this is kinda like Janie and Cabel. I think that because they are boyfriend and girlfriend and a lot of guys hit on Janie.

Caitlin W. said...

The book I had read SuperFudge. My connection I had made was Fudge is kinda like, and my little brothers Tanner and Owen and my little sister Madaline want to be baby again like Fudge.

Sometime Owen, Madaline and Tanner don't want to be call by their name, like Owen like to be call Rocky, Madaline like to be call Maddy, and Tanner like to be call Tanman. They are just like Fudge because Fudge real name is not Fudge he just like to be call Fudge.

If Owen, Madaline or Tanner don't get call by the name they want to be call. They will ignored except Madaline. Madaline will answer yes when you call her Madaline, Maddy or Monkey. They more likely like Fudge, but some part aren't not like fudge like Owen and Tanner.

Blaize R. said...

The connection I made in my book, The Real Me by Patricia Aks with the character named Wendy, is she's creative and likes art.

Wendy is creative by helping her mom named Denise come up with a name for the art gallery Art Ventures. Wendy is also creative by asking some of her friends to help out at the art gallery to for some extra help that may be needed. Wendy friend Ginny helps arrange the art work while her other friend Carl to help hang them, cause he owed her one anyway.

Wendy likes art be figuring out the mysteries in some of the paintings that other's couldn't figure out. Sometimes the mysteries just go on forever like in the art gallery everyone was puzzled on finding where the nose was in a Picasso portrait of a women. There was voices everywhere. Some was saying that the nose was under her chin, behind her ear, and some even said it was in her hair. She thought that the portrait was interesting and a mystery but the observations these people were making is ridiculous.

Tyler Hart said...

I had a connection with Lucy. She is in the book called, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Lucy is the youngest of the four kids in the book. The start of the book Lucy and her two brothers and her sister were playing hide and seek. Lucy opened a door to a room and there was only a wardrobe. She opened the door of the wardrobe and went inside. She walked back slowly and stepped on snow. After so long at Narnia. She came back and told brothers and sisters about what was inside the wardrobe. They didn't believe Lucy.

The connection that I had with Lucy is when you do something that you can believe. This one time I was playing my football game( Madden 11) and I had two trips in the red zone. Then a thing came up on the screen that two trips, three touchdowns and zero field goals. It really made me wonder, why I had three touchdowns on to trips in the red zone. The connection with Lucy is that when you do that you believe then you go tell someone. The person that you tell might not believe you.

Stephen D said...

The previous book I just read was Summer Reading is Killing Me I had connections with the character Fred because we both get in trouble with someone. Fred and me both like to go skating.

I am alike with Fred because he always is with someone when he goes somewhere and when I'm out in the woods or something I'm with my brother Jordan. Fred was showing off with his new skate's to show off sometimes I show off some times. Fred punched Sam because he was not a good magician, one time Jordan showed me a trick and he said I couldn't figure it out so I did and I pushed him because I found out what the trick.

When Fred gets mad he likes to hit people When I get mad at my brother Jordan I hit him a lot. Fred did a twist of his bed one time Eric made me do a twist by grabbing me and yanking me down! When Fred does not know what to do he scratches his head I usually just scratch my arm.

Katie R. said...

In The Reading Workshop, I am reading a book called My Last Best Friend. In My Last Best Friend, the main character named Ida had a best friend named Elizabeth that had moved away.

This book connects with me because, in the beginning of the year I had a friend named Mollie. Mollie had been my friend since the fourth grade. Then at the beginning of this year Mollie had to move away just like Elizabeth in My Last Best Friend.

I can also make connections with this book because when Mollie moved I didn't get to say goodbye to her because I didn't find out she was moving until after she moved. In My Last Best Friend Ida didn't get to say goodbye to her best friend Elizabeth.

Shala S. said...

In The Reading Workshop I am reading Because Of Anya, by Margaret Peterson Haddix. We were asked how do we connect to the character. This is how I am connected to the character Keely.

In the book Because Of Anya there is this girl named Keely. I connect with Keely because, she is usually the one who is always quite and thinks of other people. I can relate to this because I am usually the quite one. In class i usually never talk unless I'm spoken to.

Kelley also tries to help people in their situation, and doesn't pick sides. I relate to this because I never pick sides and I always try to help people when they need it. Like this one time my friend had a problem with a boy and said which one is right? I said your both not right.

This is how I connect with the character Keely in the book Because Of Anya. Thank you for reading this. I hope you enjoy the book!

Mark S. said...

The book that I chose to write about having connections is Last Shot. Last Shot is a basketball book about two reporters that get to go to the Final Four. . The action in this book reminds me about mystery books cause you don’t know what happens next.

One of the connections I can make from my book to me is that, I like the sport Basketball and when they get to report about sports it makes me thing of I want to be when I grow up. I want to be a sports Broadcaster and the book reminds me of that. Also when I think of Stevie I think of someone who I know because they are both Short and is always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Some of the things that happen to Stevie is that he gets stopped a lot from doing what he wants, I can relate to that cause his parents are like easy-going but they have a lot of strict rules. but my parents are easy-going too but have a few strict rules.

The whole book Last Shot is about how they figure out how they are going to solve their problem, I can relate to that cause sometimes I find myself in a problem that I have to fix. Another thing I can relate to with Stevie is they way that he acts.

Danny H. said...

A book that I can relate to is Vladimir Tod. The reason I think I relate to the book is because Vlad has relative die and I have had a relative . Another way that I can relate to Vlad is we both have had someone betray us.

In the book where Vlad figures out that his dad lied to him is away I can relate to when he told me that I got a new game. Another way I can relate to Vlad says he his dad is tall my dad is tall.

The last thing that I can relate to is that we both have friend's. I recommend this book to people who like mystery's and vampire book's. Always remember to comment and check out my other post's.

Andrew M. said...

I can relate to Dan in The 39 Clues: The Emperor's Code because he is very adventurous and pretty strange. Although Dan has an older sister, I have two older brothers that are always picking on me like Amy is Dan. I have a sister in law that is always watching out for me like Dan's au pair Nellie is him. Dan is really funny and I can usually find a way to make people laugh depending on what they like.

Dan likes all kinds of food (such as pizza, Chinese, Mexican, etc.) but I only like certain foods (like pizza, chicken fingers, hamburgers, etc.) Dan likes all sports but I only like soccer. Dan gets to go to all kinds of countries, but I only go to places in the U.S.A. Dan has a lot of family members, but my family is not split up into different branches like Dan's family.

I can't really connect very much to the characters in the 39 Clues books but that is only because Dan and the other characters go to places like Java, Mt. Everest, The Great Wall of China, and a lot of other places. They also get to try a lot of exotic foods and meet foreign people. I don't. But these are the connections that I can make with Dan from the 39 Clues:The Emperor's Code and the rest of the series.

DawnB said...

The book I am reading in reading workshop is Indian Captive. One of my connections with my book is when Molly is scared the first day she got to the Indian village. I can relate to that because when I go somewhere new or to a place I do not know I get scared or nervous.

Another connection with my character is when Molly had to do stuff and help the Indians do chores and she didn't want to. I am like that sometimes because I do not want to do my chores sometimes. Molly is just now starting to like Indian things and me I see Indian pictures and Indian statues with horses all the time when I am at my grandma's house.

With the other characters I can't really relate with them. And there is sometimes that I can't relate to Molly like when she has an Indian nickname and I do not.That is all I can think of connections with my book.

Ridge Y said...

I am reading a book called Summer Ball by Mike Lupica. It is a very good book and is part and is part of a series. I would recommend this book to sports fans, you would love it.

I have a connection with the main character Danny Walker. Our connection is that we both love basketball. In the book Danny is always playing or talking about basketball and thats how I am in real life. Danny also practices basketball all the time against his friends and I am always going against my brother and my friends.

This is a great book and Mike Lupica really keeps you guessing. This is a book I would highly recommend to basketball fans because thats all the book is about. I hope more people will read this book because I think they will like it.

Alex H. said...

The book I reading is called Star Girl and I can relate to the book because there is a girl called Star Girl and she likes to do things for other people. I can relate to her because I like to do thing for other people.

Here is a examples from the book. One time Star Girl brought some flowers that were violets for a person and she did not even know the person. I would not have given flowers to a person I didn't know.But I would have given them to a person I did know.

So there is a example of how I relate to the book I am reading in Reading Workshop.This book is really good book. There is a lot of stuff to relate to.The book Star Girl was writen by Jerry Spinelli .

Hayley said...

One connection in Ranger's Apprentice with Halt is that I know what it feel like to be annoyed. Will ask Halt a lot of different questions. My sister Sydney had Ashton her friend over and Ashton asked constantly " Will you give me a piggyback ride Will you give my a piggyback ride" every single minute all of the time.

Another connection that I have with Will is that I know what it feels like to be rejected. Will got rejected from Battle school because he was to little and to tiny. When I was little I was rejected from everything that I wanted to do. I wanted to be Offensive in soccer but I was not good enough because I could not take the ball from other players.
I just though that it was mean.

Another connection that I have with Ranger's Apprentice is that I have a connection with Gilan is when they are trying to find the Kalkrar is that Gilan has to give his Ranger Horse. Will has to ride his horse and Gilan's horse to The Gorlan Ruins. " They're the ruins of Castle Gorlan, Morgarath's former fiefdom "

Alison G said...

In the book The outsiders by S.E HINTON. It is the best book but I think boys would like The Outsiders more than a girl would.

Ponyboy is the main character. I can relate to Ponyboy because his older brothers that stick up for him and he don't have no sisters. my brothers stick up for me most of the time and I also don't have any sisters. Ponyboy and I are kinda different to because he is a boy and I'm a girl. so we don't have a lot of things in common.

caleb said...

In my book , the Deadly Dungeon, I connect to this book because Dink and Josh and Ruth take a trip to a castle. I connect to this because when my family takes a trip to Florida we drive like they did.

When I was in Florida we hunted for crawdad and in my book the kids go on a boat and watch them get lobsters. I wasn't on a boat but we were both on an ocean.

I connect to the character, Dink because he likes to explore with his brother and sister. I don't explore castles but I explore the woods with my brothers.

Jared B. said...

I'm like White Fang (the wolf) because, He has the feelings and emotions like me. White fang is shy and gets angry or raging real easy like me. I get angry when someone makes me mad and I'm shy around "new" people I first meet. If White Fang were to be a real person like me he would probably have the same personality and behavior as me, Angry, weird and shy. Theres probably 1 thing different between me and White Fang that I'm a person and White fang is a wolf.

Relating to the book is cool because you can find out what you and the character have in common. Ex: A book character with a movie character see what they have in common and how their different. Sometimes you and the book character or main character can be alike and sometimes completely different.

If I were to be like White Fang for a day I would be good with that because, White Fang is adventurous and brave and most the time shy. White Fang is a wolf but I think me and him could connect. I only read a little bit through the book like from page 1-45 but it tells you a lot about White Fang. Me and white fang connect because White fangs brave and strong. I'm strong, White Fang is outgoing (not shy). But I'm shy we both have things in common and different.

Sierra W. said...

In The Reading Workshop, we are making connections with the book we are reading. I am reading Chasing Yesterday by Robin Wasserman. I can connect to this book in a lot of ways. Now I have to do is tell you.

One way I can connect to this book is how the main character, J.D, has a best friend, Daniel, that will do any thing for her. I can connect to this because I have a best friend and I can rely on her to help me through rough times. Anytime I need help, my friend Ashlee is there for me. If something is going on and I need to talk to someone, I know I could go to her and rely on her to keep a secret and I know she has my back no matter what. Like when Daniel was getting pushed around, J.D was there to help him. She had his back like a true friend should do.

Another way I can connect to this book is how J.D had a life that was based on lies and secrets. I can relate to this because, my big sister Tiffany and I have different dads and everyone always told us we had the same dad and having to different last names didn't mean anything. We were close. At least until she turned 8. That is when her real dad showed up at the house. It was also the day Tiffany and I weren't as close any more, we were different. We even treated each other different. Nothing will ever be the same.

That is only two reasons how I can connect with my book. If only I could figure out how to put the other ways in words. Well I guess I can't... for now.

Brooklyn E. said...

In Reading Workshop I am reading a book called Among The impostors by Margaret Peterson Haddix. We are making connections with are book we are Reading Workshop.

My connection is were Luke went out of school and almost got caught coming back in. My connection I had is were my brother went outside and slammed the door behind him and almost woke up my mom when she was a sleep.

My other connection is when Cody and his friend was playing a game and Chase and asked if he could play and they said no. In the book Mathew and mark Lukes two brothers were playing chess and Luke asked if he could play and they screamed no. That is just two of the connections I made with this book.

Cade V. said...

In Reading Workshop we are supposed to comment on a post about the connections we have to our book. I am reading Kidnapped, by Gordan Korman.

I can make a connection when Aidens friend Richie came to his house in the middle of the night to talk about his sister getting kidnapped. I can make a connection when my neighbor came over and rang the door bell and woke us up because their smoke alarm went off and they saw smoke and didn't know where it came from.

I can also connect to the book when Richie came over the second time the FBI agents said "Don't worry he didn't get tackled this time." I can connect when my neighbor brought her dog over my dog tackled it. The second time my dog could really care less.

Ashlee J said...

In the book Chasing Yesterday #2 Betrayal the girl is unidentified and I made the connection that when people first meet me they don't know me to them I am unidentified. I am made another connection when the book said that she is unconscious, I just thought of that like when in a movie someone got knocked out. Also I made the connection when the book says that J.D is searching for answers about her past and what happened in her past,and I ask my mom or dad about all the crazy stuff I did when I was little.

When J.D thinks nothing is important, I thought about all of the people who don't really care about anything like the people who just kill themselves. Also when J.D is looking for more information about her past because she can't control her powers and I was thinking about when I can't control my attitude, that is like her not being able to control her powers. In the book it says her heart pounding as she raced down the hall searching for an exit, that made me think because when I am playing softball I am running to get to the base.

Also in the book when it says J.D snuggled deeper into the sleeping bag, I thought when I am in my bed sometimes I snuggle deeper under the covers. J.D and Daniel exchanged awkward looks, is like the time I was looking at my friend funny because she said something weird. Another connection I had with this book is when it says J.D's mind was a cloudy swirl of emotion, I was like that one time because I was so worried.

Chase said...

The book I was reading I had a connection with was Safe at home by Mike Lupica. The connection was that we both play baseball. He also played the same position which is catcher.

some other connections I had with him is that I am the only one in my family who likes sports. Another connection is that we both think we belong in another family. The biggest connection that we have is that we both love baseball.

Another connection that we had is that we both like the same baseball player. Another one that we had is that we both hate doing homework and that we do not get the best grades.

tiffanyc22 said...

A book that I relate to is Where Where the Red Fern Grows. The book is about a boy and he wanted two dogs. The boys' father told him that he has to save money to get his two dogs. the way that we relate is the boy got two beagles. The beagles that he had died. I had two beagles but now I only have one. The reason why I have one is because one of mine died.

Where the Fern Grows is a book the a I lake a lot after. I am saying that because most of the time I had to go through some things that the boy had to go through. Some of the things were very sad, like when the dog died, and when We tried to keep dog from dying. The boy tried to save it by putting a big bandage all around it. We tried to but our dog was yelping.

The reason why I wanted to write about this book is because the book and I have a lot in common. Another reason why I wrote about Where the Red Fern Grows is because I like it. I also wanted to write about this book because there was no other book that I know of that I am related to.

Belle H. said...

Have you ever had a connection with a book or a character? That is what happened to me. I just started a book called Abel's Island, I'm only on page ten and I made a connection!

In the book Abel's Island there is a really bad storm that blown down trees and had thunder and lighting. I remember when there was a bad storm like that last summer. The wind was going crazy and you can see the lighting from over the hills. I think the worst part of the storm was the thunder. In both the story and real life the thunder was terrible.

I really like the book Abel's Island. I think the farther I get in the book the more connection I will have. What book are you reading? Have you ever made connections in your book? Do you think you will make more?

Emily said...

Shelter Dog might sound weird to relate to but it is true. I like Kirby(a dog) I can really relate to her. Like how she was so broken hearted when she finds out she lost some one really important to her. She lost her owner I lost my papaw Roger he was a great man her owner was a man the both were the same age when they died.They both were about 66 when they died.

Kirby was not able to keep her a motions in nether was I. We both cried for a long time. The only we both stopped crying by getting loved on. If you what to see if you relate to a dog in this book go to Shelter Dogs .com/to perches a book. That is where I went to get my book.

The thing Kirby and I have not a like is that Kirby lived in a pound after her owner died. After my Papaw died I went to my Memaw for 3 weeks.But I got to go home Kirby had to stay there until some one would adopt her.That is how I can relate to my book.