Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Igniting the Light of Success

Does Katy Perry's song Firework apply to you?  If there were no limits and you could accomplish anything, what would you do?  

The latest song we are singing as part of Reading Workshop to help build fluency and vocabulary has a terrific message. 

You don't have to feel like a waste of space
You're original, cannot be replaced
If you only knew what the future holds
After a hurricane comes a rainbow

Maybe you're reason why all the doors are closed
So you could open one that leads you to the perfect road
Like a lightning bolt, your heart will GLOW
And when it's time, you'll know

You just gotta ignite, the light, and let it shine
Just own the night like the 4th of July

What about it Reading Workshop students?  If you could accomplish anything, what would it be?  Ditch the limits.  Don't let anything stop you, because you can do anything if you set a goal and work hard.


Lindsey Hunter said...

When I'm 20 years old I want to make a change to my life. When most people are 20 and they graduate they move but you got to have plans for life in my opinion.

I already kinda know what i want to do when I grow up I want to work in an office because I love all that stuff. the other day I was talking to my older brother and he was talking about what he wanted to do after he graduates and moves out.

Well he asked me what I wanted to do and I said stuff that includes offices and paper and writing and he said wow it's like you know what you want to do when you grow up.

I made a difference in what my older brother wanted to do with his life it wasn't exactly what I wanted to do but it made him make up his mind. Logan wants to be in something like my dad's bosses job.

Which is taking care of all the paper work and the calls for the job sites and were the go and renting hotels and making the checks. Now I can look back say I changed my brothers life.

Nick U said...

If I could do anything I would have to finish school and don't fall back. Thats what I what to accomplish in my life.

I what to finish school because I what to get good so I wont be in trouble all the time. But thats not the main reason why I what to finish school. I want to have a good education and go to college to be what I want to be. Thats what I want to accomplish in my life.

Seth V. said...

If I could change one thing in my life that would have to be forgiven for all of the stupid things that I have done. This would have to be the number one thing that I would want to be changed in my life. Because I have done some stuff that a twelve year old shouldn't be doing because he was stupid. I have done some of those things when I know I shouldn't be.

I wish so much I could start my life over and change it completely. Like two years ago I caused my mom and dad to almost get divorce because I did something stupid that I shouldn't have done. I have also caused tons of fights between mom and dad and other people. So this is what I would like to have changed in my life. said...

If there was anything I could do in life without anyone trying to stop me I would make my dream come true, to be a singer.
This has been a dream for me for four years. It's meant to come true. I have even started singing in karaoke contest in the Pumpkin show,and placed eighth out of the top ten. I was so happy when I got the news and I'm going to do it again,but better.
There's the people who have no faith in me but then there's the ones who encourage myself to follow my dream and make it come true. The ones who encourage me, and myself are the most important people to me.
Just because I don't talk very loud doesn't mean anything. Wait until you actually hear me and then tell me that you still don't believe in me. And if you still don't, well that's your opinion not mine. I still have the ones who encourage me.

Micah Hines said...

If I could do anything in the world I would have a couple of things that I would do.

I would join the NBA and play for the Boston Celtics and lead them to the NBA Championship because the Boston Celtics are the best team in the NBA at least thats what I think. I would play with Rajon Rondo and Michael Jordan because I think Rajon Rondo and Michael Jordan are amazing.

I would get a free basketball scholarship to Ohio State because I love basketball and that would be amazing or get a free scholarship to Harvard I would do that because I would have a great education and get a really good job.

Rhianna Lucas said...

If someone were to remember me in some special way, when I grow up, I would like to be remembered as the girl at Logan Elm that was All Ohio softball player in softball. I want to be known as the best shortstop that hit Logan Elm. I want to make varsity in softball as a freshmen. I want to be the leader of my softball team, who lead this team to be district champions.

Softball is my life. I've played softball since I was a little girl. My sister, Rebekha, is left handed and she made All Ohio as a senior. She made varsity her freshmen year. She lead her team to be district champions as a senior. Everyone knows Rebekha at Logan Elm. That's how I want it to be for me. She is my remodel in softball. I have the same goals as her, even bigger ones.

I want to be the best shortstop at Logan Elm. I want to be even better than Rebekha. I really do think that I can accomplish these goals. It might take hard work and frustration but I'll be on top. Once I'm done with high school I would like to get a full ride to a college.

Megan B. said...

If I were to accomplish anything it would be to stop animal abuse.

Every day animals are getting abused and neglected. Because of this some animals can't survive and die. You can't imagine how many animals get abused and abandoned every day.

When I grow up I plan on saving as many animals lives that I can even if it means even if it means breaking into peoples houses and and taking their pets. Animals don't deserve to be abused and I plan to put a stop to it.

Animals have feelings too just like people. Animals have the right to be treated like they're living things.

Some people use their pets for fights which is not right. Some animals get hurt really bad in fights and even die!

It makes me so mad and sad on how people treat animals so please don't be one of those people who abuse and neglect their pets. Remember animals have feelings too.

Ashlee J said...

If there were no limits and I could accomplish any thing I would be a famous singer. The reason why I want to be a singer is because I love to sing and it would just be a dream come true to be a famous singer. Singing this song and all of the other songs we sing will really help me when I get older.

Also I want to be a famous singer because I think it would be cool to be known all around the world. I would be rich and I could give some of my money to help out the poor and the orphans. Another thing I will do with all of the money I want to be able to help my family.

Brooklyn Ebert said...

If I can accomplish any thing it would probably be a horse racer. Ever scene my dad got me my first horse I wanted to be one and I do think I can accomplish this.

The reason I think I can accomplish this is because when I was in 4-H I got 1st place in barrels and 2nd in poles with my horse Scout.

I hope I do accomplish this. If I never quit trying.

Austin P. said...

If I could do anything in the world I would have a couple of thing that I would do.
One of the things would be growing up and becoming a professional baseball player.Because I want to fallow my dads foot steps but he didn't get to be a professional base ball player Because he quit.

Jessica W. said...

If I were to accomplish anything it would be to stop cancer.

It has taken the lives of many loved ones. Last years Relay For Life was a great experience. Walking many laps knowing your helping many people. Last year our school of Laurelville Elementary raised 2500 to 4999 dollars for the American Cancer Society. Laurelville won a silver metal award for raising that much money for cancer.

My dad and my grandma had cancer. Only one survived. I never even got to see her she died when my mom was 16.

I used to know a little 3 year old boy named Tatum, he had cancer. He had many different tumours in his little body. Unfortunately he fought it for a long time, then just gave out. It was a tragic moment for many people.

Mark S. said...

When I am older I want to be known as the greatest sports Broadcaster ever! I think it would be a very good a challenge thing to do but I could manage with it. Listening to some of the people on tv makes me want to have that job.

It would be a great job and being known for that would change the rest of my life and when people would look back they would be like hey do you remember that Broadcaster that would not stop talking about LeBron James, and was so mad the he went to mami?

Stephen D said...

In 10 years I want people to know me as an really athletic person. Hopefully I will get an scholarship for football. I want to go to Ohio state. This is a really big thing I want to accomplish in life!

So I want people to know me as an really athletic person! It would be really cool to be an college football player. So I want people to know me as that it would make me just feel really good about myself. It would be the main thing for me to accomplish in life.

Shala.S. said...

If I were to accomplish anything it would I would choose to be a animal rescuer.

I want to accomplish being a animal rescuer because there are so many animals that are neglected and have diseases. They just need help.

One time I was taking a walk and I was walking past a house I seen this dog in a cage. You could see its bones. The dog had scratches all over its body. It was making like a whining noise. It keep on doing it. It looked like it has been neglected. I felt so sorry for it.

This is why I want to be an animal rescuer. You may not know this but a lot of animals out there are abused and neglected. Some even have diseases, and they can't get help.

Nicholas K said...

If I would do anything it would be going to college. I always wanted to be a scientist. The only way I could be a scientist is go to college.

The college I want to go to is Ohio State University. I will be a lot smarter during college. I would be a astronomer and on the side I would be a storm chaser.

Alan said...

Alan S.-Inventor-Video Gameing Extraordinare-Christian youth group leader-A.S.P.C.A member-Animal rescue activist-Olympic gold medal fencer of Royal Arts Fencing Academy-Illustrator

This is what I want to be known as. I have a lot of dreams. I will accomplish them all!! So I`d better get started!

Katie R. said...

If I were to accomplish anything it would be stop animal abuse. Everyday hundreds of animal's are getting abused and when I grow up I want to stop that.

Some animals don't even survive, people just leave them to suffer. Then other people, if they don't want their pets the just abandon them on the side of the road instead of taking it to an animal shelter.People think it's okay to abuse animals, but it's not. Animals have feelings too.

Austin D said...

I want to be a video game designer when I grow up.
I want to be a Video Game Designer because I play video games a lot and I already have some ideas made up in my head. My first type of video game I would make is like first person shooter games like Call Of Duty.
I would make sure it had Nazi Zombies where you don't have to beat the campaign Like Call Of Duty Black Ops. Call of Duty World At War if you don't have play station network or Xbox Live you have to beat the campaign.
I want to be remembered for making video games when I grow up.

Danny H. said...

If I can accomplish anything I would want to be a person who made video games.the first time I ever wanted to make video games is when my dad let me play his Xbox.

My dad thought me how to play games when I was 6 years old.He always won until I practised.

I always seen this guy named Cris and he is the master at video games.But I don't know what happened to him.

Tyler H. said...

When I grow up, I want to be a baseball player.

I would want to get a scholarship at Ohio State to play baseball. I would like to play at Ohio State because that has been my favorite college since I was 5. I think Ohio State has so much history and I think Ohio State will be a good college for me.

I would like to play in the major leagues. I would really like to play for the San Francisco Giants. They are my favorite baseball team. When I'm playing for the Giants, I would put all my effort into it and win a world series.

I would like to be known as a person who is very athletic.

Heidi V22 said...

When I grow up I want to be known as the goofy, different, strange, not into rap, hip-hop and pop type person. I want to be known as strange because I already know that some people think of me as weird and strange and so I don't want to change.

I may be 12 but I still like to play with Barbie's and make clothes for them
but I do not feel peer pressured to grow up. I also want to be known as the very crafty and messy person, messy because I am to where my [sister] wants to clean my closet for me.

Jared B. said...

When I grown up I want to play football.

If I accomplish this dream of playing football I would be rich, then I could have a good life to live. School is going very good right now so I could definitely play football. It all matters on your grades to accomplish a school goal or dream.
If I could accomplish something else It would to Christian in church. I've been going to church a lot lately and I've loved it.

Cassie D. said...

That one thing that would make me feel successful in life would be to become a Doctor. The reason I would like to become a Doctor in the future is because my mom has had repeated surgeries and I think about all the people who need surgeries and need them right away but no doctors to give them their needs.

Also the people who never even go to the hospital because they don't have enough money to afford it so I would make it so money or no money they could get better. I'm not exactly sure how yet but if becoming a doctor ever happens I will figure it out.

Andrew M said...

This may sound strange to most people but it is very special to me. If I could be anything, I would be a roller coaster designer. One that everyone knows about.

I would want to become a roller coaster designer out of all the other jobs in the world mainly because I love roller coasters. For a person like me, just to watch a roller coaster is amazing. I have loved roller coasters ever since I was a little kid.I just tried riding some roller coasters just this past year, that I had never ridden before.

Since people barely ever know the name of even one roller coaster designer, I want to become one that everyone knows and remembers. Almost every day, I get on the computer and look up some kind of roller coaster. So if I could become anything in the world without any limits, I would be a roller coaster designer.

To achieve my goal of being a famous roller coaster designer I will have to go to college for engineering and do really good in math. That is my goal in life.

Alison G said...

In about 10 0r 15 years when I'm older and I can do anything without being stopped nothing could hold me back I would want to make a big change in my life by doing Volleyball I love to play volleyball it is really fun. If I want to do something else to and I went to college for whatever it was that I changed my mind to i could still play volleyball for my college.

DawnB said...

If I accomplish anything it would probably be a softball player and go to college to get a good education.

I would probably softball player because I have always played ever since I was in first grade.My mom and dad have tried to get me to play other sports when I was little but all I wanted to do was play softball.And it is my dream ti become a professional softball player.

I also would go to college to get a full education.I told my dad I didn't want to go when I was littler but now that I am older I want to go to college and get a good education because now school isn't that bad.

Jakob S. said...

I would like people to know me as one of the best running backs in College and maybe NFL history. I play football right now. My positions are running back and wide receiver. one of my goals are trying to get the Heisman trophy award. I dont think I'll get it but I'll try my best and my hardest.

The College football team I would want to go to would be Ohio state University. Ohio state would be a dream come true to my first string running back for Ohio State University and to get the Heisman trophy award. The NFL team I would like to go to would be New England Patriots. They are my favorite team in the NFL.

Hayley said...

When I grow up I want to be a pro soccer player. I want to be in the World Cup and play for Australia.
My coach taught me and other people on my soccer and vary well now I believe that I will be able to be a pro maybe I want to be a softball player to.

I also want to be a softball player. I want to have a scholarship at The University of Florida.I want to play softball because I always thought that it looked interesting.

caleb said...

In 12 years I can't wait till I get older and have a job and a better life. I would like to work at a hunting store.

I would like to have a good life and a good wife and my life would be better and good with a kid.

I hope my wife get a good job too.

Emily said...

In 12 years I want people to know me as a person how is loving to people and animals.I want people to take their pet to me if their pet gets a pain feeling. I want people to look up to me as their role modal.If I could carry out this dream it would make me happy because this has been my dream for as long as I was 5,now I'm 12.

In about 6 years I want a job I also would love to go to college like my parents and have a good job like a Vet.I would love to help animals and people so they could live for a long time. If you see in the bible it says obey thy parent because you live longer. I said that because I what all of us to live for a long time.

I like to be known as a loving person and friend.

tylerw222 said...

When I grow up I would like to be a survival man. I would like to go in the rain forest and survive for a couple of days.

Ridge Y said...

Their are a couple things I want to do when I get older but most of all I want to play in the N.B.A. I know I will more than likely never be good enough but if their were no limits thats what I would do. Thats what would make my life a success along with some other things.

I do work hard and put time in to basketball. I care about it and focus on it. Thats what would make my life a success if I could look back and say I played in the N.B.A. I love basketball but if I don't make it to the N.B.A. I want to be able to look back and say I was a success and I tried hard. Thats what I want when I am older.

KyraS said...

What I want to achieve when I am 20 is get my college degree so I can get my own animal shelter to help and raise animals that are in need. And every time a person leaves my animal shelter I would like to here someone else come in and say my friend told me you were so good with her dog to bring my sick dog in need of much help here and you would do a very nice job.

Dustin C said...

If I could be anything in life it would be a football player because I have played football since I was a little kid.When I was 5 years old I play football with my dad.

Cade V. said...

If I could set a goal and nothing could stop me, that goal would have to be to get through high school and into a great college for baseball.

I have always wanted to play in the big leagues. My favorite team is the Cincinnati Reds.I want to end up on that team. My dad said I have to get good grades to get that far. I'm trying hard to accomplish that.

Vince said...

If I could do anything with my life. I would want to save lives by do something I would love like caching snakes and suppling anti-venom form hospitals.

I want to do this because I have always been fascinated with snakes. So I want to put it to good use.

Belle H. said...

I want to make a difference. I want to be a Pediatrician because want to help people and I have always wanted to work with children.

I think about being a Pediatrician and college all the time. I know that if I'm ever going to be a Pediatrician I have to work for it. That is why I have a plan for college.

I really hope I will get to be a Pediatrician one day and live my dream.

tiffanyc22 said...

When I get older I want people to know me as a great person. I want people to know me as a great person because if you are a bad person nobody will want to be around you because they would think that are mean and aggressive and some people don't want to feel that way.

When I get older I want people to know me a caring person. As I get older I going to start accomplishing thing s like helping people by stopping the abuse. I want to stop the abuse because there are people out there worrying about what is going to happen to their family members.