Monday, September 26, 2011

Do You Know a Lot of Words?

One of the most limiting factors in students' achievement and their ability to read is a poor vocabulary.  If students want to learn more, comprehend better, and be a dynamic writer they must have an extensive vocabulary.  Also, test scores almost always reflect a student's vocabulary.

With this in mind, we will focus even earlier in the school year than normal on vocabulary.  We will be using Rags to Riches on Quia, classroom discussions, and other activities to help build stronger vocabularies.  For easier access to the words assigned each week, take a look in the sidebar.

To see Reading Workshop Vocab lists, assignments, practice links and word meanings, go to the Reading Workshop Vocabulary Page.


Rachael Johnson said...

Ohh, how I wish I could have vocabulary tests again! I only get those in spanish now. I am in high school now and everything is on your own!!! All I can say is always study! If you don't understand something ask, or look it up! In highschool you will find you giving yourself vocab tests! I promise!

Mr. McGuire said...

Thanks for stopping by Rachael. You have some great advise. I am sure you are doing a great job for all of your high school teachers!