Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Working Like Brady

Tom Brady, MVP quarterback and three time Super Bowl winner for the New England Patriots has worked hard to make the most out of his career. Last night on Monday Night Football he passed for a team record 517 yards in a win against the Miami Dolphins

In this video he discusses his road to success.

In your opinion, how does his success relate to success in the classroom?  How can his ideas help you, as a student learn more, earn better grades, and be successful?


Lexi E. said...

In my opinion his success relates to be successful in the classroom by him saying "That someone might be better than me at something but if I keep working hard on improving then I can get just as good as them or even better!" I think what he said then is very true! I have always thought that and always will!

Another way his success relates to being successful in the classroom is that I should always try hard no matter what. I might think that someone's better than me but I never down myself!

The part where Tom Brady says "I always felt I needed to work extremely hard!" That is very awesome and makes me want to work extremely hard too! Also later on in your life you should be successful to by working hard! I will always remember this saying!

Hunter H. said...

Some ways this video can help me as a student is by the quote "I had to work extremely hard".Like if I want to get good grades I have to work extremely hard.
Some other quotes he had are "all the chances and opportunity's he gets I only get two reps". Which relates to me as a student by the chances I get to get a good grade may be small but I have to make them count.

Nichelle C. said...

I think that his success relates to success in the classroom by telling you that you should never give up on anything.

For example if you are a good quarterback you should never give up on trying to be the best quarterback,and in school terms if you are smart and you don't think that you can pass a test you should always keep trying hard you will eventually pass.

His ideas can help me by paying more attention in class and fallow directions that will help me learn more and if I learn more I will know more and get better grades and if I get better grades then, I will be more successful and have a brighter future ahead of me.

Molly C. said...

In my opinion his success relates to me in the classroom and everywhere else by telling me that I should never give up.

Also that I should never get down on myself. If somebody is better than me, so what? That just means that I should try extra hard if I want to be like them.

All his sayings and ideas can help me and everyone else by following directions, not goofing off and just listening. If you can do that than it's amazing what you'll learn which will lead to a very successful life.

Mason S. said...

If I want to be successful like TOM BRADY I will work hard and think positive and challenging myself.

Jaden H. said...

If I want to be successful like Tom Brady I would have to work hard in my classroom and on my classwork. I can be successful by paying attention in class and not goofing off so I get my classwork done right and I spell the words right that I use in sentences on my classwork. I will work hard and I will get grades in class and on homework and classwork and not get bad grades if I work hard.

I work hard in class so I don't get in trouble and have to take time from my work because I get in trouble. I will not hang out with people that will get me in trouble during class and I wont get in trouble if I don't hang out with them. I will do my classwork and get it turned in on time so I don't get in trouble or a bad grade for turning my work in late because if I get bad grades I can't play football if I get bad grades on my schoolwork.

Matt P. said...

A way that Tom Brady's success relates to me is that he said that he worked his hardest. Just how I work my hardest.
An other way that his success relates to me is that he tries to focus. Just how I try to focus.
One more way his success relates to mine is he wasn't very good but he practiced. Just how I study.

Jordan D. said...

Tom Brady said he would try the best he could to be a leader. I would try to help kids that need help in the classroom. He said there is no better feeling after a win. So I would try hard on the test because I would feel good if I pass the test.

Tom Brady said he focus on every play. So I think we should focus on all of our work and get our work done.

Bailey W. said...

I think that Tom Brady's success relates to us is we work hard in class like he does on the field.

Another way that his success relates to us is we have to listen to what other people say. If I am doing a group project in class I need to listen to what everyone thinks and not only what I think. I also need to listen to people in class when I'm helping them on Study Island.

Emily R. said...

Tom Brady's success is similar to the success in the classroom because you should never give up. Sometimes if somethings hard I feel like giving up but I know if you work hard it will pay off.
I know that even though I might be good at something there's always going to be someone better at it. If I work hard at say the achievement test then I'll probably get a good grade. So Tom Brady's success has helped me realize that you just have to work hard at something to be successful.

Kyle B. said...

Tom Brady's success is similar to success in the classroom because the harder you do the better grades you get. When people say there better than you just for get them don't listen keep your head up.

Tom Brady's success will help a lot of peoples career's. Tom Brady will always have a record now. Tom Brady was a 4th QB for the New England Patriots and now he is a star QB.

Trinity W. said...

His success relates to the success in the classroom by telling you that if you want to be successful you have to try, and work hard.
I think that if you want to be successful, there is nothing in the way of stopping you.If you want to have good grades, study hard and do your best.You should never give up no matter what happens in life or in the classroom.
His ideas can help me by if you want to succeed you have to study hard , and try your best at everything no matter if it is for a grade or not.You choose to be a hard worker.Hard workers are people who try their best at everything, tests, worksheets, grades, everything.They also study for tests and that's what I try to do every day

Caleb W. said...

I think that Tom Brady's success is similar to the success that students have in the classroom by making every chance you get count.
If I want to be successful in getting good grades and stuff I would practice every thing that I learned that day so I could get better at it. Every chance I get for extra credit I take because it will give me a better grade in whatever class I'm in.

Also when Tom Brady says that he only got two reps and he kept on practicing until he got three then it turned to four then five then six it helped me to keep on practicing until I got better. When I want to be successful in my work I will work extremely hard to get the grade I want. The video we watched was called Working like Brady.

Keifer M. said...

I think that Tom Brady's success relates to to success in the classroom because he says that you always have to work hard on the field. We have to work hard in school For example if you wanted more "reps" in practice you work harder. So if you want good grades you work harder.

Some of his ideas can help me get better grades because he said that that when he started working hard he was doing more "reps". So instead of earning more reps I would get better grades.

Another idea of his that could help is that you always try. So even if you get a bad grade at least you tried.

kyran said...

I think that there is a part in the video that relates to team work here and learning the thing I think is the thing about success and that part does relate to the fact that we need to work hard for what we want. Or life would be crazy for some people who work hard for others.
And LEADER SHIP and TEAM WORK is very important the team work they are talking about is they work together so they can accomplish there gaols. But there is nothing else that relates to the video, foot ball is a game you play you don't learn from football you learn in school how to add and multiply you don't learn that in foot ball do you ?

hannah s. said...

My opinion is that my success in the classroom is the same as Tom Brady's success because I try my best in the classroom and he tries his best to be a good player.
I try my best on test and I study hard. Tom Brady tries his best and he does a good job. Sometimes I need a little extra help and maybe Tom Brady needed extra help to be a good player that he is .
Kids try to hard to do their best and over work themselves. Tom Brady would be a good role model for many children.

Andrew N. said...

I think Tom Brady's success relates to us by working as hard as we can.Also doing the best we can is another way.

I also think another way is always listen to every one.This relates to me by working hard as I can.If I am working on a project I listen to what every one thinks.

Dakota J. said...

I think Tom Brady' s success relates to achievements in the classroom.Like never giving up gets you a touchdown,in the classroom it gives you a A+ on a paper.I think if more children watched his video we'd have better test scores.

Kids around the world should never give up,because later in life it will help our economy.Brady is a good romodle for kids everywhere

I think he can change kids everywhere .