Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What is Your Dream?

Do you dare enough to dream?  What is your dream?  Although this clip is from a couple of years ago, the power of the song and the message hasn't weakened.


Sidney D. said...

My dream is a small dream. I hope to accomplish it by the end of the summer this year. My dream is to by a good skate boarder. I know it sounds silly coming from a girl. But this is because I want to be better than my brother.I have a good skate board but nowhere to ride. My basement is a good place to ride so I guess I can start there.

Dale said...

My goal is pretty serious I hope I can accomplish it before my life ends. What my goal is in life is to become a professional soccer player. Because I love to play soccer. My coach even told me I could make it as a professional Goalie. Soccer is an awesome sport it truly is a fun sport because you can run and have fun its awesome.

Kami said...

I do dare enough to dream because I would never give up on something I've been wanting to do like forever. My dream is to become an actress. My mom likes the idea so she is trying to get me into Round Town players. I've been inspired from my favorite actresses and even some other people that I know. My church puts on musicals and plays that inspire me so much because it looks like your actually in the theater. Last Friday, I went to my church to watch the Meet Me In St. Louis play. It was awesome because they all knew their parts really well. They put a lot of effort in it and I would to when I for fill my dream. My other dream is to go to Hollywood, buy a store, and open a great BIG candy shop!! :)

Sydney W. said...

My dream is to be on TV. I believe on March, 21st or 23rd. I will be on TV. Its on RFD-TV 9:30 eastern/8:30 central. The show is Small Town Big Deal Hosted by: Rodney Miller. I will be on TV from Pumpkin Show. I am really excited because my dream is finally coming true. (:

Jamie said...

I would like to graduate from school and go to collage. I would like to get a decent job. I would like to be successful in life. I would like to get a nice house and a decent car. If I have any kids I Want no girls and two boys.

Maci said...

My biggest dream is that I would like to accomplish, would be to become a professional softball player.

I want to accomplish that because softball is my life I love softball with a passion. I really hope I can accomplish my dream.

I think about how I can make my self a better player all the time. Softball is fun exciting and you get to meet new people. That is the biggest dream I have.

That is what I dream about. I dream about it because I hope I can fulfill my dream. I know everyone hopes they can fulfill their dream.

That is what I want to do when I get older. Softball is tiring but amazing. From the bruises to the injuries it's all worth it.

I will never give up my dream even though I might not be able to accomplish it I have to keep trying. Follow your dreams don't give up keep trying.

Thank you for reading my comment I hope you understood my reason or point for writing it. Well I hope you like it.

Hailey said...

What is my dream? My dream is to be a professional softball player. The reason I want to be a professional softball player is because I love softball. I just started softball a year ago and I realized how much fun it is. I know softball may take all your energy but it's al;l worth it in the end. I will never give up!

Also I realized how good I am at playing softball.
I just always have so much fun out on the field with all of my friends. In free time that is what I like to do. Softball is my life!

The first thing I will have to do is go to college though. The reason I have to go to college is because you have to become a college softball player before you can become a professional. I will play college softball fist then I will become a professional softball player. I will never give up on my dream to be a professional softball player!

I always think about the day that I will become the one thing that I want more than anything which is to be a professional softball player. I will never doubt my dream! I will do anything to become a professional softball player.

Mason said...

My dream is to be a forgerer which is making metal meteriald stuff like armor, swords and axes. I would like to make swords to sell and show. Making swords will be hard you will have to make a forge and make sure it is hot. You would have to but some metal in the forge burn it till it is red hot then get a hammer and smash it till it gets a sharp edge. Then burn it again and put it in a shape you want it and make a hamdle the same way. And that is my dream!

Gracyn said...

Okay so my dream is that well I go to these horse shows and they are really big and hard with really good people with their horses that are probably coast about 50000 dollars and my horse isn't like that but we still go to horse shows. Well my dream is to get first place their with my horse Lacie. The highest place I have got at just that horse show is 3rd and I really want to get first at that horse show because all the girls that those million dollar horses that just stay in a barn and my horse Isn't like that. I wanna prove to those girls their that it doesn't take a million dollar horse and a million dollar trainer and a million dollar farm to win.

Cody said...

My dream is to help build Lego sets. I love to build with Legos. I play with Lego Star Wars the most. I have had this dream since I was about six years old. I dare to dream. All I know is that I am not giving up this dream. I do not care if people make fun of my dream. I ignore them. I really want to make my dream real. So I try harder in school so I can go to collage so I could make my dream real.

Makayla said...

My dream is not very big it's just to get a good education and have a good job someday. I also have a huge dream that I always keep in the back of my mind, it's to be a professorial singer. I have that hobby of singing. I always loved singing but no one has ever heard me sing except my family and very close friends. I am very shy when someone hears me and I don't want to.

Justin Andedrson said...

My dream is to live in Alaska with my friends and hunt and grow my own food. If my dream comes true I will be one of the happiest people in the world. The reason I want to do this is because I love hunting and fishing and it sounds like a fun and exciting adventure. Just like me going to Florida today.

Abby R. said...

My dream is to be a nurse and go to hocking collage. I want two dogs and three horses. I want two girls Brooklyn and Kaylyn. I want two live in Tennessee. Before I am old I want to move to visit Paris. I want a green Mustain with black stripes. I really hope my dream comes to life.

Heavyn said...

I want to work where my mom is working. She is a district manager for Volunteers Of America which I think is cool. She works in circleville and in Columbus. She is so successful in her work. And all the time I tell her I want to work In Volunteers Of America and why I think Volunteers Of America is a cool place.
Here are some reasons why I want to work where she does . Because you get some friends and you learn more things there that you don't know. And sometimes over the summer my mom lets me go to work with her. Last time I went I did 8 things in one day. More then my other sisters can do. That is what she told me. But I think working there would be cool. That is what I want to do when I grow up. That is also my dream

Joseph J. said...

I dream of being the best LEGO builder ever known. Because I want to make the eiffel tower, the White House, or even what the twin towers once looked like. I want to do this one day because I have dreamed this dream would happen one day. I want to be known as a LEGO champion forever. This dream will probably not happen at all in this world.

I wish I could make this dream come true and enter a LEGO world championship if they ever will have one. I like using LEGOs because they help me with my concentration , boost memory skills, and boost my creativity skills. I wanted someone to help reach that goal but I got my 8 year old brother to help me with that. I have managed to make a mini millenium falcon, an mini Super Hero Iron Man suit, and a mini LEGO pyrimid with a mini LEGO mummy. I want to really make this dream come true so I am going practice building with them after I do my homework .

I want to get more LEGOs so I can build more things too. My mom get a lot of LEGOs to play with and I also I buy some from the store too.

Maddie said...

My biggest dream of all is to do the same thing as Susan Boyle did. She wanted to be a singer and that is what she is today. I've been singing since I was three years old.

Lately I've been singing with my dads band. The three songs that I have been singing are Rolling In The Deep by Adele, Mean by Taylor Swift and When Will I Be Loved by Linda Ronstadt. Singing has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember and hope to be singing as long as Susan Boyle is.

Tristen said...

My dream is to become a priest because I love Jesus and God. If that doesn't work (which I'm pretty sure it will) then I want to become a architect when I grow up because I like to build to build and create stuff that's and that's why in my free time I like to play with kenex of minecraft.

If no one follows there dream nobody will be happy when they go to work because it's not what they want to do so it will be boring for them. My mom is in the air force and because she likes her job she is at a high rank and makes allot of money and can buy my family nice things and that is all possible because she followed her dream.

Matt said...

My Dream is to become a millionaire. So I can provide my family with food a shelter. I would also use it to give to the needy.

I would also like to for everyone to get along so no one would ever get killed.

Ryan M. said...

My dream is being able to walk around now I did something with my life.
I think that's the best thing to look forward to. When I was just learning my manners my mom told me treat people with respect. Ever since then that's what I try to do. I want to grow and have a job and family. But most of all i just want people to see me and say wow he made himself something good for him. That most likely one of the best things you will heir in a life time.

Luke W. said...

I dream of being a famous basketball player. The reason why I dream this is because my role model is Kevin Durant, the famous basketball player. I want to be just like him. I like basketball because,
It's really fun to play.
I'd make millions of dollars a year.
I'm really good at it.

This dream has a pretty good chance at making it. Also has a pretty good chance of failing. But I know if I work hard for something I want there is a better chance that it will happen.

I wish this dream would happen so much. If I ever become a player like KD (Kevin Durant) I will donate tons of money to helping cure cancer.

That's another one of my dreams. I would love to be the person known as "The man who cured cancer" I want this dream to come true because it would help thousands of people every day.

There I have one dream that would benefit me and a dream that would benefit millions of people.

Holden E. said...

My dream is to become a movie director. I know it's a little off the chart, but I love making movies. I've made a bunch since I was at least 9. From LEGO animations to Live-Action Films. My biggest goal is to make the best Zombie Movie Ever Made. Although, I think AMC's The Walking Dead has that covered. So, my new goal is to make Freckles: The Fired Ice Cream Man, a feature Film.

One of my most prized short films has to be Feckles: The Fired Ice Cream Man. I showed this movie to my 5th grade class last year and they loved it. At least I think. The film was a horror comedy.It was filmed at Campground. Since I was only 11 at the time, I didn't really have good visual effects. I used ketchup for blood and the thunderstorm outside was just luck.

All I can say, is that the video Mr.McGuire posted, was outstanding. When I was watching that video, I almost cried. When you see someone who you least expect will do something amazing. It really puts you in a position that makes you wish you never thought that someone like that would be able to do it.

johnc5555 said...

My dream is to create video games. It may be hard to create them because you need lots of experience but anything is possible. I have always loved playing video games. I also like how certain games are and I just want to combine them. like I like Halo and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 so why not combine them.

I always have ideas for new video games but I can't bring them to life. I want to make tons of video game so kids could learn from video games. I want to make video games to teach you

Kylie said...

My dream is to be a really good athlete and maybe even a famous athlete. People underestimate what I can do because I am small but that does not change anything. Yeah I am small but I can do great things. People think if you have longer legs you can run fast, but look at me I run really fast and I have shorter legs.

The reason I love sports, such as softball, is that when I play it feels like nothing else matters. It feels like I am alone running the bases. Also when I am up to bat and the other team is trying to throw me off with their chants this is what I hear, silence, I hear nothing because I am so into the game. When the pitcher pitches the ball she goes slower the first time, again she underestimates me, then I hit it really far in the outfield. The whole team just stands and stares at the ball and does not go after it until I get to second base.

Another thing I want to say is softball is my life.

Elizabeth said...

What is my dream? My dream is... actually I have a lot of dreams but my absolute biggest dream is to go to college and become a vet that works with horses and other animals.

I want to become a vet because I love animals, and they really do help people. But in order to become a vet I would have to get really good grades and go to college for it so becoming a vet really does come with a lot of other dreams and goals!

I think that people need to dream and have goals because anything you do comes with little goals that need to be done before you get to your real dream! Just like getting good grades in school to go to college to become a vet, you have to study! I really want to reach my goals and make my dream happen!!

Sarah said...

Yes I dare enough to dream. I say if you don't dream you won't pass high school. I will never stop dreaming the only time I'll stop dreaming till the day I die.

I dream of being of riding a horse. I know it might sound crazy but I love horses. My friend just bought a horse or is going to. She said in the summer when I go to her house a lot she might teach me how to ride, So my dream might come true soon.I dream of owning a big ranch called "Never Stop." Meaning never stop believing in your self. I know I won't.

Ryan R. said...

I dream of being really good at sports. I love to play sports. My favorite sport is probably basketball and volleyball. I play basketball outside all the time with our basketball hoop. I also like to play volleyball outside too we have a net that goes with it but my dad has not put it up yet.

I went to volleyball camp and they taught me alot but it is still kind of hard for me because I forget some of it. I am glad that I went though that way I can learn how to play.

I like to play basketball but I don't really know how to play it that much. I know how to play it little bit though. I play basketball outside alot with my brother and sister but it doesn't teach me anything because they are younger than me.

I really hope I get better at sports!

Savannah said...

Do I dare enough to dream? Yea I guess you could say that. Anyone can dream but only the majority of the people that dream try to make their dreams come true.

What is my dream? I honestly have no idea what my dream is I have little goals like become better at art.

But If I had to pick a dream I guess I would like to be a good person. Everyone can lie on a blog post and say their really nice people but I'd probably be the first to admit that I'm not perfect.

And I think it would be a pretty good dream to have every one like you not because you have a lot of money or because your really good at sports but because your a good person.

Brandon W. said...

I wish that one day, that I can become a famous game maker and have my own company like Treyarch or some others. That's what I wish for and to make games that hit headlines like black ops 2 or tomb raider that's what I want to accomplish.
That would be accomplishment of my whole lifeline and what I have been dreaming of my whole life.
Since I am only 11 i know that I have a long way to go before being a worker or owner of a muti-billion dollar corporation that makes all the big hits. That is what I think of when I have a chance so that is my dream.
The only way to get to the position I want to be at is to practice hard and just do what all I can do from the position i'm at now.

Ryan R. said...

I dream of being really good at sports. I love to play sports. My favorite sport is probably basketball and volleyball. I play basketball outside all the time with our basketball hoop. I also like to play volleyball outside too we have a net that goes with it but my dad has not put it up yet.

I went to volleyball camp and they taught me alot but it is still kind of hard for me because I forget some of it. I am glad that I went though that way I can learn how to play.

I like to play basketball but I don't really know how to play it that much. I know how to play it little bit though. I play basketball outside alot with my brother and sister but it doesn't teach me anything because they are younger than me.

I really hope I get better at sports!

Logan W. said...

Yes, I dare enough to dream. My dream is to become a NBA player for the Miami Heat after I play for OSU and get a collage degree.

I have always wanted to be a professional player for the Miami Heat because I want to be like LeBron James or Dwayne Wade.

I always look up to them because they are so good at basketball.

I practice everyday that I can outside. I lowered my hoop to 7 feet just to do tricks dunking the ball and doing trick layups. Then I go inside to watch more clips of what they did when they were a kid and go back out to make sure that I can do thoes tricks like an ally-oop or a 360 dunk (which now I've mastered those).

I will never give up my dream becasue I think that 1 day, I will actually be there up at the top with 1 championship ring, with a beautiful wife and children.

Brayden said...

I have a dream of being successful in life. I want to be able to graduate from high school and get a degree or a scholarship and go to a good college. The college I dream to go to is Ohio State. I want to play basketball for them.

I dream of getting a good job and just being successful in life. I dream of having a family with two kids and that they be successful too.

I will never give this dream up!!! This is something I have dreamed of for a long time and I will not let it slip away!!!

Emily said...

My dream is to be a famous musician. Nobody has ever really asked what my dream is in life, but when I tell someone usually they don't understand why I would want to be that kind of person.

I want to be a musician because the sound of music just fills my ears, and I love the way every instrument has it's own tune and sound!

Nobody truly knows the power of music but when you put them to the task of not listening to the singer but to the way the base drum making the music flow and helping guide the beat, how even a flute can make a difference in the pitch of the song!

Usually people don't care about what instruments their favorite singer uses to make their song better they just listen to the singer. I bet I'm the only kid who tries to pay attention to the lyrics, I just get lost in the tune and how the rhythm flows.

I remember one day my Mom was driving and she looked in the back and I had my headphones in, I was lost in the music. She said she could tell that I was not to be disturbed in that kind of concentration. I was rocking to Come Back down (who ever made that song) the base just made me lose all sight of the world and be the musician that I will always want to be. Lost in the rhythm, at my own beat.

Gracie M. said...

I enjoyed that video about Susan Boyle, because you think the person is going to be horrible but then they sing absolutely wonderful. It makes me realize that I can continue on with my dreams.

I have a couple dreams. I might want to be an Archeologist someday, because someday I will discover something big for all the world to see.

My other dream is to become someone kind of like in graphic design. I would love to create my own book or movie! I'd love the world to see all my wonderful creations and discoveries.

Megan said...

Do I dare to dream? YES! My dream is to become an actress! I have always wanted to become one and I really try hard to make it come true. Nobody I know really thinks it will happen. I have to admit its a pretty hard thing to accomplish! My plan is to get good grades in school, go to an acting college and move to California. The reason that I haven't really made any plans soon is because, I don't have the richest family and we live in the middle of nowhere, well, nowhere close to where people hold many auditions!

Lately, I have been on my computer 24/7 because I will stay up until sometimes 4 or 5am looking for casting calls, cattle calls or even auditions. If you are wondering what the difference is, a casting call is where you have to sign up and act for the people in front of you, but you have a slim chance of making it. A cattle call is where you don't even have to sign up, you just show up at a place and act for them, if they hold one of these they are really desperate for actors, so you have a good chance of making it. Last is an audition, an audition is where you have to sign up and go through a process of them checking your background, grades, and even appearance! Auditions are probably the hardest because they are professional people who know what they are looking for.

About a month ago I was looking to find acting jobs and I found a place called John Casablanca's. It was a place where they would teach you about acting and look for places for you to go. I went there and they accepted me! I was so excited until.......We found the price. My mom told me it was too expensive to go to. I understood why she wouldn't let me so I wasn't mad or anything. I really want my dream to come true one day. I try and try every night and every day to look for something maybe a miracle. I am still trying and I really hope someday I make it. All I can do is hope.

Jaili said...

I dare to dream.
My dream is to become a famous singer. If I did not get the chance to go on American Idol, or The Voice, or Americas Got Talent I would literally die.
I have wanted to become a famous singer because I want to show what I am in the inside. I have sang from when I was a baby to who I am now. I love to walk around my house and sing. I do it every day. All the time.

I want to be a singer because I have always dreamed this and I am no giving up now!! I want to be a singer because I like to sing! Duh :) I want to be a singer because I want to be heard on the radio. I want to be heard on the T.V. I want to have a song on someones Phone, or iPod.

I dream a dream that I now go for. And who would I be without it? I dream a dream. Who wouldn't? I dream a dream that I fight for. I dream a dream that...... No one will take away. What I dream is not just a dream. It's my life. And I will keep it.

Kirsten said...

Well I have two dreams.... and they are big dreams. People probably think my dreams are really stupid but I don't care what people think. My first dream is to go to Harvard. In case you don't know what Harvard is, it's a huge college. In my opinion it is the best. It would be an amazing accomplishment if I got to go to Harvard. I want to go because I want to have a good job. I know I will probably not make it to Harvard but I will try whatever I can to go there!

My other dream is to become one of the best veterinarians. I want to be a veterinarian(vet) because I want to help animals that are abused or hurt. I want to help all animals but mostly larger animals. I also want to help zoo animals. That would be amazing if this came true. I just want to help animals that get abused and hurt.

Do I dare to dream? Yes I dare to dream because if you didn't have a dream what would motivate you to do what you love? What would motivate you to get better at something? It would be crazy not to have a dream.

Tyler said...

My dream is to be a a all star baseball player. I have been playing ever since T ball. It is my favorite sport. I love baseball. I have always played short stop or pitcher. Ever since I started to play baseball I wanted to play baseball. If I get to play All Star Baseball I would like to play for the Cincinnati Reds cause they are my favorite team.

I hope I actually get to go to collage to play because that's were the All Stars coaches get there players from. So I would have to get to collage first so I could play for the All Stars.

Sarah said...

I have many dreams on what I want to do in life and how successful I want to be. One dream that I have always had was to be a nurse. So I could help those who are in need and make them feel better, or even save their lives.

Another thing that I have always wanted be is a singer or actor. So I could get my name out there and everyone could know I am. But I have kind of put that dream behind me because I get embarrassed in front of alot of people. But I would have to face my fears someday.

Those are just some of the dreams I have. But I think that everyone should dream because if you really want to do something you wouldn't have any motivation to do it.

Chloer5555 said...

My biggest dream is to become one of the best veterinarians. I would love to accomplish this dream of mine. It would make me the happiest person alive. I hope I will grow up and be able to achieve this dream.

The reason why I dream to become a veterinarian is because I love animals and I love helping. Another reason I have this dream is because I want to be somewhat like my mom. Shes a nurse and I knew I wanted to follow in her footsteps. But I didn't want to take care of people but..... animals. I also think it would be fun. Plus I know I'll be helping something that can't help themselves. They can't heal themselves (animals) so I wan't to help them and stop the pain.

Yes I dare to dream, whether its a small or big dream. I know that one day my dream will come true just as long as I never give up. Everyone should have a dream. It could be the thing that helps you keep going (like motivation.) So I dare to dream, will you ?

Oakley said...

I do dream, because it is what helps you imagine your dream to motivate yourself into accomplishing your dream. One dream I have always had is to help find a cure for type 1 diabetes, because it is one thing that I have faced since I was two years old. Trust me it is a lot of responsibility having to treat it 24/7 365 days a year. If I were able to find a cure that would be so cool. It would be so amazing to accomplish this dream. Can you imagine all the people it would help. If you don't know it's a bunch of people. My family would be so proud, it's hard to imagine how big of a milestone that would be. Only if I would be able to complete this dream...

Hunter said...

Yes I dare to dream. If I didn't dream then nothing would motivate me to do something that I want to do not because I have to.

My dream is to be successful in life. I want to graduate high school and get a scholarship to a collage.

My other dream is someday I can afford to buy my grandma and grandpa a nice house. So they can have something nicer and something with more room.

I have dreamed this for a long time and I will not give up on it.

Colt C. said...

My dream is a high one I know I can earn the right of being this. I dream to be a US Army Ranger. They are the elite Army soldiers. I'm dreaming high because only a few soldiers make it through the training. My dad says I should make it to this goal. But first I have to make it through to the Army training and get 2 tours done before I can try for the Army Rangers. The Rangers are like the navy seals in some ways. They are both elite in their branch of work. Army Rangers are experts in leading Soldiers on difficult missions and to do this they need rigorous training. For over two months, Ranger students train to exhaustion, pushing the limits of their minds and bodies. The purpose of the U.S. Army's Ranger Course is to prepare these Army volunteers both officers and enlisted Soldiers in combat arms related functional skills. The Rangers' primary mission is to engage in close combat and direct-fire battles. The Rangers are is where I would like to be by 25. If not the Army is a great place to be for me. Dreaming for one of the most elite parts of the Army is a big dream. My uncle wants me to join the marines but I think I am born to be with the Army.

Morgan said...

My dream is to be an artist. After I've seen all the art work that my Dad has done it inspired me. it still does too. He went though alot but over all if I ever became an artist one of the first people that I would thank is my dad. He is why I dream about this all the time. So based on what happened to her if you dream you can do anything so ya I'll keep on dreaming. Will you?

Samantha said...

My biggest dream is when I grow up I want to sing on stage at a church. I want to do more and accomplish more than my parents did.

I had a mother named Ronda, and she sang on stage at church, and I always thought it was beautiful the way she sang.

I want to do the same thing she did. And yes I do dare to dream of it, I always have.

Maison said...

My dream is to be a pro soccer player. When I walk out onto that field all my cares go away and I'm in my own little world. I love soccer its my life I have been playing since I was two years old. Also my brother Evan played and he teaches me everything I need to know. I have been chosen every year to play indoor soccer and its way harder then it looks.

Also I watch older people play on TV and sit and think that's going to be me someday. My family is all into soccer my mom coached my teams for the longest time. Also my cousins and their family play too. Maria is a girl upstairs and has the same dream I do and we played soccer together for along time but we both got put on different traveling teams.

When its time for a game and I look around and see all the adults and kids smiling faces I feel way better. I get cheered on and I just feel like this is what I want to do until I have to quit. So that's my dream and I hope I can make it there.

Dylan D. said...

My dream is to animate at my favorite animation studio, Pixar Animation Studios. I have wanted to work there all my life after watching Toy Story and Cars and Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo when I was younger. I know this seems kind of crazy to do, but I love Pixar and I will always for infinity and beyond.

I have had this dream for infinity and beyond. This is a chance to meet all those animators who inspired me all these years and maybe even animate and create films with them. I ignore everyone who makes fun of me cause I might just be known for directing or co-directing or animating at Pixar.

I don't think you should try to quit and give up on your dream.Do what you really want to and ignore the other dudes and their comments about your dream. So just keep dreaming on!

Brittneyr5555 said...

Will I dare to dream YES I wan't to be a teacher when I grow up. I have all ways wanted to be a teacher ever since I was very young. I always try to watch the teachers as their teaching to get some ideas. Even thou you need good grads to get to be a teacher!!!!! And get lot of help like when I go college and get my degree. Its not like I want to grow up and be the richest person in the world or any thing. That is my dream that I will go and get, and just think were would I actually were would we all be with out dreams. We all have dreams and no one can take that away from you. I want to be a teacher because I want people to know me and how nice I am "sometimes"!!! Why do you have a dream? Why do you want to be heard? Share your dream, Don't be afraid to share well really don't be afraid to share what your here for. Or share what your born for. GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!

coltonf5555 said...

My dream is to go around the world and see amazing places. Like the Great wall of China or Big Ben in London. Or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. My other dream is to join the army.