Friday, March 11, 2016

More Connections

We have been talking about Connections as Readers. Here are some more examples from Reading Workshop students.

Today in the book Rules by Cynthia Lord, Catherine went to Jason's birthday party where she didn't know anyone there. The only person that she knew was Jason. The way that I can relate to that part in the book is because one time I went to a party and the only person that I knew was the person hosting the party. It was pretty awkward only knowing that one person.

The book I am reading is called Runaway by Wendelin Van Draanen. The connection I made today in my book is when Holly wants a dog. She goes to the pound to find her a dog but the pound won't let a kid have a dog unless a parent signs for it. After she left she though to herself "The pound is like a death row for dogs, only the dogs haven't done anything wrong!" That is kind of the same thing I thought when my mom, sister and I went to the pound to find a dog. The dogs look so sad when you go into a pound, I just wanted to take all of the dogs home.


I had a really serious connection with my book The Living. In The Living Shy's grandma died of a a thing called Romeros Disease. After that his cousin Miguel also got the sickness. When I was about seven or six my grandpa died of a heart attack. I was devastated just like Shy. Only a few weeks back my grandma had some of the symptoms of a heart attack and I really just panicked. But I know of all the pain Shy is having because having a dearth or near death experience hurts your heart.  

Sydney Today when I was reading 'Warriors Forest Of Secrets', I read that when the war ended all of the cats were worn out and beat up. They all had to see the medicine cats to treat their wounds. They all had not to bad scars on them, but the battle hurt them. The cat that alarmed the clan was a cat called Brackenpaw, he was on a hunting mission with Fireheart (The main character) when Brackenpaw smelled the other clans! He went to tell Fireheart, and he was just in time too. He went to tell his clan that they were coming, they won the battle! Brackenpaw was named a warrior after his act of bravery... This is a connection to me because one time in the summer we were playing capture the flag! The war between the two teams were finally over. My team had won and everyone was tired and exhausted. Someone on the other team had got scratched on the elbow, so they had to get a bandaid. At the end, the person that got the flag was officially the 'king' of capture the flag.


I am reading "The Honest Truth" by Dan Gemeinhart. While I was reading I made a connection. In this book the main character, Mark, is climbing a mountain, Mount Rainer, the tallest mountain in North America. While he is climbing the mountain his dog, Beau warns him about a crevasse. A crevasse is a really deep crack that can sometimes be on mountains, and Mount Rainer was full of them. This is a connection for me because I was walking in a field with my dog and there was a really deep hole in the ground that I didn't know about And he barked and he saved me. 

JosieThe book that I am reading is Seekers Forest Of Wolves. The connection that I had with the book was a place. In the book it said that Lusa and Toklo were standing on top of the valley and they could see a path that went by a tree that had its roots sticking out of the ground that went right into the creek. I had a connection with this because at my aunt's house she has a path through the woods that leads to a tree like the one in my book. That is one of the many connections i have with my book.