Thursday, March 9, 2017

Being a Part of the Team

Reading Workshop students, the question is what do you do to help your class be a team like this?  Patty Mills is a guard for the San Antonio Spurs. They are world famous for their teamwork. A class should be just like a team. All members should work together to make everyone successful. What role do you play in making your class world class?
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David said...

In the post from the reading workshop about the San Antonio Spurs,it tells you about how good of a team they are and that students can be the same way.It also talks about what role you would play which for me,I think I would be a good listener.

Jesse said...

I'm going to tell you what role I play in my class. Patty Mills is a guard for the Spurs, unlike him I'm in class. I feel like I'm the I always help people spell in the class. I'm always willing to tell them if they spelled something wrong. The other day I had to help my friend spell parallelogram and I was fine with it.

Sometimes people say I'm the grammar police and even the human dictionary. I don't care because they still need help. Sometimes I'm not correct and people don't usually blame me for helping them.

Sometimes I'm funny as well. Maybe I'm cracking a joke with my friends or making someones day better. When I'm with my friends we're all trying to be the funniest one in the room. And that's the class role I play.

Gavin said...

Today my teacher had read a paragraph about Patty Mills (Plays For Spurs)and the way he contributes on the team. He wanted us to tell him how we contribute. So this is how I contribute in the class room.

I would say that I mostly go around looking for people to help if they are having a rough time with an assignment. I like to help people because it makes me feel good. When ever I help someone they seem to be happy to. I do not give them the answers though because that is cheating on whatever the thing that they are working on.

One example is that me and Brayden sit beside each other. When ever he needs help I like to give him hints to make him think about what it is he is doing. Sometimes I will even check over his passages to make sure that everything is spelled correctly.

This is one way that I contribute in the classroom I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I hope that you contribute in your classroom to help you friends to.

Zachary said...

Today we were given an assignment by Mr.McGuire. Today I am going to tell you the roles I play in my class to make it better. He got this idea from a quote he heard by Patty Mills. I will put the quote at the bottom.

I try to help my class by helping my classmates. I guess you could call me the helper, but I really just help my classmates. If someone is confused or just not good at something I try to help make it clearer. For example, if Jaxson did not understated something in math I will explain it to him.

I could also be the Positive one. If someone is mad or frustrated about a problem or something, I will keep positive and try to make them better. It goes with being a helper. For example, if tanner is mad because he cannot get a math problem I will help him and tell him to calm down. I might even call Jaxson over to tell him a joke.

Nora said...

Today in my Language arts class I am writing about what role do I play in my class.

In my class I think I bring a good attitude to each class. I also think I am humorous at times. In class I try to pay attention and help others if they need help.

I think I bring a good attitude because I'm always positive and I'm always smiling and laughing. Sometimes I get a little mad when people are loud while the teacher is giving instructions because I want to know what to do and I want to get good grades.

I think I'm humorous because when I am with all my friends we talk about the dumbest things and then I make jokes about them and my friends always laugh. I like it when I make people laugh because there happy and when there happy I'm happy.

When I help people I feel like I'm doing something helpful witch I am but sometimes it doesn't feel like it. I think people come to me in science and math because I pay attention and get good grades in there. I get good grades in every class but those are my two favorite classes.

This is what I think my role is in my class to make my class and classmates successful.

James said...

This blog post is going to be about the role I play in my class. I will tell you what I think my role is.

I feel I have 2 main roles. On thing is helping people. One reason I think this is when people ask me for help I do my best to help them. like if someone ask what the directions are or what we are doing I can help with that. Another thing is I am willing to listen to others. One reason is if they need to talk I can be there and help or encourage them.

I hope you like this post. There is one thing I want to ask. What role do you play in your class?

Zahne said...

In my language arts class I was asked what do I do to help my class be a team. This question is kind of wired to me because I don't think I'm a motivational person, I do think I am a humorous person. I think that I have many personalities as a person. I think that I am funny, nice, and a great kid. I have good grades and I don't get in trouble much. I have many personalities.

I have many friends at my new school. I think that they are very cool to hang out with. I also think that I am a very good friend because i'm nice and kind, and also funny. You have friends from what personalities you have. Say like your personalities is being mean, you probably won't have very many friends because you would be mean to them.

I think that a good role for me in my class is being humorous. I joke around a lot and my friends think it's funny. I think it's funny to be funny, me and my friends have laugh's and have good times. I think that my role is being humorous.

Hunter said...

Today I'm going to talk about my role in the classroom and how I can make my class be as good as the San Antonio Spurs basketball team.

One of my roles in the classroom is helping people. Sometimes I help people when they're confused about something. Or when someone is struggling at doing something,I think just because their my friends and cause I get good grades.Also another role in my class is that i'm very friendly to others. I'm also good at rags to riches and vocab quizzes. So I can help others on rags to riches since i'm good at it. Another role that I have is having a positive attitude and I don't let things get in my way in class. So then I wouldn't be grumpy to others and that would make me more nice to people, and that can make your class better.

Finally those are my roles in the class room.

Logan said...

In Language arts today we're writing about what we think our role is in our class. I would say my role is keeping a positive attitude, I'm also a good friend, and I listen to what the teacher says. The reason I think I have a positive attitude is I don't argue with teachers when they ask me to do something. I don't get mad when I have to do makeup work or when I'm told I have to stay in for recess.

The reason I think I'm a good listener is because I pay attention in class. I listen to the teacher to see what I need to do and when something is due. I also listen to my friends when they are trying to tell me something.

Why I think I am a good friend is because I have a lot of friends and I'm good at making friends. I usually make friends with whoever I talk to. I can be good friends with teachers Like Mr Greer, we are good friends because of all the things my dad has done for him and how they were good friends.

That's what I think my roles are in my class to make my class a team.

Blayton said...

In language arts class I was asked what I do for my class. This question really got me thinking, because I'm not the most energetic person or the smartest. So what do I do for my class?

I may not be the smartest, but there are many things I can help with. I'm also willing to help anyone, so I am a helper. I will be friends with almost anyone, but sometimes people just don't want to be friends with me. That doesn't mean that I ignore them or be mean to them I just keep my distance, so I would be a good friend or someone you can trust.

I also think that I'm a leader, because people often go to me for help. Another reason is because I was told that I'm a leader, by a teacher. The teacher said that someone will always be watching me, because they see me as a leader. Another reason I am a leader is that I motivate people. Whenever I'm playing kickball at recces kids say that they suck and I tell them they don't. Because it just takes practice and they haven't practice much or played kickball much. If they usually don't play kickball they're most likely not going to do very well.

That's what I do for my class. What do you do for your class?

Kaden said...

Today in Language Arts we are writing about what role we would be in our class. I think I would be motivation because I like to help.

I like to help because my family tells me that helping is the best thing to do. Motivation is where you help get a person excited to move on. For Example, Bobby Was tired of running his laps for football and his friend told you got this and that made Bobby happy.

If my role wasn't a thing we wouldn't have as many people wanting to do anything.

Thanks for and thanks for giving up your time.

dj6666 said...

In class today we have to write about what roll we play in our class.

In class I think my roll is keeping a positive attitude and making people laugh and being helpful. The reason why I think I have a positive attitude towards my class. If someone seems down I try to cheer them up so they feel better. I am ready for school every day and get stuff done on time.

The other roll is being funny. Like when someone is in a bad mood I try to make them laugh. Sometimes when we are in class and we are not doing anything, and someone looks at me I make funny faces to them. Or when someone won't look at me I start to make funny faces and try to get there attention.

I think my other roll is being helpful. when one of the teachers need one of the kids to do something I am one of the first people to raise my hand. Or if one of the kid don't understand what they are doing I help them. If someone leaves something in one of the class rooms I take it to them so they don't forget it at school. Or if someone is hurt I help them to a teacher so they can take the kid into the school.

Carter said...

For my role in my class I have more than just one role. I would say have probably 3-4 roles, and all of them make me who I am at school and in public.

One of the roles I would say is my ego, my opinion on my ego is pretty big but not very large. A lot of people say its bigger than a whale, but I don't agree with them. I know I have a big ego and I like it that way, and I feel like it should always stay that way.

Another role in my class is being a class clown, at least once a day I make five people laugh. I love being a class clown but sometimes if you do it wrong you get a consequence. In my opinion I think that being a class clown is the most fun of my roles in a class, but others get really close sometimes. Also when being a class clown you feel happy, because of all the people laughing at what you did and how they have smiles on their faces.

One other role in the class is being a leader, I can be a leader when I want and mostly I always try to be a leader. I love being a leader because it make you feel more confident in yourself. Also when I'm a leader I feel like I can make any decision, but then another person comes in and takes my place because I make one dumb decision. I also love being a leader because most times you get congratulated or get something back from whoever you lead to the top.

My last role is being one of those kids who are smart but make dumb decisions. I know this and I think my teachers know this, but when I do really smart things I get to help people who are struggling. I love helping people or anything when they or it's having trouble. When I help someone and I put a smile on their face it makes me realize that I probably just made someones day. It also probably means that they get what I'm trying to teach them, and they go help someone else.

Those are what I think my roles in my class are, and I know other people have some of the same roles but that's why it makes our class Our class. I love my class but sometimes just don't like some people in it. These roles are what make me what I am and what my personality is. That's all my roles and I bet you have on those in your life too.

Bryan6666 said...

In language arts today we are trying to figure out what role we play in our classrooms. How other students behave too.

In language arts today we are trying to figure out what role we play in our classrooms. How other students behave too.

I think my role in the class is having a possessive attitude and listening to the teachers. How I do this is easy your in class you have to listen to do good. I like to put smiles on peoples faces all the time when I try to be funny but I don't talk bad about others ether. People talk bad about me all the time trying to be funny it never works though. People try to listen to their teacher all the time but they cant because they always have that one or more kids that makes the other kids distracted.

That is what my role is and what other kids act like.

Kyle said...

My Role in the Class

I think one of my roles in class is being a good listener, like when the teacher is explaining something, I listen to my fullest extent. I don't sit there with my head on the desk & ignore every word coming out of the teachers mouth, because I was taught to be an attentive listener.

I also think another one of my roles is helping out classmates if they need it, because I've learned sometimes that it's better to ask for help rather than to sit there and struggle with one thing, it helps you learn faster, and move on.

Another one of my roles is being positive. If someone is trying to annoy me to get a reaction out of me, I laugh at them and keep going. Because being positive is better, more people will like you because of that. When you are positive others wont be negative from your negative attitude. That skill takes time to master, heck, I haven't even mastered it yet!

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this blog post from a Salt Creek Student,


Elle said...

Today In LA Class, we are making a post about what are role is Mine is Friendship,Hard Working and Lots of Effort.The bad part is my behavior/attitude.Its hard to control it because when I'm at home I let all of the anger and name calling stuff locked up inside myself.Well back to what I was saying. School is fun and a bundle of joy because I have teachers and peers that care about me.But the way my behavior is.And all this controls my role
That's All I Can Think About For My Role

Carlee said...

Today on The Reading Workshop, I saw one of Mr.McGuire's latest post. It's about a basketball team called the San Antonio Spurs and they were at a game.They were under about 28 points from losing. The worst part is that their best players weren't playing. But then they came back to help the team win. Then we had a question to answer, it was " Who do you think you are in the class room? And what would you do to make this class a team like them? " So today I'm going to be telling you who I think I am in the class room. Then about what I would do to make this class a better team.

When Mr. McGuire asked us if we already know who we are, I didn't raise my hand at first. I didn't know who I was in my class. But when we logged onto our blogs and Mr.McGuire wanted to speak with me. We talked about who we think I am in the classroom. Then we figured out that I would be the helping one in the class. I will help someone in need of help with something, and I will teach someone how to do something if they don't know how. I will also be kind to others when helping and not say things like, "Jeez stupid it's like this." or "Man you're really dumb if you do n't know how to do this." Or that would be just wrong.

To make class #602 a better team, here is what I would do. I would make fun little activities where there would be different groups with 3-4 people in them. The activities would be have to be a game or challenge with a group or partner. So the class can work as a team to get to their goal. Then there could be one big activity where the entire class works together as one giant team.

So that's my post of who I think I am and what I would do to make this class a better team. What would you do to make your class a better team? Thank you for reading my post! Good bye!

Nick said...

Today I am going to write a blog post about what is my rule in my class. In the quote below is what I am going to talk about.
It is pretty hard to think of what role I am. My roles are sort of to make people laugh person and sort of a helper with people that needs it. I am going to give you examples of what I mean.

I am a make people laugh person because When i find or hear a funny joke. Then I tell other people and they keep the joke going. I help people by asking them if they need help or if the teacher asks me to help. An example of me helping is when Austin needed help with his slideshow.

That is all for this blog post. Stay tuned for more. keep being you.

Nicholas said...

Today I am writing about what my role in class is. My role in class is helping people when they need help.

For example almost everyday I help someone with spelling. Also today I helped Austin with volume in science class, I also helped people divide in math earlier in the year.

Why do I like to help people? I like to help people because I like seeing other people do good. I also like to help because sometimes they will still need help but not all the time. It is good for me to help because the other people could get smarter then they are already.

That is my role in my class. If you want to figure out why I wrote this go to Hope you liked the post.

Zohie said...

Hi I'm Zohie today I'm supposed to be talking about what role I play in my class. What I mean by that is I have to talk about
what I do in my class to make my class a class, like do I ask questions, do I answer questions, so do I help or do I need help.
What role I play in class is, ask questions. I ask questions because sometimes I need help and ask what the person beside got as a answer for something we are doing. I ask them because sometimes I don't understand something or need help because I'm confused. I also ask so I can get there perspective on what were doing in class as a assignment.

Another role I like to play is motivation. I sometimes like to motivate people to do there work and be happy throughout the school day. I usually try to motivate myself but I love to motivate my friends. If you don't know what motivating is it's like if someones sad or got a bad grade on a test I try to cheer them up.

An example of onetime when I asked a question was when I was doing a post on my blog and didn't understand what we were doing. I would ask the person beside me named Jersey. Because she's super nice and helps me out when I really need it.

An example of when I motivated someone was when my friend Brianna got a bad grade on one of her papers. I told her that "It's fine you just have to try again and see if you get the answers right the second time or maybe on the next test you will get a good grade on".

I hope you enjoyed my post of me talking about what role/roles I play in the class. I can't wait for you to read my next post.

Drew said...

I'm writing about how I help my class just like a team. To have a good class I have to do a lot of things. Not just me everyone in the whole class has to work together to become a great class.

In my opinion I am a helper. I go and find out if anyone needs help with computers or anything in general. The people who ask me for help the most is Jersey, and Nicholas.

When we were doing our slide shows Jersey needed help on how to make a different layout and I helped her. When she had trouble getting pictures on her blog I also helped her with that. I think I help her almost every day.

That's only one way that I help my class and they're are so many more ways to. I hope that all of you help your class too.

Gabby said...

I am going to be writing about what role I play in my class.
A team can't be a team unless everybody does their part. My role is that I am always helping people. If someone needs help doing a math problem, or needs to be reminded to do something I will help them and remind them what they have to do.

Every morning in my home room class we have to move our magnets to packing or buying. A lot of times kids forget to do that so they get wrote up or something. Just a couple of days ago a few kids in my class forgot to move their magnets so I reminded them.

Just today someone asked me if I could help them with a few math problems because they didn't get it. I said "sure" and I talked her through it and said what answers we thought were right so she could get a good grade. Being kind feels good. Respecting other people is a nice thing too.

2 winters ago me, my sister, and my dad would shovel old people's driveways in our neighborhood because it could hurt them or something or they were to old. We were volunteering. We wanted to just do it to be nice, not for money or anything. But after we got done he gave us brownies. I learned a lesson that if you do something nice, you will get something nice in return.

Emily said...

My role in class, no bullying , talking behind people's back , no calling people name's becues it is not nice to. If I see someone being bullied by some one I will go and get the teachers but If we are at a park and if I see some one being mean to some one I'll go get somebody.

No talking behind peoples back becues it is very mean. Like when I first came to Logan elm school I was so scared when I was in first grade and my teacher Mrs. Dilly said you don't have to be scared.

So can you stop bullying?

Image result for talking behind people's back at basketball

Stop talking behind people's back

Image result for no calling people names
stop name calling moth

Thank you,

Emily Image result for nike

Chassity said...

What Is My Role

Today I am going to be writing about my role in my class. First our class is a team and I help the class by helping people when they need help and I ask questions when I need to so I understand. Down below is why I am doing this. This is what Patty Mills said and I am writing because I am inspired by what he said. Patty Mills said this because he helps his team (The Spurs) so they can win as a team.

When I help people I will do one question or problem with them so I can help them understand. When I am done doing one problem or question with them I will let them try it on there own and check their answer when they are done. When they get the wrong answer I will do the same thing I did before. When they get it right I will tell them they did a good job and let them try another and make sure it is right then I let them go.

What I mean by I ask for help is that I ask my classmates or group members. That is when they help me if they understand it and I get the hang of it most of the time. When none of the group members and I understand it then that is when we go to the teacher and ask that teacher.

When I help people I mean like the time when Cierra was having trouble understanding the math problem so she needed help. What I did was go over to her and said what I did but then explained other ways how to do the problem. She picked the way she liked the best and she understood it after she did a few problems like the one. That is how I help other people in the class.

The way I ask questions is like the time when I did not understand this math problem at all so I asked someone who was done what to do. That person was Gabby and she helped me by telling me how to do the problem so we did it together. After that she told me to try one on my own so I did and I understood it.

brianna b. said...

This is my rules in the classes room. I help people. like when I help one people when they did not know what to do on there blog. I make people feel happy when they are sad. One of my friend was sad so I said that you will be okay.

I make people feel good. This girl came to my school so she was new so came up to her and make her feel welcome. She did not think that she will make friends so I start being her friend and now we are good friends.

Thank you for reading my blog come back soon.