Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Achievement Test Tips

Laurelville sixth grade students compiled a list of the top 10 Achievement Test Tips.

Here is the Real Top 10, Baby!

  1. Go to bed early, and get a good night’s sleep.

  2. Eat a good Breakfast.

  3. Come prepared (three sharpened pencils, erasers, highlighter, SSR book)

  4. 10 Questions every 30 minutes

  5. Read the questions before you read the passage, so you know what you are looking for.

  6. Skim the article

  7. Highlight the important information in the article and the questions.

  8. Reread questions and look for key words. DON’T GUESS if you don’t know the answer to a question. Take a deep breath, read the question again, and look back into the selection.

  9. Restate the question and number your answer

  10. When you are done, go back and double check your answers.


Molly V. said...

I'm going to print that list off on my computer when I get home. That way I can remember those tips for the test!

trevor s. said...

I will follow every tip to do good on the OAT test that was showed. I really want to good on this test.

Bree g. said...

im going to try to remember the tips do i have them in my bran when im doing the test!!

Michael H said...

I will follow the tips so I will pass the OAT test. Why the tips will help me is because I want to pass the BIG TEST OF THE YEAR!

Dillon y said...

Molly has a great Idea, I will also print off that list and go over it many many times. Making sure I know how to use those tips.

trevor s. said...

I am going to the same thing Dillon and Molly did because I want to pass the big test.

amanda k said...

There cool but i got my own ok.

Kim (Katie and Kari's Mom) said...

As a parent I also thank you for those tips. I will help to make sure Katie and Kari have ample enough rest the evening before and a good breakfast. These are things we normally do anyway.
I also will make sure they have all of the recommened supplies they need for the test.
But, most importantly I will encourage them to take their time, relax, and do their best.
I always encourage my girls to do their best!
Thanks again for the tips!!!!

Shelby C said...

This really helped me on the test with the fairy tale. I got stuck for like ten min on one question but then I took a deep breath then reread the question and I got it.This is so helpful. I really like this.

Laney said...

I think that the achievement test might be a little bit hard because I am always worried that I will not do good or something is going to happen to where I will mess up. I will get worried on any test I take. My dad will always say to try my best in school so that I will pass and so far I think I am doing pretty good. I have never gotten held back my whole life and I hope that I never will to. I think that this school year is going by really fast it seemed like yesterday we just

Emily S (em n em) said...

Mr.McGuire, I think it was good to make a list of Achievement test tips. I think that will help us all do better on the Achievement test.

jennie b said...

I agree with Molly and Dillon. I am going to print that off when I get home today! I will study it and hopefully I do good on the O.A.T. Test!

kyle f said...

I think that these tips are really good tips to use before and during the test.

chris t said...

I am going to remember the tips that Mr.McGuire home room and Mrs.Griffey home room put together. What I'm going to do is make copies to check off in order.

Molly V. said...

Can bringing u our Study Island grades bring up our over all grade in a reading? [math too]

Molly V. said...

"Up" not "U" I meant to say

Steph ( Trevor's Mom) said...

To all 6th Graders of Mr McGuire's Class,

I think the list you created is great!
I can relate to how you feel about taking the BIG TEST!
You have probably already heard this several times but just relax and do the best that you can do!

Good Luck to each one of you!!